Sitting on the hot bench that others have been sitting, the hemorrhoids, raw tunnels, and even sexually transmitted diseases?Look at the truth here

The temperature rose, and even the stools sitting were hot.In the past few days, a topic of "why can’t you sit on someone else’s hot stool" has been rushed to a hot search.A netizen asked questions that someone got out of the bus on the bus. A boy next to him wanted to sit, but a aunt who was in the same car reminded that he would wait for the seat to be cold before sitting.why is that?Some people think that the hot stools that others have been sitting are because of the possibility of infectious diseases; some people believe that there is no scientific basis for this statement, and they say that they often sit on the subway "hot stool".Sit.

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Sitting on someone’s hot stool,

Does it really contain the disease?

Is there a risk of infectious diseases in a hot stool?Pan Hongying, chief physician of the Department of Infectious Studies of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Hospital in 2023, stated that no matter which kind of infectious diseases, the transmission pathway is the key, such as contacting spread, blood transmission, respiratory tract transmission, etc.Infectious.①

Now that the weather is getting hot, everyone’s dress is relatively cool. Assuming that the pathogen is transmitted through a stool, the most likely is contact spread, but this contact is also prerequisite.

For example, the skin of the person who is sitting on a stool directly contacts the stool, and the surface of the seat may leave some germs on its dandruff, sweat, sebum and skin surface.Then one after the other person was sitting up immediately after leaving, he might be exposed to these germs.

"But it does not mean that when you contact the germs, you will be transmitted. Most of the pathogens that spread through contact with transmission are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. After leaving the human environment, it will die soon. Let them penetrate the other people’s clothes and skinThe barrier requires sufficient quantity and activity. This possibility is very small, so don’t worry too much. "Pan Hongying said.①

1. Will you get a skin disease after sitting on the hot bench of others?

Liang Fang, director of the Department of General Medicine of the Seventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu, Sichuan Province in 2023, said that it is not that this kind of risk does not exist at all, such as a patient with diseases with chickenpox, skin chanting, scabies, and ringwormBecause the skin was damaged, the body fluid was left in the seat. Someone happened to sit on this position immediately after he left, and it was unsuccessful to have skin damage in the part of the contact body fluid, so there was still a possibility of infection.

So sitting on the hot bench of others may infect skin diseases, but the probability is very low!②

2. Will you get a sexually transmitted disease after sitting on the hot bench of others?

Meng Yao, a doctor of medical doctor in Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University in 2023, said that sexually transmitted diseases refer to infectious diseases that are mainly transmitted through sexual behavior. Common syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS, and genital warts.In addition to the spread of sexual behavior, syphilis and AIDS can also spread through blood and maternal and infants vertically.

The hot bench infected by the hot bench that has just sat on others needs to meet the following three conditions at the same time:

(1) Source of infection: The person in front of the seat must be a patient with sexually transmitted diseases, and a secretion containing pathogenic microorganisms is left on the seat.

(2) Transmission path: The latter person who sitting on a hot seat must directly contact the secretion containing pathogenic microorganisms, and the contact site has mucosa or wounds.

(3) The infected person: The latter who is sitting in a hot seat does not have enough immunity to resist the pathogenic microorganism.

These three conditions are very harsh when sitting on the hot bench that others have just sat, it is difficult to meet at the same time, and there is no need to be too scared.③

3. Will you get pregnant after sitting on the hot bench of others?

Dr. Liang Fang said that first of all, pregnancy requires sperm and eggs to meet, and he is associated to form fertilized eggs before he can get pregnant.How can a stool be able to make sperm and eggs be available?Secondly, the sperm can only survive for a few seconds in vitro, let alone the dual blessing of inner and outer pants.②

4. Will you get hemorrhoids after sitting on the hot bench of others?

First of all, hemorrhoids are not infectious diseases, are not infectious, and they will not get hemorrhoids because of the buttocks.

Secondly, the cause of hemorrhoids is that the blood circulation of the anorectal part is not smooth, and the soft vein group formed by the venous flexion and expansion caused by blood reflux disorders. Among them, constipation, long -term drinking, eating a large amount of irritating food and long -standing stand are the main causes.②

5. Will you get urinary disease after sitting on the hot bench of others?

As for the disease of the urinary system, there are usually clothing blocking, and the anus or urethra will not directly contact the seat, so there is very little possibility of contacting spread.But in the same way, if the previous one left the secretion, and the latter happened to sit on it, there may be retrograde infections.

"Instead of seeing the heat of the chair, it is better to look at the chair is dirty or dirty. It is simply a bit higher than the temperature of the chair because of the temperature of the body temperature." Pan Hongying reminded that if you want to prevent infection in public places Washing hands and wearing a mask is worse than not taking hot stools.①

What should I pay attention to when exposing public facilities?

For regular cleaning and dry and sanitary public places, there is not much risk of infectious diseases.

1. Stay away from where the humid and clean conditions are poor

Some places such as public toilets have poor cleaning conditions and humidity. It is easy to become a breeding ground for germs, and it is still as far as possible.

2. Wash your face and wash your hands as soon as you go home

The dust in the air is easily precipitated in the skin pores, and the hand may be exposed to a large amount of public facilities every day. When there is no cleaning, it is often easy to transmit the preliminaries of the pathogenic in the mouth and nose.

Therefore, to wash your hands frequently, and use the sterilization effect, you can better protect your personal hygiene.

3. Pay attention to avoid more people gathering more occasions

Wear masks in an environment where people are pneumatic.②

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