Silver Fox is pregnant #Don’t look at the regret series

Silver fox is pregnant.I was pregnant with the villain’s cub, but the villain should be sealed under the alarm at this time.In order to give my child a father decided to think of a way to save him, I did not expect that I fell into Huangyuan.My father and I looked at each other face to face. In a sense, it was considered a family reunion.Do you know where this is?The sound of Ying Huai.There was no trace of ups and downs, giving me a heavy sense of oppression.Where is it? It is the most dark and evil place in the entire Xianxian realm.The all -printed wicked people are sealed here.I scratched my head, but I couldn’t let my child no father.Because I sighed, I was helpless and mixed with it, so you put it in yourself.I plan to save you, but do you know that the plan has not changed quickly?A little hamster can also get this century -long war.Yes, I am a hamster silver fox very weak.I did not answer that he just kept his head down, and there was a big hand holding my head in a short time. Don’t lower it and fall to the ground.The life of the eagle in the cliff should not be good.The villain is indeed a villain. Even in this kind of place, there are gorgeous and majestic palaces. The Lord is smaller than the palace in the demon world. There is no maid and barely lived. I desperately nodded.After seeing my answer, he didn’t go out because he didn’t return. He should give us two for us to find food.The relationship between the villain and I was not deep, and it could even be called light.I went out for food and came back, and saw that he was lying in my cave and he was still in Hehuan Valley.At that time, I was in a period of love, and he exuded a good male atmosphere.So I understand all.According to the tradition of our hamsters, we ran each other.But when Ying Huai said that he didn’t have to care about this night, his frowning seemed to be able to kill a small hamster.He said that he held the back of my fate and took me to the demon world.Since then, I lived in the palace of the demon world. Before I saw Yinghuai several times, he was sealed in Huangyuan.And I was told that his child, what should I do in the future?You can’t stay in this place where you can not spark in a lifetime.He sighed weakly in Xuanren Palace.Rat sighed: I live with Yingzhun in Xuanyuan. The first difficulty I encountered is that there will be other wicked people from time to time to provoke their posture.For example, a big fat man with a half -rooted horns and bloated figures on his head shouting at the door. Your kid will not give you the flowers.I am not Grandpa Xuanyuan’s first Niu.I walked slowly to the door with a plate of melon seeds, and he was not here.He threw the melon seed shell to him fiercely.I am his wife, my wife, where should I go back?Come and get it with Niu Ye!Niuye stepped forward, and her fat stomach was shaking up and down.If I am pregnant for a long time, I can do it like this if I show it, but now I am just a thin and weak hamster. I ca n’t carry it.The momentum is going to lose.There was a familiar voice not far away, and the faint tail music was a bit heavy.Now that I am carrying the small shattered steps of the skirt and walk towards Yin Huai, I use my most delicate voice, Dao Fujun, he bully others.He was a little speechless, and he wrote what you were pretending.I pulled his clothing pomelo without any effort. Don’t you understand it?Generally, Huai looked at Grandpa Niu, and looked at it with his own eyes.Yin Huai faced with me, I didn’t need to close my eyes, and she was a good -looking.I saw his random hand waved, and the trend over the sky became the black of the crow. In the layers of dark clouds, the bombardment of purple thunder appeared, and he rushed to Grandpa Niu.But for a moment, he became a grilled cattle.I finally realized how powerful my husband was.But do you need to move so much?I wondered that Grandpa Niu didn’t look very good.I’m going to put a big one.Yinghuai looked down at me and laughed lightly. Those deep copper eyes became smooth.Are you not in the fox fake tiger salty?That game will make this salty bigger, and you don’t call me a husband.Life is so handsome.Soon, Yinghuai and I encountered the second difficulty. He would not cook. I watched a plate of purple -black silk -shaped food he brought.This is potato shred.My eyes flickered, and he hesitated for a long time. The eagle pouted and said that this was the phoenix finfish fin.Then this plate is a dried vegetable buckle.I pointed to a plate of red -haired purple dish, and Ying Huai’s mouth was deeper.Sweet and sour fish circle.This hairy is cherry blossoms, the lips were closed slightly down the corner of the mouth, and the throat rolled quickly, and finally spit out a few words Babao Wilder.Good guys have not even cleaned their teeth.Sure enough, letting people like Sakura Mai who do not have to eat to cook is still too reluctant.The atmosphere was a little embarrassed for a while, and neither of them spoke. I slowly spoke or I would cook.

When you talk about it, you will stand up and press my shoulders because of your arms, and your brows are slightly clustered. You are pregnant and go to the kitchen.The people who catch it in this seat will cook for you, and soon he brings up a pile of dishes, and it really has all the color and fragrance.Salt duck fat but not greasy enema Xiaolongbao, who did you catch?Yinghuai thought to the chef of the Niu family.I remembered Grandpa Niu, who had no tricks in Yingzhun, except you were all evil people except you.They are divided into areas in the inside. The cow is a group of bully. The most underneath is not the guards but the chef.

Yingzhong explained that I saved it, and asked the palace to see the lion statue at the door. It was the original owner of this palace.It does not bother at all, as if the corresponding strength has a certain understanding.It is worthy of being the strongest villain!The snowman’s winter is more than 3 times colder than the outside. I feel that the humanoid is not warm enough. I walk around the palace with the beast. My pure white hair explodes, like a big snowball, and a pair of straight -straight legs suddenly appear in the mirror.It was his big hand holding me up.But my round mouse eyes looked at him, what did he do?

The bamboo rat scratched my head and embellished PG, because of pregnancy and scratching my soft little belly.I lazily stretched my waist in his big hand, and then I heard that he laughed gently with a little hamster. My excited eyes were glory.Agree, I thought the whole atmosphere should be dark, and everywhere was fighting and blood flowing into a river, but today, everyone is very harmonious.

Yinghuai brought me the college. The market lights here are bright as day.I can’t wait to pull Yinghuai to walk towards the crowd, hold Yinghuai and eat and drink.I handed the jujube mud cake and handed it to Yinghuai. Before he didn’t like his words, I didn’t finish it, and I used my eyes to make the jujube mud cake quickly.Yinghuai was stunned, and it seemed that the little haouse was so bold.

I just wanted to say how he was. I asked Yinghuai to look at my bright eyes, and my throat movement was okay.Hum, I know that I look around the Tang people around the Tang Dynasty. I rushed to the Tang Dynasty beach.Looking around, the corners of the lips that were raised were shining, and two looming dimples were glowing. In his deep eyes, the soft wave light floated, including a touch of tenderness that was not easily revealed.I have returned to Yinghuai between Yinghuai. I took out the Tang people and prepared to hand it over to his mouth, but he directly bit the Tang people, the dark eyes of the deep pond, and on my sight, I feel like he seems to be like him.It’s different, but it can’t be said.I couldn’t think of any famous halls in my head. I was going to continue shopping again, but there was a pain in my stomach, so I crouched my expression and twisted her expression.At the beginning, I disappeared in the market, and the original lively market suddenly quietly quietly for a few seconds.A monster tore off the human skin mask, showing a face full of scars, and it seemed very scary.The demon king left, scattered, and Lao Tzu’s feeling of being beaten by the devil all over the body, who made you not promised earlier.A woman with a snake body came out of the jewelery shop, let our guys accompany his daughter -in -law to live with his daughter -in -law, and run a shit bazaar.He hurried back to the palace and carefully put me on the bed.What do I want to seize in the air?I was so painful that I was so painful. Yin grabbed my hand and had no inflammation, but his anxious eyes exposed the calmness of his sunshine, and then his hand gently put on my stomach.I felt a heat flow, and it continued to spread to my stomach, and I won’t feel the pain in my stomach for a moment.But I suddenly felt so tired, why did Yinghuai kidnap me?

I turned into a hamster curled up into a ball, and I looked at my deep eyes as I saw my deep pond water.I don’t know how long it has been around and turning around, the back is a bit decisive.

During the meal, was the cub in my stomach in trouble yesterday, and I glanced at me coldly. What do I think?It is pure because you eat too much, I am embarrassed to scratch their heads, and when it comes to whether our child should get a name.

Yinghuai asked: Do you get the name early when the Lord returns?Ying Huai pursed the corner of his mouth gently, and his always peaceful look seemed to be more weird, his eyes became complicated and delicate.Take it first. He said so that Ying Huai gave me a strange feeling at this moment, but he couldn’t tell where he was strange, so I was free to feed.Although he was expressionless at this moment, I saw a trace from Yingwai’s face and was speechless to me. I just wanted to change my mouth to get a serious name, but I heard Ying Huai’s cry.I tentatively said to him: You seem to be particularly good today. Yinghuai has a glance at a glance and is not allowed to authentic. When will I have a bad speech to you?I thought about it. It seems that Yinghuai seems to be a lot of money to me. It belongs to the top ten husbands, but he is a big man with the big demon king, and he gently waved his hand to make the other party destroy.There is only one explanation, did he really like me.

My Huai watched me and thought about it for a while, like a reaction of changing my face, this little hamster was making up for my brain.Since I found that Yinghuai may really like me, I have been around at night that it will inevitably go to the general hamster. After the mating, I will go directly to each other. There is no love at all. It is a ruthless type of 8S.I was also busy in food and building a house before. I did n’t talk about mouse love, not to mention that now I still ’s mother and mouse love. There is no experience and experience.There are Yan Ruyu in the book in the book in the book, just find a book to find experience.I remembered that when I was in the market, I bought a lot of paintings because I was curious, and I turned over and overwhelmed, and finally found a painting book painted on the cover.I opened the first page in the first page, and suddenly found that I was a unspegling little hamster.At this time, Ying Huai couldn’t come in. I hurriedly hid the book under the pillow. He placed the supper on the table and came to eat supper. My eyes looked at him brightly.Said that you teach me about literacy, how suddenly you want to literacy, I twisted and found a reason.Do people think of teaching children when they think? I see that humans and they teach their children like this. Because they laughed lightly, they put their heads gently on my head and rubbed them.It ’s good, the words of human beings are too complicated. I gently bounced my forehead because of my arms, and my voice was gentle and distracted.He asked what the word was on the words on the finger origami paper?I stared at that word and the authentic seal, the two words were connected, Ying Huai looked at its reaction, and saw that he smiled slightly and knew that I was right. I was full of unlimited fighting spirit.Yinghuai pointed to another word, I am confident.Yinghuai saw me stupid, and shook his head and smiled.The word of the fool was husband’s, T Huai seemed to drink pure wine, and the corner of his mouth could not stop the smile.I listened to this face like a fire, and the fire burned straight to my ears, and my heart jumped so fast.Like the most densely classical Dongdong in the world.I suspect that Ying Huai’s routine and I have evidence. After two or three months, my literacy level has soared, and I can even write it.The best word I wrote today is love. I walked out of the door proudly and wanted to show Yinghuai with paper, but felt a strong suggestion.He said fiercely, my heart was fierce, and various horrible conjectures appeared in my head. My lips trembled slightly with white hands and my heart jumped. I tried to calm myself calm down and feed.Why did the person abduct me, the man did not answer me, but brought me to the cliff seal, where there were many people wearing a positive modification suit.Waiting for us, my heart is glowing, why don’t you come.Suddenly, under a big tree, I saw a touch of mysterious clothes. I was ecstatic but dare not speak. I was afraid of playing grass and a snake. He must find a chance to save me. I couldn’t drag him.But the more I am waiting for my heart, the cooler my heart, as if it is to dry the ice cellar.I couldn’t see the corner of the mysterious color, he disappeared.Did he leave me?My hand was relieved, and the paper balls in my heart fell lightly on the ground.Hurry up and modify the rope tied to me, pulling me forward with muddy, and finally left Xuanyuan.The paper group continued to float with the wind, and finally stopped in front of a suspense.Sakurahuai bent down and picked up the paper ball carefully, saying that it was not neat love.He passed his lips like Ruobao, and then he fell on the paper with a tear, blurring in the corner of love, and something happened.I am now imprisoned in a yard by others, and my treatment is very good. I still give me a yard.What to eat every day.I even doubt whether they are raising pigs, not raising rats and fertilizing.But these people who have cultivated immortals are not so heavy. Isn’t they long ago?I don’t understand the current situation, I trembling every day, I am unstoppable sleeping, and I feel that I will catch me at any time.

Recently, I have been trying to decorate a female who gives me food. I took the opportunity to transform into hamsters, drilled into his cuffs and slipped out, and followed him all the way.I saw the modification of my neck with a sharp eyes at the beginning.I followed him quietly to a formal hall, sitting on the seat with an old man who looked fierce.That old man is inquiring about my news, how about silent that woman?He gently made a lot, and the woman ate and drink well in the yard to ensure that he could give birth to a child.The old man ordered in the cold, and he didn’t know if the child in his stomach could be killed.

Yinghuai was raised first, and the disciples followed.I seemed to be hit by the thunderbolt, and my eyes widened, and my eyes widened.My child can kill Yinghuai, because of this reason that Yin Huai does not want me?I don’t believe that Yin Huai is not like that, I want to find him clearly.I wanted to run out of the mountain gate and wanted to find Ying Huai, and was bounced out by an invisible barrier.The right way in front of me was modified.I re -turned into a human figure and looked at them vigilantly, and silently came out of the circle to face me, with a trace of compassion in my eyes, don’t struggle you can’t get out.I did not speak back again and again, and said silently again.The magic is his only nemesis, and he raises you around.But I want to wait for the child to give birth to kill.I stood in the place and silent for a moment, and slowly spoke the child would divide his magic.Then, do n’t my children do not live in you?Can you ensure that my child kills Yinghuai, will you not kill him?Silent eyes dangled down and looked at me, and I knew the answer.I appeared in front of him a few hypocrisy, and the people around me surrounded me tighter, and both pointed at me with sharp swords on my hand.I sneered and stepped forward to get closer to those swords, and I was determined that they dare not kill me.Who knew that at this time, there was a circle of white air hoods around me, and then the dark flames of the dark were swept away from the surrounding meters, and fell those modified embarrassed to the ground.I haven’t been clear about what is going on?I felt tired for a while, drilled from the limbs to the flesh, and threw it in front of me.When I opened my eyes again, I was lying in the house of that courtyard.

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