Should pregnant women go to work after pregnancy?

Now more and more young people choose to marry late marriage and childcare, or even infertility. The consequence of this thought is that our generation is more difficult than the past, because the living environment has changed, and the age of childbirth is also the age of childbirth.Big, this is the disadvantage of life.

I have a college classmate, one year older than me, and my lover is the same age as him.After marriage, I have always planned to ask for a baby, but the two have been married for two years, the hospital has gone, and the medicine has taken it.

It should be that life and caution should be given to life, but should the pregnant mother should go to work?

In response to this problem, I think the specific problems should be analyzed. The situation is different and the conclusions are different.

If pregnant women have the following situations, I personally think that they can rest or resign in advance.

1. Pregnant women are weak and severe in pregnancy.

This kind of pregnant mothers have been suffering and painful since pregnancy. They can’t eat, can’t sleep, and even 7 or 8 months pregnant will still be nausea and vomiting. For the health of the health and the growth of the baby, they should rest at home with peace of mind. After all, work in the unit. After all, work in the unit.When pregnancy is severe, it will also affect daily work.

2. Pregnant women’s habitual abortion or the indicators are abnormal after pregnancy

Some pregnant women may be affected by the growth environment or other factors, and they have a history of abortion, even habitual abortion.This kind of mothers have to pay more attention to it. Basically, we must stay in bed for a long time since pregnancy.

There is also a pregnant woman. After pregnancy, the baby’s fetal position is low or the cervical mouth is low, and there is a phenomenon of threatened abortion. At this time, you must choose to raise a tire at home. You can find it again. At this time, the baby is important.

3. Family conditions are rich and do not expect pregnant women to make money.

There are many sisters with excellent family conditions. Even if they do not go to work, they have little impact on the quality of life. Of course, this kind of pregnant mothers can be based on babies after pregnancy. They can raise tires at home because the working environment and family environment are still different.More relaxed, there is no pressure on work, which is more beneficial to the growth of the baby.

Except for the above reasons, sisters who have no special circumstances in pregnancy, I think I should still stick to work.Because everyone is ordinary people and ordinary families, the responsibility of raising families is still under pressure to fall on a person.

In addition, there are many benefits to pregnant women at work. Most units will take care of pregnant women and will no longer assign heavy work tasks. Pregnant mothers can ask female colleagues to ask more about fertility experience in the unit. They may be accompanied by mobile phones at home.Working in the unit can also increase the amount of exercise, avoid excessive weight growth during pregnancy, and reduce anxiety during pregnancy.

Do my friends agree with me?Welcome everyone to discuss and supplement it.

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