Shopping with my girlfriend, I accidentally saw my husband and a pregnant woman who was pregnant with a happy trial wedding dress

I haven’t woke up from my sleep on the weekend, and my girlfriend Duo Duo called "Dear, let’s go shopping"

"Go shopping early in the morning, I haven’t got up yet, your husband, let him go"

"Oh, he went to the company to meet. It is estimated that today’s weekend is soaked again. Hurry up and clean up. Today, I can pick up the account, just do not exceed my budget."

"Well, okay, I want to make a whole body massage"

"No problem, I’ll pick you up in half an hour"

This blossoming is my girlfriend for many years. I have nothing to talk about. Her personality is very careless, but her heart is very good.

Anyway, my husband was on a business trip, and no one accompanied me, so just go shopping and pass the time.

After half an hour, we merged downstairs, "Where are we going first? Miss, Miss" and asking with a smile

"Let’s go shopping first, so be tired when you are shopping."

"Okay" and I set off happily.

The weather is too hot. Today we haven’t worn too much. They are simple shorts and t -shirts. There is a big cold hat on the head and a small backpack crossbody, which is simple and cool.

People on the street look back from time to time to look at us. Duo Duo said, "Are the two of us too much, everyone’s eyes are ridiculed."

"Lianger is just fine, maybe still envy," I said with a smile.

"Oh, yes, right, then look at it." She smiled badly.

Duo Duo said, "My dear, there is a famous wedding shop here. When you still remember when you got married a few years ago, I accompanied you to see the wedding dress.I don’t like you anymore. "She deliberately pouted me and glanced at me.

"That’s your honor. Otherwise, let’s go and see if there are any new styles, anyway, it is shopping."

"Well, let’s go with you"

We entered the wedding shop while joking.

"A lot of new models, much more than us" at that time, "stunned.

Sometimes I really doubt how his husband endured this big voice.

"Duo Duo, you whispered, to keep the look of women, depending on what you look like"

"What’s wrong, I won’t say a whisper." She didn’t do it yet

"Good young lady, just shy," I smiled and scraped her nose.

Sometimes it ’s strange. I think I am like a husband and wife.

We two slowly appreciate each wedding dress.

Suddenly I heard a familiar voice, which was almost exactly the same as my husband’s voice.

At this time, Duo Duo also stunned. She looked at me and felt too coincidentally.

No, my husband Zhang Zhe went on a business trip. Just after walking for a week, he was at least twenty days before walking. How could it be him? I directly dispelled this doubtful voice.

Duo Duo said, "Let me see what kind of man is, there is the same voice as your husband" "

"Duo Duo, people are trying the wedding dress, don’t go, how polite, let’s put it bluntly, Zhang Zhe is on a business trip, how could it be him, let’s go," I took her to go out.

"Oh, go and see"

She walked along the voice, and then I heard the sound of the blossom "Oh, oh"

"What’s wrong"

"No, it’s okay, don’t come here, let’s go"

No, listening to her panic, I was sure that something happened here, so I ran two steps and ran over. The next second I was stunned.

A man and a woman who tried the wedding dress in front of me was my husband Zhang Zhe. The woman was a woman who was pregnant. She had been pregnant for several months, because her belly was arms.

Zhang Zhe seemed to be panicked, he said "so coincidental"

Duo Duo said, "Hey, let’s introduce Zhang Zhe, is this your wife?"

I walked over and said, "Hello, are you not married yet? Are you here to choose a wedding dress today?"

Zhang Zhe was shocked by me suddenly, and he didn’t know what to say for a long time.

The woman next to me said, "Oh, you know, we will get married soon. I will choose a wedding dress today. My belly is too big.She lied to me again, "the woman looked at Zhang Zhe happily.

Vagotive said angrily, "Zhang Zhe I remember that you said that he would be nice to that girl for a lifetime when he proposed to a girl …"

I didn’t wait for Duo Duo to pull her out of the wedding shop quickly.

"I’m sorry, I shouldn’t call you out." Speak whispering

"Duoer, I want to thank you, if you weren’t for me today, I am afraid I don’t know that there is a person in Zhang Zhe for a lifetime."

That day, I walked silently to dark, and Du Duo accompanied me to dark.

At night, I went home and worried that she was going to accompany me. I told her that I was okay. If something happened, there was a solution. I ca n’t dodge.

I sat in the living room without turning on the lights, and quietly waited for Zhang Zhe to come back.

I expected that he would come back.

At about ten o’clock in the evening, Zhang Zhe opened the door and he came back.

He turned on the light and saw that I was sitting on the sofa, and he was a little scared.

"You haven’t slept yet" he whispered with guilt and said in a whisper

"I have no drowsiness" I waited for him to explain to me.

"Actually what I see today," he spoke unparalleled, obviously he was really derailed

"I want to know why" I said coldly

"You also know that my mother is in a hurry to hug her grandson, we have been married for a few years …"

"I can’t give birth to who caused it, am I not pregnant?" I tried to restrain my emotions that I was going out of control. I don’t want to hear any explanation of him, including how they knew how to get pregnant.

Yes, we have been married for five years. Five years ago, Zhang Zhe and I and Duo Duo were all college classmates. During the college, Zhang Zhe was particularly good to me. At that time, I did not feel much about him.The only advantage is that the only advantage may be long love. No matter how I reject him and he is as good as always, because of this, I think he deserves my entrustment for a lifetime.

We got married the second year after graduation.

After marriage, I was pregnant quickly. At that time, he said that the work was unstable. It was too early to ask for a child. Now life can’t give the child a good environment.

I was hesitant to do abortion surgery again and again.

Maybe I was pregnant, and it didn’t take long for me to be pregnant again, and he had a flow surgery again in Zhang Zhe’s hesitation.

At that time, Zhang Zhe was greedy for my body. Our husband and wife lived too often, so that I felt dangerous. I proposed to let Zhang Zhe take a good measure of safety.As a result, the last doctor said that I would likely not be pregnant in the future.

It didn’t take long for Zhang Zhe’s career to improve. When I really wanted my child, it was difficult for me to get pregnant.

I do n’t know how many hospitals have been, and Chinese medicine do n’t know how much they have eaten.

Zhang Zhe was very guilty about me. Every time my mother -in -law called to urge her child, he took it to himself. He said that we could live as happiness as if we had no children.of.

But in the end, all of which can’t be against the reality in reality. He still betrayed me. He carried me to try the wedding dress with another woman, so what am I, I still believe in the sentence he said stupidly here.By the way, "We can live as happiness as no children"

"Where do you plan to put me?" I asked him coldly

"I’m sorry, you can propose any conditions, I will promise you no matter what," he rubbed his head with two hands and rubbed it.

No matter how much conditions, can the money make me do it?At this moment, I felt how stupid I was. The children were pregnant with my last one.

I know my marriage is also on.

The next day, Zhang Zhe and I went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to go through the divorce procedures.

When I walked out of the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, I saw Duo Duo, and she came to pick me up.

After getting on the bus, I couldn’t stop crying.

Duo Duo said nothing, she drove the car beside a small forest, she pulled me out of the car and made me cry loudly.

At that moment, I couldn’t restrain the grievances in my heart. I don’t know how long I cried, and my tears gone.

When I looked back, she was crying, but she was crying, and she hugged me.

I lost a negative man. From this moment, I will start again. From then on, I have to remember what sweet words and oaths.

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