Several things you need to pay attention to during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the weakening of physical fitness and the oppression of the stomach, many things will be difficult for pregnant mothers, and for the fetus and their own health, there are some things that need to be done less or not. So what are the pregnant mothers must beTo attract attention, the following Qi Ke Ma Ma Mama sorted out several matters for everyone to collect!

1. Sweep the floor, mop the ground

For such things that need to bend over and squat, pregnant mothers must do less or not, because such moves will oppress the stomach. Long -term bending will cause poor blood flow and cause the baby to be hypoxic.

2. Rare or step on high

Similar to wiping windows, exposure of quet, or drying clothes, you need to raise or step on high. Pregnant mothers must be cautious, it is best not to do it.There are two main reasons. On the one hand, it is easy to wrestle with things at a high place.Secondly, reaching out to get things high, and it will stretch it to the stomach, which will easily lead to premature birth.

3. Move heavy objects

Moving weight is a taboo after pregnancy, because the abdomen will increase the uterine contraction and cause miscarriage and premature birth. Therefore, such housework is best to let her husband do during pregnancy to give the prospective father a chance to perform.

4. Do not come into contact with toxic and harmful substances and radioactive substances

In the first three months of pregnancy, we must pay special attention to avoid contact with such substances, such as cosmetics, nail polish, hair dye, perm, etc.At the same time, to avoid the drugs of the Golden Beast X -ray CT, avoiding the drugs that may cause fetal malformations.

5. Tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol must be prohibited during pregnancy. Not only are pregnant mothers who cannot smoke and drink, but also do not contact second -hand cigarettes. It may cause fetal malformations to increase the chance of abortion. Drinking alcohol may affect fetal brain development, and there should be no luck.

6. Don’t go to the environment with densely low oxygen people

After entering the third trimester, the pregnant mother’s body burden is relatively heavy, and it is prone to lack of oxygen, chest tightness, hypoglycemia and other conditions. Therefore, when entering shopping malls, subways, buses, basements and other relatively low oxygen places, family members must be accompanied by family.

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