Seeing red in the early pregnancy, what should I do if I need to detect progesterone. What should I do if I do?

After dinner at noon, just lay down and prepared for a lunch break. The ringtone sounded.Press the answer button and ask, "Sister, what’s the matter?".

The cousin said, "Brother, Lao Lili is not just two months pregnant, and it is normal. There is nothing this morning. I have been shopping with her. There are not many ways to walk.After that, Lili went to the bathroom to find that it was red. What should I do? "

Lili was the second daughter of my cousin, and she was just married shortly.I said: "Sister, this is estimated to be a symptom of aura abortion. You are like this. Now go to the hospital and go to the hospital, the doctor will let you detect the progesterone first and see what is.Guidance. "

After listening, my cousin said, "Okay, let’s go." Hanging the phone, thinking that most pregnant mothers had little understanding of progesterone, and when I met early pregnancy, I was very afraid and panic.Therefore, today, let’s understand the relevant knowledge of progesterone with novice pregnant mothers.

01 What is progesterone

Performue, also known as progesterone, is a natural progesterone secreted by ovarian progesterone.In the body, the endometrium that has been stimulated by estrogen has a significant morphological effect. It is mainly hormone that allows embryos to grow in bed during pregnancy. It is a necessary hormone for maintaining pregnancy.

The impact of progesterone on women is very important. It can reduce the level of progesterone in the body, which leads to infertility. Sometimes it will affect gynecological physiological functions, functional uterine bleeding, threatening abortion, habitual abortion, and comprehensive comprehensive period after early stage.Symptoms, etc.Maintaining pregnancy.

02 The role of progesterone

Welonone has the effect of immune protection and inhibit immune response.Some studies have implanted a tumor cells into the animal uterine. Only animals that are injected with progesterone are not excluded and implanted to the uterine wall, indicating that progesterone can inhibit immune reactions.This can also show that when women increase their normal pregnancy, progesterone increases, which can prevent embryos from being rejected by the mother and maintain pregnancy.When progesterone is insufficient, the embryo may be rejected by the mother.

In addition to immune protection, progesterone also promotes embryo bubbles to bed, inhibit uterine contraction, and play a role in protecting tires.

03 Normal value of progesterone

Studies believe that the decrease in progesterone in pregnant women leads to a threatened abortion and inevitable abortion (that is, unavoidable abortion, and generally develops from signs of miscarriage, but vaginal bleeding is more, and paroxysmal abdominal pain is more severe, or vaginal flow occurs), exogenous essentials needSupplement progesterone to maintain early pregnancy.Studies have found that progesterone values ≥25ng/ml are normal, and progesterone values are 15-25ng/ml. It indicates that there is insufficient luteal function, luteal therapy, and a large success rate.The progesterone value ≤15ng/ml is of little treatment, and pregnancy needs to be terminated as soon as possible.

04 The necessity of progesterone detection

Welonone is a hormone necessary to maintain pregnancy, and it is also an important hormone that supports early growth and development of the fetus. Full amount of progesterone can ensure the normal endometrial function, promote the growth and development of the embryoPractice to ensure that the fetus can grow and develop smoothly in the uterus until the full moon.At present, there are many abortion caused by the insufficient secretion of progesterone during pregnancy, and the detection of progesterone in early pregnancy can understand the secretion of the body in the body. For example, remedial measures can be taken to resume normal levels when there is insufficient progesterone secretion.

05 What to do if progesterone is low

After pregnancy, hormones in the body have changed, and chorionic gonadotropin, progesterone, and estrogen will increase, and these hormones are secreted by the embryo itself.

When the level of progesterone detection is relatively low, the embryo is unstable.If the embryo secretes low progesterone, it is necessary to consider whether the embryo is abnormal. If the embryo is not good, it will be eliminated naturally or selectively eliminated.Of course, it is discovered that progesterone is low, and it is recommended to actively give progesterone tires.The main use of progesterone is used, such as progesterone injection, musch tablets, and coonoone vaginal bolt.

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