See how everyone knows that they are pregnant. Is it the same as you?

Recently, I saw an article. When a foreign mother was born when she was born, she knew that she was pregnant before.Normally, many mothers know that they are pregnant that month.See how everyone finds that they are pregnant.

SLJ176: I had a dream that night with my wife and I loved it. I dreamed that I was lying on the bed and holding a little baby. After a few days of urine testing, I was pregnant.God, haha ~~~ I will always love my wife and baby forever.

Water without fragrance: If I say I know if I believe 3 days after conception? In one case, ovulation will be ovulated in advance after the same room, and the body temperature will remain up only after fertilization. ThereforeGenerally, the last menstrual period ended 13-15 days of ovulation. After the 8th day, my body temperature rose, so I knew that I was pregnant, and I confirmed it with a test strip before the next menstrual period.There is no option.

Han Mei: I also planned to get a baby this year. I tried it twice in the so -called ovulation period and did not succeed. I went to my husband once on a vacation. Because I went to the menstrual period, I thought it was a safe period. I did not think about it. I did not think that I would get pregnant.Surprise appeared!The baby is a gift of heaven, and it comes inadvertently.

LSH163: I was stupid at the time, I didn’t know, (although the expiration, but I was worried that because I wanted a baby, I would be fake, I didn’t care too much), and then it was the weekend. My husband was on a business trip. On Saturday on Saturday, I would then one day and then I was one on one day.People vomited at home, and then my husband rushed back that night to feed me to drink water. I didn’t even have the strength to take a cup.hehe

The next day, the trial production, urine, and then the hospital.Then I stayed at home for a few days.

Later, because the response was too heavy, I stayed at home for almost a month (New Year’s New Year) and I was bold every day, because I was always afraid of miscarriage, haha, I didn’t eat much for more than a month, and I couldn’t drink water. I was surprised that I was alive alive alive.Essencehehe

GeRe: I tested the watermark after 9 days of ovulation. Later, the watermark of the five consecutive days has not been deepened. Yesterday, YJ came and found that it was a cheating before.

RHY1: I plan to be pregnant for a long time, and it is a pre -pregnancy medical examination.Then in June this year, the conception plan was officially launched. Buy the ovulation test strip. Every day, everything is owed to Dongfeng.As a result, when the ovulation was started around the third day, the first day was temporarily traveling on the first day, and it was 5 days when I was in a hurry. I couldn’t wait to cancel the business trip, but then I couldn’t help it., Wait next month!So after returning, I went to the company Retreat again. This is 3,4 days.After returning, you are allergic to your body. You need to apply a hormone ointment. Suddenly, if you happen to coincidence, you are pregnant.It really happened like you planned, and that night I actually measured the captain.After a long time, it is not allowed to get dripping when Baby comes.This time, I won’t apply it anymore. Let’s wait for my little angel to come!Ha ha!People are not as good as heaven!Science can’t stand it!

Shamil: My menstrual period is very accurate. The next day I did not come with the YY stick, two bars.Then I went to the hospital to draw blood to confirm

Share: After 10 days before, I suddenly felt dizzy and tinnitus. Later, I vomited, I realized that I took the test strip test, hit the B -ultrasound, and thought that the quarrel was postponed.Just test, after a year of testing for more than a year, it is fraudulent

Lintong: I will have chest pain a day or two after ovulation. At that time, I did n’t hurt. I knew there was a test paper in a few days, and it turned out to be 🙂

zhzh: I plan to have children after getting married, because my aunt often comes for several months, so I went to the hospital for examination. As a result, my husband and I had no contraception. Later, my belly was sore. My husband suspected that I was pregnant.I still don’t dump him. During that time, I went to the chemical plant for investigation and went to the laboratory to do experiments (think that the child will not be available for a while, and you can’t delay your work.I always advise me to go to the hospital in case of pregnancy. I went to the hospital. The urine test was pregnant. The blood test was OK. Then I did n’t know when the due date was not allowed.Later, in the past three months, the due date determined by B -ultrasound (3 days away from the baby’s birth date). I was the last aunt who came at 2.26. 4.23 found that she was pregnant. My son was born at 12.21.

Except for the doctors of the pit people, I have never spit through my pregnancy, have no retching, and have no feeling of nausea.The camera of the TV series is deceived, deceiving, human, and.

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