Schwarzenegger is pregnant and has children!Have you watched this science fiction comedy movie?

Schwarzenegger is pregnant and has children!Have you watched this science fiction movie?

What kind of situation will a man hold a big belly?What kind of experience will a man have children?

Maybe you will be curious and fantasized, but a movie has brought a man to the big screen.Yes, you read it right. It is a man who is really pregnant and having children, not experience, not dreaming, but to experience all the hardships of pregnancy and child.

The main thing is that this man is still a tough guy Schwarzenegger.

The science fiction comedy movie "Weilong II" tells such a story: a man’s story, especially this man is still Schwarzenegger.

The tough guy lived in the center of the confinement. After experiencing various hardships during pregnancy, he finally gave birth to his own child. Thinking about this scene, it was very strong!

The beginning of "Weilong II" is quite dramatic.

The actor played by Schwarzenegger quietly checked the book in the library, and suddenly heard the child’s cry.When he hugged his child to find his mother, he found that the library’s rest chair was full of infants and young children.

The male lead was awakened by this nightmare. After discovering that it was just a dream, he relieved him.

It can be seen that the male lead actually has a certain rejection of the child.

But ironic is that the male lead is a pharmaceutical R & D personnel. He developed a drug that can help women get pregnant, which can help eggs and sperm better and develop in the abdominal cavity.Although after monkey experiments, it is proved that the mother monkey can indeed get pregnant after taking this drug, but due to research and development expenses, his laboratory was forced to stop.

The male lead’s partner is exactly an infertile victim, so he persuaded the male lead to dedicate himself to science with various excuses: experienced pregnancy, conduct pregnancy experiments in him, and explain the authenticity of the drug in real cases to explain the authenticity of the drugEssence

After taking the drug orally, the male lead combines the eggs and sperm artificially and injected in his abdominal cavity.Then he was really pregnant!

A tough guy of pregnancy was born!

Subsequently, the male lead began to have a series of post -pregnancy symptoms:

Dreaming of children and postpartum scenes, pregnancy, loss of appetite, nipples began to become numb, and their stomachs will be painful from time to time.

More importantly, its mental state is unstable and believes that I have lost their control of the body.He began to like all kinds of women’s snacks, and unconsciously went to the mirror to observe his belly. Watching soap opera will move tears, and his partner becomes very sticky.It is more enthusiastic and emotional, more enthusiastic about communication; like listening to elegant classical music …

Even began to have a dream.

Even his deadly opponent thought that Schwarzenegger became: Rongguang Give!

At this time, his partner realized that it was a bit wrong, and asked the male lead to stop taking the drugs they developed immediately and terminated the experiment.But at this time, the male lead began to be a bit reluctant to bear his children, and he was still taking medicine secretly.

It wasn’t until the actor took off his clothes because he took off his clothes after pregnancy that his partner realized that he had not stopped experiments.

For various reasons, the partner and the male lead decided to understand the center of pregnancy, and the partner began to help him cover his pregnancy behavior and symptoms.

At this time, the male lead also began to have more severe post -pregnancy symptoms:

Persevere in cooking, and when partners do not go home on time, they will also have a small emotional emotional emotion: selfish ghosts; feel various sensitivity to their own figure, think that they are ugly;More proactive;

At the same time, the male and female lead began to be attracted by the other party; more importantly, the male protagonist found that the eggs taken away were frozen by the heroine.

At this moment, the male lead and the partner’s death found their little secret.They began to besiege the actor and killed the children.

In desperation, the leading actor had to hide in the center of pregnancy.

In short, after many difficulties, the actor finally gave birth to his daughter.

"Weilong II" is a very happy movie, but in real life, parenting is a headache.It seems that all anxiety and quarrels will occur in the process of parenting.

The core appeal of all parenting problems is resonance.

Giving birth to a child has always been an exclusive right of a woman, but this is also a huge pressure and responsibility.Especially in the current fast -paced life, women not only shoulders the responsibility of raising, but also the responsibilities and pressure of work. Dual pressure has led to a big problem that women have fertility.The debate on parenting has continued.

In fact, this movie can also be seen that no matter men or women, they will face a series of physiological and psychological changes after pregnancy. At this time, the other party can give enough respect and concern to pregnant women to become the top priority.After the male lead was born at the end, he had greatly touched the birth of the new life.

Even the actor said that everyone should go through this process, and the prejudice and insults of pregnant women should disappear.

What are prejudice and insults?

Professionals should not be taken care of after pregnancy, otherwise they are unfair to other staff; aren’t they pregnant?As for such arrogance?

Even if you are pregnant, you must be meticulous for work, overtime, otherwise you are not serious or positive for work; you ca n’t stand it, you will leave the job automatically.

A word that seems to be unwilling is full of disrespect for pregnant women.

It is undeniable that in reality, there are indeed some people who rely on their belly to make a blessing, but this kind of person is essentially bad, and it has nothing to do with whether she is pregnant.The group has to resist emotions.

Pregnancy and parenting are always a controversial topic.If reality can develop the drugs in "Weilong II", this problem may be solved, but a new problem may occur:

Who will have children?How many women will continue to choose to have children?How many men will be brave to try to have children?

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