Rumor: If folic acid is too much, it will not stop, but excessive will bring these influences on the expectant mother

Many mothers have prepared for pregnancy or learned about accidental pregnancy. What is the first thing?

Eat folic acid.

Well, it is really important to add folic acid to the baby, and this cognition of mothers is correct.

However, it is not good to supplement too much -not fetal stop, but these adverse effects -no matter how good the folic acid is, it still has to be appropriate.

What is folic acid?

There is another name of folic acid, vitamin B9, do you know, do you know?

It is a water -soluble vitamin, and it is also a necessary substance in the growth and growth process of body cells. It is also an indispensable substance for making red blood cells. It also has auxiliary protein metabolism and auxiliary human body synthesis DNA.

These, parents can skip it, as long as they know the main role of folic acid (as shown above).

For parents, the most familiar role is that folic acid can reduce the incidence of fetal nervous tube deformity and lip fissure, because clinically found fetal nerve tube deformities and lip fissure, which has a lot to do with the lack of folic acid during pregnancy.Red blood cell anemia is mainly caused by the lack of folic acid by pregnant mothers.

It ’s okay for anemia. It can be corrected in time to make up folic acid. Nervous tube deformity and lip cracks are irreversible, which is more sad.Therefore, folks called "pregnant women vitamins" and "fetal guardian gods" -Didomy mothers supplemented 400ug/d 3 months before and after pregnancy, which can reduce the incidence of neural deformity of about 50-70%of the fetus.

Where does folic acid come from:

This important folic acid is also a pity that the human body cannot be synthesized directly and has no function of storing folic acid.Speaking is to supplement from the outside world, especially exogenous food supplements.

Our ordinary adults, as long as we eat normally every day, the folic acid required by the human body is enough, that is, the amount of 50-80 micrograms per day, just eat it casually:

Oats, green leafy vegetables, carrots, animal liver and kidney, egg yolk, yeast, some fruits (melon, orange, apricot, tomato and fresh pear, etc.), beans, whole wheat and black naked wheat flour, etc., are rich in folic acid.What do you like to eat?

However, the content of folic acid in these foods does not equal to the amount of human body intake, and it does not equal to the amount/utilization of the human body.

What do you mean?

In theory, you eat so many folic acid every day. However, folic acid is not resistant to high temperature. If it is cooked for a long time, folic acid will lose 80-90%, which is equal to white.

Therefore, mothers should pay attention to this aspect, otherwise it is easy to lack folic acid.

What Xiaonan said in front is the folic acid intake of our ordinary adults. Pregnant women alone are not enough to eat normally. They are high -risk people with folic acid deficiency. The demand for folic acid is at least 4 times that of us.

Therefore, pregnant women still need to supplement small -dose folic acid. The best time to supplement is 3 months before pregnancy (at least 1 month ago) to the first 3 months of pregnancy, and it is necessary to take rules.

You can receive small -dose folic acid in community hospitals, and expectant mothers may wish to enjoy "welfare".

Moms can also buy it by themselves. The brand does not matter. Just see if the content of folic acid is 0.4-0.8 mg/tablet.

What if I was pregnant and found that I was pregnant for a month or two, what should I do?

Then start with the day of discovery.

Another mother asked, after half a year of pregnancy, I really replenished folic acid. As a result, I have n’t worked. Can I stop it?It is okay to stop, but if you are pregnant during the stop of the drug, you can continue to eat folic acid.

The impact of excessive folic acid:

Some parents will feel that since folic acid is so good, pregnant women need very much, then eat more, "a lot of goodness."

Everything must be appropriate, too much will have an adverse effect.

Tire stop?

This is not possible. The so -called excessive supplementation of folic acid is rumored.

However, it is not possible to send all the hope that the folic acid is true. The pregnancy test should be done on time.

At the same time, folic acid can indeed prevent fetal brain tube deformity, but pregnant mothers "ton -ton" are supplemented with excessive land. Not only can not prevent fetal malformations, but also can cover the lack of symptoms of vitamin, allowing pregnant mothers to discomfort, and interfere with zinc metabolism. It is easyCauses zinc deficiency.

What will happen to zinc deficiency?It will increase the pregnancy response of pregnant mothers and increase childbirth complications.It may also allow the fetus to have problems such as growth and development, acquired dysplasia, and intellectual damage.

How to control the amount?

Still emphasize the best supplement period of folic acid again: 3 months before pregnancy and the first 3 months of pregnancy.You can also go to the hospital for examination. Excessive doctors remind pregnant mothers to reduce or stop intake.

It’s okay to be slightly too much. After all, folic acid is a water -soluble vitamin, which will be discharged with urine, and it is not easy to store in the body.

Of course, pregnant mothers can also eat throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, but they must be eaten in small doses and preventive manners.

You can also eat composite vitamin tablets containing folic acid to avoid other vitamin deficiency.

“”””Usually, eat more fruits and fruits. Do not cook high temperature for a long time.

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