Rihanna takes a pregnant photo photo!It’s a big belly, wearing hate heights, showing beautiful legs, netizens: Thai pants spicy

On May 12, local time, the latest fashion blockbuster of the famous singer and second -born hot mom Rihanna was exposed., Smoking long hair, the domineering side of the open field took the swaying moment. After seeing this group of photos, many netizens couldn’t help but sigh: "Thai pants are spicy!"

After the time, Rihanna is 35 years old, but her condition is still very good. Even during pregnancy, she can see her showing her figure regardless of the occasion. She still has a baby in her belly.Out of the street and even stepped on hate heights, I didn’t care about the outside world. I just cared about being my own queen.

Rihanna’s current pregnancy is already very obvious, and the days of childbirth are getting closer and closer. In fact, it didn’t take long for Rihanna to give birth to the first child.She also enjoys the happiness of being a mother. The stomach becomes larger every day, her face is getting smaller and smaller, and the self -discipline of the actress is really unusual.

Rihanna has rarely appeared on the stage over the years. It was a lot of surprises to appear in the super bowl midfielder before. At present, she is more energetic at the age of 35.

It is reported that Rihanna’s latest value valuation reached 10 billion yuan. Some time ago, I still bought a set of apartments of more than 100 million yuan in the most famous skyscraper The Century, Los Angeles.Without a bird’s feeling, the proper "Queen Ben King".

Although Rihanna has some traces of years and has been preparing for pregnancy, she has never really recovered to her previous appearance.

You know, Rihanna, 20, is really beautiful, has a face value, has a figure, and has a cool look. She often appeared in the front row of the NBA at that time, becoming countless fans.The beautiful shadow in youth memory.

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