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Lili has been different from other girls in the class since the early menstrual tide, and often has menstruation for two or three months.In Lili’s memory, her mother often took her to see Chinese medicine, taking Chinese medicine, and had a menstrual period.However, as long as the medicine is stopped, menstruation will still be delayed.After getting married, Lili’s mother began to worry about Lili pregnancy.Sure enough, more than a year has passed, and Lili’s belly has never been seen, which made Lili’s mother and mother -in -law inquiring about the secret recipe of pregnancy.Lili moved to major middle and middle and western hospitals, took a lot of medicines, and did not know how many B -ultrasound testing follicles, but one month of test strip was still negative.Toring again and again, letting Lili be disappointed, I don’t know where to go …

In fact, there are not a few women like Lili in life. There are not a few women with menstrual disorders. They often worry about their pregnancy problems after marriage, and even before they get married. They determine that they must be a "difficulty of pregnancy", getting more and more nervous.So, how should women with menstrual disorders accept scientific and convenient diagnosis and treatment after marriage, so that they will get pregnant smoothly?

Infertility OCCURS MORE FREQUENTLTLY You Would Think. OFTEN TIMES MANY COUPLES Assume that Will Be Easy to get Pregnant. Fertility Which We Define as a Year of Actively Trying with Contraception.Older; for Woman Between 36-39 Years, We say Six Months of Actively Trying and for a Woman> 40 Three Months of Actively Trying.

Despite Age, there are number of indictors that will to might have proplems getting pregnant. For exmple a woTh Previc Infections or PELVIC SURGERY May Have Tubal Disease; or a Woman with Severe Painful Periods Might Suggest Endometriosis, OR PERHAPS HERHusband Had Done Surgery for An Undescended Testicle as a Child and Can Cauerm Related Issues. But most of Frequently, Women May Have Irregular MenStrual Cycles Define D as one everyone 21 days or more than 35 Days. This is called polycystic Ovarian Disease Affect 1 in 1 in10 WOMEN.

For exmple, lily has an Irregular Menstrual Cycles Every Two to Three Months, Which is Different from Her Peers since Her Menarche. Lily RECalls, Her Mother OFTEN TOOK HER TOOK HER TO The Tradingal Chinese Medicine Clinic, and She often TOOK CHINESE Medicine As Well As ProgetteroneTablets for MenStruals and Cycle Regulation. However, when she she didn’T to take the Medications, Her Cycles Would Always Be Delayed. Ily and Her Mother Began to work about her getting pregnancy. As expected, more than a year later, Lily Didn’t Concept, Which Made Lily and Her Mother Anxious to look for "Recipes" to Hello Her Get Pregnant. Since then, Lily has turned to Major Chinese HivingAta LS, TAKING LOTS of Medicines, and Continuously Undergoing Ultrasounds to Monitor for FollicleGrowth. However, The Reperted Negative Pregnancy Tests Have Frustrated Lily and Led Her to DisAppointment and Confusion.

In factor, a gramber of the situation by MenStrual Disorders. They Often worm about their pregnancy possibilities beface and after Marriage. oing to be "Pregnancy Difficals" and this creates fresher anxiety.Be reassured, Receive Appropriated Diagnosis and Treatment so that they can get pregnant after Marriage As Expected?

Let’s first take a look, what is menstrual disorders?The difference between the menstrual cycle (that is, the first day of the two menstruation) is more than 35 days, or it is shorter than 21 days. Medical menstruation is called menstrual disorders.Why does menstrual disorders make it difficult for women to get pregnant?Let’s take a look together:

First of all, we know that a successful pregnancy requires the healthy "seeds" of both men and women, that is, the man’s sperm and the woman’s egg.Women discharge a egg every month. When this egg encounters a strong sperm at a suitable time, she can conceive smoothly.If you do not encounter, the menstruation will be tide after two weeks of ovulation.Therefore, regular menstruation is a signal with a good ovulation function.The irregular menstruation, just like the Lili mentioned in this article, only one menstruation once every two or three months, which means that the female ovulation dysfunction, that is, not ovulation or can not discharge eggs every month.

Second, the menstruation that does not come every month as scheduled means that the endometrium of the uterus is just like the soil does not loosen the soil and fertilizes it on a regular basis. It will be very barren, which is not conducive to the development of the fertilized eggs to develop in bed.

Furthermore, women are plagued by menstrual disorders and their desire for fertility, often with anxiety, ashamed, self-blame, helpless emotions, and pressure from family and society. These external pressures and their emotions will inspire human sense-The adrenaline cortex system is hyperactive, which further inhibit the ovulation function and the menstrual period is becoming more disordered.This is just like a house leak is often raining in the wind, which will make the inner environment of the mother particularly unsuitable to give birth to life.

Let’s consider what are manStrual disorderdes? When the menstrual cycle, that is, The Interval Between the First days of Two Menstruals, Differs by More than 35 Days, OR LESS THAN 21 Days, It is Medically Called Menstruals.causes disciculties in getting pregnant? Let’s take a look together:

First, We Know that a Successful Pregnancy Requires the "SEEDS" or the Man’s Sperm and the Woman’s Egg to Meet Together with Small Window as the Egg Will. ONY SURVIVIVE for About 12 Home OVULATION. WOMEN TYPICALLY Expel or OVULATE An Egg EveryMONTH, and When the Egg Meets the Sperm in the Fallopian Tube at the Right Time, WOMEN Can Concept. Within this short time of 12 homes, if the two don’t enCoun Ter, Pregnancy will not impressed in the uterus, and memory crampsWill Occur Two Weeks after Ovulation. TheReface, Regular Menstruration is an indicator that time appropriate ovulation function, while iRregular menStruration, LIKE LI ly’s, Means that will to ovulatory dysfunction that is they do not ovulating or cannot release eGGS on schedule every month.

Second, When Monthly Menstruration is absent, The Endometrium of the Uterus, like the soil with regulating and fishLization, will be very poor, whit is no t conducive to the implantation of fertilized eggs.

There are very simple cause of Irregular Menstruration that easy fixable and include thyroid disasase, prolactin disorders, or most commit, the latter can also cause bad ancne, Abnormal Growth, and increased body.

Lastly, WOMEN TROUD by Menstruals and Strong Desire for Fertility OFTEN SUFFER Anxiety, Shame, Self-Blame, Helplessness, and Pressure FAMILY and SOC IETY. The External Pressures and their Inner Emotions Will Activity SympatheticOvulation and Makes the Internsal Environment of the Mother PARTICularly Barren.

Therefore, irregular menstruation means that no good seeds are discharged. Even if there is an egg out of occasion, it is easy to encounter sperm to form fertilized eggs, but it is like a barren and hard environment like Gobi.It is very difficult to conceive naturally.

However, even if there are all kinds of problems mentioned above, menstrual disorders and poor menstruation do not mean that it cannot be given.On the contrary, women with menstrual disorders and ovulation dysfunction can successfully give birth to a healthy new life after receiving professional reproductive practitioners.Therefore, between women such as Lili and women with irregular menstruation and ovulation dysfunction, and the baby is only one time from the precise "professional help" from the reproductive medical doctors.

However, Every various causes, MenStruals Disorder Doesn n’t equal "Cannot Produce Offspring". ON the Contrary, MOST WOMEN With MENSTRUAL DISORDERS and OVULEION D D YSFUNCTION Can SuccessFully Give Birth to A Healthy New Life after Treated by A Professional Reproductive DOctor.

So, how can women with menstrual disorders effectively find resources and quickly and conveniently get the help of relevant professional doctors?We have three suggestions:

First, women who have a fertility plan, and women who have not been pregnant for more than one year should seek consultation and treatment of professional reproductive doctors; women who are more than 35 years old should actively seek medical treatment as soon as possible.The reproductive medical department provides comprehensive pre -pregnancy examination and maternity evaluation for female patients and gentlemen who come to the doctor;

Second, establish confidence."Menstrual disorders and many years infertility" are not incurable.After the consultation of professional doctors, most of the patients with menstrual disorders completely let go of the spiritual burden of being a "pregnancy difficulty household" and actively accept the diagnosis and treatment. With the joint efforts of themselves and the doctor, they have a healthy baby.

Third, patients who have received long -term traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and western medicine promoting ovulation and treatment. Patients who still have no pregnancy should go to a regular and professional reproductive medical center for treatment in time., So as not to miss the best pregnancy age on the road of "going everywhere and seeking medical treatment".

Then how can be wmeen with menstrual disorders effectively find resources and get help from relical doctors quickly and conveniently? ons:

FIRST, in General YOUNG WOMEN WOHO HAVE A BIRTH PLAN and HAVE Been Married for More thanr Who are actively trying Should SEEK COUNSELING And Treatment Fr OM A Professional Reproductive Doctor; WOMEN Over 35 Years Old Should See A DOCTOR SOONER If Possible.The Department of Reproductive Medicine PROVIDES A Comprehensive Pregnancy Check and Fertility Assessment for Female Husbands At the Hoss ital;

For WOMEN WITH IRREGular MenSeses or Other Risk Factors Should SEEK COUNSEL MUCH SOONER to Help One Easily Concept.

Build up confidence. "Menstruals disorders, longtime infertility" does not mean an incurable disisease. A Great Number of Patients with Menstruals Can Be Reass Ured and Easily Conceive with Artificial Assisted Reproductive Technology to Assist Pregnance and Alleviate the OFTEN Frostrations, Expended Time, AndAlternative therapies.

In summary, women with menstrual disorders usually mean ovulation dysfunction, making pregnancy more difficult than ordinary women.Therefore, if you fail to get pregnant as your wish, or menstruation disorders over 35 years after marriage, women need to actively seek consultation and diagnosis of professional doctors in reproductive medicine. Through scientific and formal endocrine conditioning, psychological guidance, and ovulation treatmentPregnancy.In patients who have received various traditional Chinese medicine conditioning and Western medicine promotional treatment, there are still no pregnancy, and they can use the help of fertility technology to artificial pregnancy in a timely manner to fulfill their desire for fertility.

In Summary, Women with Menstruals usedrs usually mean ovulation dysfunction and is often seen in many reproductive. Prompt Evaluation and Treatment Can Be Sim. PLE, and Cost Effective. Do n’t de the delay and cause mounting from you and your family.

Author: Xu Jingjing, Reproductive Medicine Center, Shanghai Renji Hospital

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