Reminder: Itching of anal itching is not all hemorrhoids, or cancer cells are making strange, don’t just scratch

Mr. Wu is 49 years old and has a history of hemorrhoids for about ten years. When he seizes the anus, itching and painful.In recent months, Mr. Wu’s anus has always been itching and uncomfortable. In his words, "like a bug is climbing."I wanted to endure it, but I didn’t expect to improve, the stool became flat, and the whole person was a lot thinner.

He noticed that he went to the hospital for examination. The doctor first touched the pupils through the rectal examination through anal finger. He finally diagnosed rectal cancer through a colonoscopy. Because the tumor was close to the anus, the doctor gave suggestions for removing the anus.

Isn’t it the anal itching?How can I find rectal cancer?Mr. Wu cannot accept this cruel result.Many people have experienced anal itching experience in daily life. I hope everyone must pay attention to it.

Many people have experienced anal itching experience, because the parts are more sensitive, and they cannot scratch them in public, and itching is very embarrassing.

1. Don’t pay attention to hygiene

For those who have more hair or obese perianal, they are easily contaminated by the anus during bowel movements. If they do not pay attention to cleaning, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause itching in the anus.

2. Subconsciousness

Due to the decrease in anal sphincter or contraction force, the anus can cause the anus to be unable to close. The intestinal fluid secreted by the intestinal mucosa is easy to leak from the anus.

3. Parasites, fungal infections

Parasites and fungal infections are also an important cause of anal itching. Especially if children and adults do not pay attention to cleaning their clothes, they will easily cause cross -infection.

4. Skin disease in the anus

Skin diseases such as anal eczema and sweaturitis are common in anal parts, which can stimulate the skin near the anus, causing itching in the affected area.

5. Anal disease

Anal diseases include hemorrhoids, anal inflammation, etc., which can also cause itching in the anus.Anal itching can first consider hemorrhoids. It is caused by factors such as abnormal stools, malnutrition, spicy diet, and sedentary. If he hemorrhoids develop to a certain stage, it will stimulate the anus and cause itching of the anus.

6. Rectal cancer

The anal itching may also be a feature of anorectal evil changes. Investigation and research found that when anorectal dislikes such as anorectal vulgaris, internal activity such as histamine, protein decomposition enzymes, etc., it will stimulate the nerve ending of the perianal skin and make the patient feel itching and unbearable.EssenceWhen you find blood in the stool and itching in the anus, it is best to see it as soon as possible.

Rectal cancer is one of the common tumors of gastrointestinal tract. The incidence is very high, and there are no obvious symptoms in the early days.Dr. Yang Yao, the People’s Hospital of Lintong County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province, said that when these three physical changes are found, we must be alert to the possibility of early rectal cancer.

1. Diarrhea, constipation

If a foreign body grows in the intestine, it can cause the intestinal stress symptoms.With the development of tumors, the intestine will also be perceived, which can cause constipation or diarrhea alternation, and the anus has a feeling of falling.In addition, the tumor stimulates the intestine and makes the intestine mistakenly think that there is excrement, which will emit signals to the brain. Patients often feel unexpected.

2. Blood stool

The stool mixed blood is a relatively obvious manifestation in the early days. When the tumor increases, the tissue of the rectum is broken, causing the mortal ulcer, it will cause bleeding. The blood in the rectal cancer is mostly dark red, and the hemorrhoidal blood in the stool is mostly bright red. Pay attention to pay attentionThe two are distinguished.

3. Intestinal narrowing

Rectal tumors can make the intestinal path narrowing. When the excreta passes, it will be "compressed". The shape becomes more and more thinner. At the same time, it may also be accompanied by blood mucus.

Not all rectal cancer need to remove the anus, but for low rectal cancer close to the anus, if you want to remove the tumor completely, you need to consider cutting the anus.

Generally, after the anal resection, in order to ensure Lazar, it is necessary to make a monitor, so it is inevitable to make an artificial anal.After all, artificially is not as "natural". After accepting the presence, many patients are equivalent to "hanging" a dung bag every day.To his own smell of stool, it brings great trouble to the patient’s social interaction.

According to national data in 2020, there are 520,000 new cases of colorectal cancer in my country, and the incidence rate ranks second in various tumors, which seriously threatens the health of our people.

Rectal cancer is also a relatively easy to find disease. It can be touched through the "one finger magical power" -the anal test.The anal finger test is that the doctor put his fingers into the anus and touch whether there is a hard mass. If you find a lump, you must consider the possibility of rectal cancer and need to be further checked.Therefore, anal fingers seem to be simple, but it is meaningful.

It is understood that the price of anal alert is only tens of yuan, and the process is not painful. It takes only one or two minutes to get 70%of rectal cancer.

The test is not just aimed at rectal cancer. It can be touched with fingers. It can also help men to check the prostate problems. Early found prostate hypertrophy and prostate cancer. For women, the test can be exposed to the uterus.Occupible diseases and other diseases can be said to be a "cost -effective" examination.

Although the anal itching is a relatively small symptom, the cause behind it may be related to anorectal disease. If the patient does not pay attention and scratches the affected area, it is likely to cause infection and cause other diseases.Therefore, when itching for a long time and no relief, you should be alert to intestinal diseases and treat early treatment to prevent further development.

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