Remember Gao Shanshan in "The Temptation of Home"?She is 37 years old like this

It’s not a good thing to love too strong?

Gao Shanshan in "The Temptation of Going Home" is an example,

I really didn’t like her when I was chasing the drama. I felt that she was a little magical …

Do you remember this character?

Gao Hong’s daughter, Gao Wenyan’s sister,

Lin Pinru used her identity after returning.

In the play, Shanshan fell in love with Wen Yan who had no blood relationship with her,

In order to be with him, use all your best.

Mom arranges a blind date for his brother,

She sneaked away from her to tell the blind date she was his woman.

Knowing that he doesn’t love himself,

Still arranged the wedding of the two people,

It really doesn’t give up without the Yellow River.

After love, she chose to commit suicide in the sea.

Back again, she combined with Elie to destroy.

Because to cooperate with the reunion ending,

Shan Shan finally realized,

Go to the United States to see a doctor with her mother.

Although the role of Gao Shanshan is not pleasing,

But you still have to admit that the actor’s acting skills are still possible,

One look expresses strong love.

The actor who plays Gao Shanshan is called Tu Liman. She debuted at the age of 13. She made her debut at the age of 13.

The virgin works are "Come and go" starring Wu Cunxin, Lu Liping, and Xu Qing,

She is the Ni of Lu Lu’s daughter Kang.

“左 左 左 左

At that time, she was still studying at Wuhan in her hometown.

The shooting place of this drama is also Wuhan,

Staff go to their school cast,

She was selected to play the piano in the piano room.

Also since this drama,

Tu Liman had the idea of entering the entertainment industry,

Later, she was admitted to the Department of Performance of the Shanghai Academy of Drama.

In the play she has played, the favorite of Orange is "Women’s Flowers".

In the play, she is Liu Tao and Qin Hailu’s sister Chen Qiaoju.

Before "The Temptation of Going Home", she played "Living Buddha Ji Gong",

She is the female ghost Xiuying in the "Pregnancy Lang".

After "The Temptation of Going home", she played "The Legend of Wu Mei Niang", who was Liu Siyao.

She is now 37 years old and grows like this.

The latest work is "Sanling South Song", and she is the concubine’s girl.

“Right for her

She is a quiet person in life,

Like to drink coffee alone.

I also like to write brush characters. During the epidemic, I wrote the scriptures to pray for Wuhan.

I also like reading, the books I read is quite mixed,

There are both suspense novels, romance novels, and prose essays.

Very importance to appearance management,

I went to South Korea to study related courses,

Have enough understanding of yourself,

It is very clear that you can eat fat and what you eat if you eat.

In an interview, I also said that I exercised almost every day.

It seems to be single, it has a good relationship with my mother,

Frequent food made by mother.

Tu Liman once said he liked to perform very much,

I think it is great to interpret the life of many people,

She hasn’t had a big fire all the way all the way,

But there is no particular disappointment,

Just move forward like this,

This is also the case in the future.

This is also a lucky!

The last sentence

Love is too strong, and the personality is too paranoid in the play will be a distinctive person.

I really want to meet in life very horrible …

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