Relax women apply for "Jieqing" age and loosen the "her power" in technology

Author: Ma Qing

Recently, the Party Group of the National Natural Science Foundation of China held a meeting to listen to the National Natural Science Foundation of China to report the support of female scientific researchers, and review and approve suggestions for further strengthening support for female researchers.The meeting made it clear that since 2024, the age limit for female scientific researchers to apply for the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund project has been relaxed from 45 to 48 years old.

Why should the application age of female scientific researchers relax for three years?Obviously, this is the cycle of women’s pregnancy and breastfeeding.Women bear the responsibility of fertility and relax the three years of fairness to female scientific researchers. It is also encouragement to make up for it. It helps "her power" to be further released in the field of scientific research.

The energy and time consumed by women’s transfer of fertility not only causes objective stagnation of career development, but also provides an excuse for subjective gender discrimination.There is a concept that can explain the problem.In the scientific report released by UNESCO in 2015, there is a picture of "leakage pipeline", which means that as the pipeline continues to extend, the more water is leaking, and the remaining and fewer remaining.The flow of the pipeline refers to the height of various positions or different difficulties.The United Nations report pointed out that several nodes of the pipeline are undergraduate students, master, doctoral students, and researchers. During the undergraduate stage, women accounted for 53%, women during the master’s degree accounted for 53%, the proportion of women in the doctoral stage fell to 43%, and finally engaged in engaging inThe proportion of women in scientific research activities is only 28%.According to the research report released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2022, "Portrait of Chinese Researchers in Gender Perspective", female scientific researchers in my country accounted for 27.7%in 2019.

Why is the more women "missing"?The reason is of course complicated. Social concepts, policy factors, and women themselves are intertwined, affecting each other, and mutual causality.Therefore, providing policies for women to make up for the price of women’s fertility is to allow female scientific researchers to get more fair development opportunities.As early as 2011, the "China Youth Science and Technology Award" jointly established by the Central Organization Department, the Ministry of Personnel, the Chinese Science and Technology Association and other units will relax the age limit of women’s winners from 40 to 45 years. This is to change the female science and technology talent base.The status quo of larger and less pointed -to -top.In recent years, the National Natural Science Foundation of China has also adopted measures such as "female priority" under the same conditions, allowing women to extend the project cycle of women’s extension, and enhance female expert review participation.The age limit of the project has provided strong support for more female scientific researchers to obtain project funding and carry out basic research.

The changes in these policies have increased the proportion of female scientists and participation year by year. The gender differences in the field of scientific research in China are shrinking, but it should also be seen that whether it is academic resources, promotion channels, or development in the top industry, women are still in women.Need to break some invisible ceiling.Only by using a more fair policy and a more optimized environment for women, can more women rest assured that they are boldly running on the road of scientific research.(Ma Qing)

Source: Review Channel

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