Reject rumors, scientific care during pregnancy: Why do you love sour during pregnancy? See how doctors explain

Knowing the news of her pregnancy, every pregnant mother is excited and happy, and feels the baby growing up day by day and changes.Watch the faintly forming figure in the B ultrasound.Several imaginations poured into the minds of mothers: Do you can hear the mother’s voice?Baby, are you uncomfortable in your mother’s stomach?

Of course, in the brain supplement, whether the baby is a boy or a girl, it is definitely the most often.

Dr. Hao has been engaged in obstetrics for wealth of obstetrics for twenty -one years. She not only has rich clinical experience, but also quite amiable.So many maternal communications with her during the hospitalization.

There have been many times, the mothers who are going to give out have come to ask her the question about giving birth to boys and women, of course, their reasons are different:

Some questions were very nervous: Dr. Hao, I suddenly became particularly dependent. My mother -in -law said that I want to have a girl?

It turned out that the mother -in -law hoped to have a boy, because at this time her mother -in -law’s hope, this is the great event of this family.

Some are very happy when asking: Dr. Hao, you see that I have liked sour since I was pregnant. Is it a sign of having a boy?

Listening to these intentional and unintentional questions, Dr. Hao shook his head and smiled.

In fact, when women are pregnant, drowsiness, laziness and even vomiting such as drowsiness, laziness, and even vomiting are generally caused by physical endocrine, which quickly changes.

In addition, the sudden increase in progesterone will also cause women to have a lack of reaction and loading.

In the case of particular laziness during pregnancy, as a pregnant woman should consider not having male and girls, but because of the entire stage of pregnancy.

If it is early pregnancy, if you don’t want to move, don’t move, and if you want to sleep, go to bed immediately.

If it is in the middle and late pregnancy, it is not recommended to do this. It is still recommended to take simple exercise such as walking under possible circumstances, otherwise, whether it is a boy or a girl, it will not be able to ensure the safety and smooth delivery.

As for pregnancy that likes to eat sour food, this is related to the "chorionic gonadotropin" secreted by the placenta.Its appearance will not only reduce gastric acid secretion in the stomach.It will also reduce the vitality of the digestive enzyme in the intestine.In order to regulate the needs of this passive digestive function, pregnant women have begun to prefer sour food, with only one purpose to help stimulate the motivation to stimulate digestive functions.As a result, I like to "eat" things without appetite.Only in this way can we ensure the sufficient supply of fetal nutrition in the body.

However, this acid is also particular. Sauerkrauts and pickled sauerkrauts, as well as vinegar products, because of vitamins, protein, and so on, have almost lost their nutrients, and are not recommended.

These foods can only increase the burden and obstacles of pregnant women, which is harmful to the fetus.

Through analysis, Dr. Hao can only regret telling the mothers of the prospective treasures: the response during pregnancy cannot directly reflect the secrets of boys and women born.

As for the so -called statements spread by the people, it is basically a matter of probability and cannot be fully believed.

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