Regarding the drug flow, you must know

Women may need to get rid of the babies in the abdomen for some reason after pregnancy. Many people find that early people will choose a drug abortion. On the one hand, the drug flow does not require surgery, which is more convenient than abortion. On the other handRelatively harmful, but these are actually wrong.

First of all, although the drug flow does not require surgery, it may have no cleanliness. At this time, the clear palace surgery needs to be performed, which is to cause two damage to the uterus. So how to judge whether the drug flow is clean?

The performance of completely clean drug flow

Under normal circumstances, women will be excreted and logistics after the drug flow, less than the usual menstrual flow, which is dark red.After the drug flow, there will be about 15 days of irregular vaginal bleeding, and the specific bleeding time varies from person to person.

The general manifestation of the cleanliness is: the amount of bleeding is less a day; about 2 to 3 days after the drug flow, the fetal sac in the uterus can be discharged. At this time, the vaginal bleeding amount is more., Film, abdominal pain and other reactions; and the molting tissue in the uterus often takes about 2 weeks to completely excrete the body. When the vaginal bleeding stops, it means that the drug flow is successful.

It is worth noting that in the 1 to 2 weeks after the drug flow, you should also go to the hospital for examination to see the discharge of congestion and uterine residues.If the vaginal bleeding time is more than 2 weeks, it may be caused by incompetence of the fetal sac and the decontamination tissue. At this time, you need to go to the hospital for B threatening.

Is the drug flow safe?

The drug flow destroys the endometrium of the uterine, so that the embryo cannot grow in the uterus.The damage to the body of the drug to the pregnant person is not less than the abortion. To some extent, the drug flow has more damage to the pregnant person than the abortion.And relying on drugs, sometimes abortion is not thorough.If the embryo cannot be completely cleaned up, it is necessary to make the palace treatment in time and be sinned again;

In addition, incomplete drug flow may cause infection in the palace, cause the fallopian tube to stop, and may cause infertility.So if you want to terminate the good pregnancy, there is still painless abortion.

Harm of drug abortion

Abortion failed:

After 8 days of medication, no fetal sac was discharged. After B -ultrasound, it was confirmed that there were still pregnancy in the palace. In this case, you must go to the hospital for clearing the palace surgery.

Excessive blood loss and life -threatening life:

Especially major bleeding. If you do not clean up the palace in time and lose blood, you lose the opportunity to rescue, and your life is difficult to protect.

Side effects of drug flow:

In addition to the gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal reactions during the medication process, long bleeding time and bleeding are mostly the main side effects of drug abortion. The effect of drug treatment is poor. If necessary, the palace needs to be cleared.Medica abortion must be performed in medical institutions with regular rescue conditions.There is a strong indication certificate for pharmaceutical abortion. If you do n’t know these indications, people who do n’t know how to buy medicines are not suitable for people who have abortion.

It is easy to cause inflammatory infection:

The embryo tissue in the uterine cavity after the drug flow can be discharged on the same day. Sometimes the pregnancy tissue is discharged in incomplete, the uterine membrane is not good, and the vaginal bleeding time is longer. It can last for 2-3 weeks, or even 1-2 months.Long -term irregular bleeding after the drug flow can cause chronic anemia, reduce physical resistance, and easily cause bacterial infections.

Causes major bleeding:

The insufficient abortion of drugs is that it is easy to cause miscarriage. The residual fetal membrane tissue can cause blood collapse and cause severe bleeding. It is necessary to immediately be admitted to the hospital for cleaning.

Causes habitual abortion:

Due to the poor thoroughness of the drug flow, the abortion is not possible to be treated with further surgical treatment, which can cause repeated damage to the endometrium, and the prenatal tray occurs, causing major bleeding prenatal bleeding, or habitual abortion.

Drug flow is easy to cause infertility:

Nursery girls, like repeated pregnancy, repeated abortion will cause endometrial endometrial repeated damage.Due to endometrial damage, once they need normal pregnancy, the prenatal placenta is prone to occur, which can cause severe bleeding before giving birth, and even cause habitual abortion.The drug flow is easy to cause the fallopian tube to block and the cervical adhesion, causing infertility; the drug flow is not clean, the clearance surgery is improper, and it may also cause infertility.

Therefore, the girls should be reminded here that if you are not ready to have a child, you must take safety measures. Don’t accidentally go away. At that time, it will be your own body that will be damaged.

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