Really pregnant?Ma Sichun’s body was bloated, her whole body was edema, and her mother was required to help

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Recently, some media met Ma Sichun and his mother Jiang Wenjuan at Shanghai Airport.

The mother and daughter were rarely traveling in the same frame. The reporter also found that Ma Sichun was quite loose that day, with a denim, wearing a hat and mask to cover it strict.

However, even if it is strict, it is not difficult to see that Ma Sichun’s body is severe, and the loose -style clothes cannot be blocked. Therefore, many netizens commented below to guess whether Ma Sichun was really pregnant as rumors said?

Not only that, when Ma Sichun walked, she held her mother’s arm all the way and walked behind her mother. Her mother Jiang Wenjuan took Ma Sichun’s waist from time to time to protect her. This action was also guessed.

And it can be seen that Ma Sichun is not just as simple as just gaining weight. Her fingers are swollen, and the size of the shoes is much larger.

It is no wonder that netizens have discussed whether Ma Sichun became pregnant.

In fact, from April this year, speculation about Ma Sichun’s pregnancy began.

One day in April, Ma Sichun participated in the event. At that time, she was wearing a black skirt and the belly was obviously able to see a slight protrusion, but except for her belly, there was no abnormalities elsewhere.The medicine, so most of the netizens still think she is just getting fat.

In addition, in May, Ma Sichun took photos of his exercise on Weibo, and netizens stopped guessing pregnancy.

But in October this year, Ma Sichun was photographed out with her boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan.On the same day, Ma Sichun wore a loose black dress and parallel shoes, and his body was bloated.

And holding Zhang Zhexuan’s hand slowly, at the beginning, netizens were surprised that Ma Sichun seemed to be pregnant.

This time, Ma Sichun’s state of the whole person is even more obvious.If you still insist on exercise in May, how can you not lose weight so much?

Coupled with the end of August, some media photographed Ma Sichun with his family and boyfriend Zhang Zhexuan party.

However, most of the netizens discussed with the pity of the pity of Ma Sichun’s suspected pregnancy.Because Ma Sichun’s boyfriend has a lot of black history.

In the past, his black history was not said, but recently some netizens found that before the relationship between the two was disclosed, Ma Sichun had a three -person photo posted on Weibo. Later, after being exposed, some fans left a message on Ma Sichun’s Weibo and spit out.Zhang Zhexuan.

After three months, Zhang Zhexuan chose a swear attack attack from many replys. If he was too dirty, he couldn’t help but make a code.

In October this year, there was a video of paparazzi who took a video of Ma Sichun and Zhang Zhexuan and friends. Although the two looked sweet, they couldn’t even see the paparazzi behind the video.girl……

It can only be said that respecting Ma Sichun’s choice, bless Ma Sichun.

Do you think she is really pregnant?

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