rare!The woman’s abdominal cavity was severe, and the inner and outer pregnancy of the palace was unexpectedly found to be pregnant at the same time

Women of normal childbearing age

There will only be ovulation once a menstrual cycle

There will only be an egg at a time

28 -year -old star

One year after accidents

Pregnant again

This time

Only "shock", no "joy"

"Internal pregnancy" merged with "ectopic pregnancy"

The incidence of this situation is one in 30,000ths

Very rare

The more terrible is

Ectopic pregnancy rupture of the little stars causes abdominal hemorrhage



Spitting down and diarrhea during pregnancy, I thought I had a bad belly

In early October 2022, Xiaoxing discovered that he was pregnant 41 days after menopause.

Inspeed by blood, B -ultrasound, etc.The doctor told him to go home to observe and see if you have discomfort at any time.

After returning home, Xiaoxing gradually had an early pregnancy reaction, nausea, stem, and greasy.I thought it would be better after that time, but I did not expect that the symptoms were getting worse.

On the afternoon of October 26, Xiaoxing suddenly vomited and diarrhea, accompanied by lower abdominal pain. He thought he had broken his stomach and hurried to the obstetrics of Daxing Hospital.


Abdominal bleeding, suspected ectopic pregnancy rupture

B -ultrasound reminds that internal pregnancy, pelvic block, and mass effusion in the pelvic abdominal cavity, visible blood clots.Gastrointestinal surgeons are recommended to diagnose abdominal diagnosis after consultation.

Director Jiang Xiaomang made a puncture when he was stopped, and he didn’t expect it. He was taken out of blood. He also learned that Xiaoxing had taken ovulation -promoting drugs before. He comprehensive consideration was to suspect that in the palace and outside the palace.Transfer to gynecology for surgery.

Dr. Wang Jianmin, a gynecological department, told Xiaoxing and his family that after the impact of pregnancy in the palace at the same time on the body and the consequences of the surgery, Xiaoxing and his family chose to end the internal and external pregnancy at the same time.


Bleeding 2300ml!Confirm that the inside and outside the palace are pregnant at the same time

At 6 pm that day, Xiaoxing was pushed to the operating room.

After laparoscopy entered the abdominal cavity, Dr. Wang Jianmin, a gynecological department, quickly found the bleeding point, removed the right tubal on the right side, stopped the blood, and found that the tissue tissue had fluff tissue.

Without affecting the later pregnancy, doctors have abortion for Xiaoxing under B -ultrasound monitoring.

After an hour, the surgery ended smoothly. The entire surgery cleaned about 2300ml of abdominal blood. Xiaoxing was transferred to the ICU for further treatment due to excessive blood loss.

On the second day, the little star was transferred back to the gynecological ward.5 days after surgery was successfully discharged from the hospital.

Director Jiang Xiaomang, a department of obstetrics, introduced that during natural conception, the complex pregnancy in the palace and the palace was very rare, with a probability of about 30,000.However, with the widespread application of auxiliary reproductive technology, the incidence of compound pregnancy has increased year by year.

Most of the natural cycle is an egg, either in intrauterine pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. Occasionally, when there are more than two natural ovulation or applied reproductive technologies, it is likely that one will reach the palace and one reaches the outside of the palace.

If the compound pregnancy is not found in time, it is easy to cause ectopic pregnancy rupture and cause severe bleeding, and can also cause abortion in the palace. Therefore, it is important to detect and diagnose early diagnosis.

However, due to the interference of intrauterine pregnancy, the diagnosis of compound pregnancy is difficult, and it is easy to misdiagnose or missed diagnosis.

It is recommended that pregnant women do vaginal ultrasound examination at 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, especially after embryo transplantation or ovulation, and the doctor needs to inform the doctor in advance.


Source: Xi’an Daxing Hospital

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