Questions and answers of early pregnancy women under the epidemic are here

The epidemic was raging, and the hospital’s corridor was a lot quieter than before, but there were such groups of women who were not sick, but they had to come to the hospital for treatment.They are the "prospective mothers" who have just discovered their pregnancy.

During the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, there were too many questions in women during the early pregnancy. Under what circumstances, they need to come to the hospital for treatment. What should I pay attention to in daily life?What about?

Regarding the various questions and concerns of early pregnancy mothers, we invited Deputy Director Chen Dongqiong of Dianchi Gynecology Chen Dongqiong to answer them one by one.

Deputy Director Chen Dongqiong said that in response to the special group of pregnant women, the National Health and Health Commission and Yunnan Provincial Health and Health Commission have issued the "Suggestions for the Treatment of New Coronatte Virus Pneumonic Pneumonia TCM Treatment (Trial)", "Trial)"During the period of maternal management and treatment (trial) ", and other documents, based on the guidance ideas of these documents, combined with clinical experience, simply answer everyone’s questions.

1. Under what circumstances do I need to come to the hospital for treatment?

1. If you have just discovered that your menstruation is delayed, you can use the pregnancy test paper at home or test the pregnancy test stick to test in the morning urine.It is prompted to get pregnant and need to improve the relevant examination (three pregnancy, gynecological B -ultrasound) to determine whether it is a normal intrauterine pregnancy.

2. If you have confirmed that you are in the palace, do you need to come to the hospital for treatment, you can judge by yourself based on the results of the past: Does the B -ultrasound indicate that there is a fetal heart?Is the three pregnancy examinations abnormal?Is there pain or vaginal bleeding?

Babies who have the three tests of fetal heart and pregnancy have no obvious abnormal abnormalities. Babies who do not have obvious abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding do not need to worry too much. The regular checkup is sufficient.

Women who have problems need to go to the hospital if necessary. During the early pregnancy, women must take self -protection measures during the process of going to the hospital.

Second, the treatment of the women’s epidemic during the early pregnancy?

1. Reduce out and avoid contact.Try not to go to public places and densely flowing public places and dense people, do not participate in dinner, gathering and other activities; avoid contact, eat wild animals, do not go to the farmers’ market, and do not eat milk, eggs and meat.

2. Standardize hand washing and ventilation in a timely manner.After returning home, cough or sneezing, prepare food before and after, before meals, wash your hands in time after treatment, use soap or hand -sanitizer when washing your hands, learn 7 steps to wash your methods, rub your hands for at least 20 seconds, use mobile water, waterRinse; pay attention to indoor environmental hygiene, it is recommended to keep the room at about 25 degrees, open windows 2-3 times a day, 20-30 minutes each time.

3. Live regularly and exercise appropriately.Keep normal life and ensure adequate sleep; light diet, balanced nutrition, and ensure the intake of vitamins and protein; indoor walks in the morning, middle and middle and dinner (except for special circumstances such as bleeding, threatened abortion)Lie long.

4. Self -test and timely consultation.Self -detection of body temperature, hypertension, diabetes pregnant women with blood pressure and blood sugar; abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, and abnormal test results in time to consult a doctor or doctor.

5. Do a good job of protecting and not panic.It is really necessary to wear a mask when going out. Pay attention to keep warm. After returning home, hang the jacket on the balcony ventilation, remove the mask for harmless treatment, standardize the hand washing.Information, rumors that are not manufactured, do not repost, do not panic, and maintain a good attitude.

6. When going to the hospital, you should wear a medical -level mask to reduce the accompanying personnel and reduce the time for staying in the hospital.Put the mask correctly. The edge of the mask is tightly on the surface of the surface without leaving a gap. You should not touch the face part of the mask. When removing the mask, you should wash your hands first.

7. Do a good job of family sanitary disinfection. According to the current understanding of the physical and chemical characteristics of coronary virus, the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet rays and thermal sensitivity.Can effectively activate the virus.(Chlorine must not be effective).You can use 75%ethanol, chlorine -containing disinfection agent and other products that are easy to buy for home disinfection.It is worth noting that after using alcohol, it should not be reliable and high -temperature items to avoid burns; contact with the toilet spiritual contact with the toilet sterilization agent will release toxic gases and cannot be used at the same time.

3. Can pregnant women really be treated with Chinese medicine if they are infected with new crown pneumonia?

After the State Health and Health Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "New Crown Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Fifth Edition Amendment)" on February 8, experts such as Du Huilan and Liu Minru, such as Du Huilan, Liu MinruModified overnight, and finally set the draft, promulgated on February 14, "Suggestions for the Treatment of New Coronatte Virus Pneumonic Pneumonic Pneumonic Pneumonia Treatment (Trial)" was promulgated on February 14.

For the light type (evidence of epidemic evil criminals), ordinary type (cold and wet epidemic stagnation lung syndrome), severe type (epidemic venom closed lung syndrome), hazardous type (internal and external evidence), recovery periodCertificate) Different Chinese medicines and medicinal suggestions for Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.

For example, patients with mild (epidemic evil criminals), ordinary type (cold and damp disease, stagnation lung syndrome), patients with fatigue accompany gastrointestinal discomfort can take Huoxiang Zhengqi capsules (pills, water, oral solution)Patients can take lotus clearing capsules (granules), golden flowers clear granules, sparse and detoxification capsules (granules), and windproof pills (granules).However, the above drugs are not recommended to buy and take them. Once the diagnosis needs to be scientifically used under the guidance of a doctor.

If you feel weak and often a cold, you can take the resistance of Yupingfeng (pills, granules) appropriately under the guidance of a doctor.

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