Private maintenance: Real needs, please don’t be shy

Reproductive anti -aging is not to do if there is a disease

Someone heard that it was a female private maintenance

I said that I have no gynecological disease, I don’t need

This is a wrong understanding

Many women who know life now have long started to do private maintenance.And many women are not deeply understood because they are ashamed, and even have a lot of misunderstandings!


"Song" is normal?

Loose is a physiological condition that women appear with their age.Especially after delivery, the birth canal has been greatly expanded. Although most of them are temporary and can be recovered in the later period, some women will still have permanent relaxation after childbirth. After many children live in life, they find that the husband and wife are always different in life.

Although the husband does not say much, he feels that his sexual interest is low.It will also affect the relationship between husband and wife because of this, so it is necessary to do maintenance to recover.


Do n’t need to do it without getting married and having children?

Women’s privacy and health are not directly connected with whether they are married. As long as they do not pay attention to maintenance, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause internal circulation to be destroyed.And private maintenance, regardless of age, gynecological inflammation, is not just a patent that has sexual life.As long as you are a girl, privacy care is a necessary living homework!


Just wash with water?

Under normal circumstances, the women’s private parts survive the bacteria -based bacteria. They maintain the weak acid environment of the private parts and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, but limited to healthy and normal women!And clear water can only be dirty, not bacteria.The private parts are also very difficult to clean, because there are many folds, it is easy to breed bacteria. The cleaning power of clear water is far from being washed away from the bacteria. Private and unsanitary and unhygienic can easily cause vaginitis and other gynecological diseases!

The following women should do more private maintenance

① Women with heavy cold and cold

Many women are generally cold and wet.Usually, my hands and feet are cold in winter, my belly, legs, waist, and my buttocks are cold. If so, Gong Han is more powerful.If Gong Han is not regulated in time, it will cause women to have irregular menstruation, which is prone to long fibroids and cysts, and it is also very easy to cause female cold.In addition, the metabolism in the uterine cavity is relatively slow, and the dirt is not easy to discharge, causing problems such as cervical cysts and not easy to get pregnant.So women should pay attention to Wen Gong Sanhan

② Women with itching, pain, and leucorrhea in private parts

The harmful bacteria of women’s private parts will have itching, pain, and abnormal leucorrhea. Women’s private maintenance will completely eliminate the toxins of the private parts, so that bacteria and toxins can be unprecedented and keep the acid -base balance and clean.

③ Women after childbirth and miscarriage

Private maintenance thoroughly clean the women’s reproductive system, excrete the residual substances in the uterus, and at the same time can shrink the vagina and activate the contraction of vaginal tissue cells and narrowing.

④ Women with abnormal complexions, spots, lumbar acid, and abnormal menstrual period

Excess toxin to restore the endocrine to normal, to achieve the purpose of comforting and regulating qi and blood.

⑤ Women with unclean sex and bad hygiene habits

The private parts of this kind of women are very easy to invade foreign germs. Private maintenance clears the toxins in time, and protects the healthy environment of the uterus and vagina.

⑥ Women who increase the family happiness index

After each woman has a child, whether it is a delivery or cesarean section, it will cause a certain degree of relaxation of the vagina of women. When the vagina is relaxed, it will reduce sexual pleasure. What is more serious is that some women are too loose.As a result, in the same room, women are pursuing a sense of enrichment, and men are pursuing a sense of grip.The ancients talked about food, and sexual life is as important as eating. If we are not full at night, we will go out to eat supper. If a man is not full, it is easy to go out to steal the fishy, so our women must make their underneath tight enough enoughTo so that the family can be happy

复 Women who are worried about the recurrence of gynecological diseases

Private maintenance thoroughly eliminates the garbage in the reproductive system, does not give bacterial toxins to re -reproduce, regularly maintains the immunity of the reproductive system, so that gynecological diseases will not be recurred.

What will happen without doing private maintenance?

● Infection after looseness in private parts: Gynecological problems that are not worried about in girls’ days, and now often bother you.

● Female stress urinary incontinence: Generally, women in the age of 40 or 50 are susceptible to this disease. When the bladder is full, laughed, or yells, the abdominal pressure increases, which may cause urinary incontinence.

● Obesity, long spots, and aging: The relaxation of the private parts reduces the muscle tension. The mucosal atrophy causes the estrogen secretion to greatly reduce the secretion of estrogen.Eye bags, wrinkles and other aging disease.

Private maintenance, the better the better

Vaginal relaxation needs to be treated according to treatment!Three times for a course of treatment, once a month, making the relaxed vagina firmer and more satisfied with the life of the husband and wife.For patients with severe relaxation, it is recommended to increase the number of treatment times, consolidate the treatment effect, and keep the vagina tight for a long time. For conditional customers, it is recommended to regularly care for regular care. After all, prevention is better than treatment.Safe to prevent gynecological diseases!

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