Preparation is more important than pregnancy!Patients with hypothyroidism are pregnant, pay attention to these 5 points

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from thyroid diseases, bringing a lot of trouble to their own health and affecting the happy life of the family.Many hypothyroidism patients are very worried about fertility, so they are even more upset in the face of childbirth and do not know what to do.So, can patients with hypothyroidism be pregnant with children?Can pregnant women’s hypothyroidism be born healthy?How should patients with hypothyroidism prepare for pregnancy?

Thyroid dysfunction (referred to as hypothyroidism) is a disease with reduced metabolic metabolism caused by thyroid hormone synthesis and secretion, or its physiological effects.

The clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism are generally multi -monthly, amenorrhea, or even infertility.Although hypothyroidism can reduce the probability of pregnancy, it is not necessary to cure with hypothyroidism to get pregnant.

Patients with hypothyroidism can be pregnant as long as they control the normal parameter, and the level of thyroid hormones can be pregnant normally.The drugs that are taken include sodium sodium sodium sodium, there are excellent nail music, there are Leitis, etc. It will not affect your pregnancy. Children and mothers are safe, but they must be supplemented in a sufficient amount.

1. If pregnant women have hypothyroidism, but they are not treated well during pregnancy, then children will be affected to some extent after birth.Obtaining thyroid disease or congenital hypothyroidism.

If pregnant women have been well controlled during pregnancy, of course, it will have no impact on children.

2. The symptoms of congenital hypothyroidism in children may be: long -born jaundice time, long sleep time, difficulty in feeding, decreased muscle tension, thickening of the tongue, swollenness, and hoarse cry.

So if you have thyroid disease during pregnancy and the baby has some situations after giving birth, you should consult your doctor in time to obtain the best and timely diagnosis and treatment.

For female compatriots who are treating hypothyroidism and planning to get pregnant, my suggestion is:

First: Strict control of armor skills

The control indicator is to control the TSH thyroid function smoothly, and the level of thyroxine should be controlled at 0.3-2.5miu/L. The nail skills are reviewed once a month during pregnancy.

Second: Check the thyroid peroxide enzyme antibody,

If the thyroid oxide is high, pay attention to the prone to miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. In some unnecessary activities, we must avoid reducing the incidence of early abortion.

Third: Pay attention to the intake of iodine

Patients with hypothyroidism do not recommend this iodine -free salt. We can supplement the intake of iodine in an appropriate amount.Each week is 1 to 2 times, such as kelp, seaweed, and sea crickets. We won’t eat these high iodine -containing seafood.

Fourth: Pay attention to diet

Avoid eating cabbage, cabbage, rapeseed, cassava, walnuts and other foods, so as not to occur in thyroid gland.In addition, it is necessary to pay special attention to the supply of protein and the correction of anemia.

Fifth: Drug control

The dose of thyroxine during pregnancy is very important. The dosage during pregnancy will increase by 30%-50%compared with daily life.

There are more or less risks in hypothyroidism.Patients who are preparing for pregnancy must always pay attention to their TSH and strictly monitor their nail skills.

Special reminder: If you are in pregnancy, then remember to take medicines on time and review regularly.In addition, diet control must not be ignored.

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