Pregnant women with back pain, relieving a trick can take effect!

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What is going on with back pain in pregnant women? What should I do if expectant mothers have back pain? This is a question that many expectant mothers care about.Many expectant mothers will have backache back pain during pregnancy. As long as you learn the corresponding relief method, you can easily spend your pregnancy.Today, the mother and baby editor will teach you a few tricks to see how to deal with the condition of the quasi -mother back pain.

Causes of back pain for pregnant women

Joint and ligament are loose.After the pregnancy enters the middle and late stages, under the action of the placenta secretion, the stable joints in the pelvis have begun to relax and slowly open, and the ligaments of the spine and bone joints also begin to relax to prepare for delivery.At this time, some pregnant mothers will feel back pain.

Change changes.Coupled with the progress of the pregnancy month, the uterus continues to increase, and the center of gravity of the body gradually moves forward. When standing or walking, in order to maintain the center of gravity, the pregnant mother can only lean back.The load of ligaments and muscles can also cause or aggravate low back pain.

The uterine compression of the waist and back nerves.In addition, the enlarged uterine compression of the waist and back nerves is another cause of back pain.

Next, let’s take a look at how to deal with back pain.

What to do if the expectant mother’s backache back pain

If you have to stand, we recommend that these mothers maintain normal physiological bending and stand straight.Do not crooked the left side or the right side, which will deform the spine on the side and increase the burden on the spine.

Don’t wear high heels.Wearing high heels will increase the change of normal physiological spine, and it is easy to fall in high heels, which is very dangerous to children and pregnant women.

If it hurts, we recommend that the mothers can take 20 or 30 minutes to lie on the bed to rest at noon or afternoon.Relaxing is the best way to alleviate waist and back muscles.

Hot compress and gently massage.Some people think that if you are pregnant, you ca n’t massage. In fact, this is not the case. The back of the waist is not directly exposed to the abdomen and will not be dangerous to children and adults.You can lie on the bed flat, let your family rub the painful muscles gently.After muscle tension, local lactic acid accumulation will occur, causing pain.Simple heat compresses and gentle massage can promote blood circulation in the muscles and strengthen the nutrition of the muscles to relieve pain.

In addition, there is also a way to prevent back pain in pregnant women. Don’t miss it.

Prevention of pregnant women’s back pain back pain

Moderate exercise: The most suitable exercise for pregnant women is walking.Someone must be accompanied during a walk in the third trimester. When there is a sensitive contraction, stop and rest for a while.Pay attention to walking in a flat place when walking, because the abdomen of the abdomen in the third trimester can not see the feet at the foot, so as not to cause the road to prevent wrestling.It is not recommended to climb and climb stairs.Pregnant women can swim, but they must pay attention to self -protection and hygiene when swimming.Pregnant women should wear soft soles or sneakers to wear and take off, and they cannot wear high heels; it is best not to tie shoes, so as not to loosen the band to stuck themselves.

Massage waist: Pregnant women’s back pain cannot be physiotherapy, acupuncture, or plaster.The simple method is to put the two hands on the middle of the lumbar spine after rubbing the fever, and push it from top to bottom 30 to 50 times from top to bottom, resulting in local fever, which can reduce the discomfort of the waist.You can also use both hands to place your fists on the waist, roll and massage around, massage from the bottom up, from top to bottom, and repeatedly do it repeatedly.The head can be tilted forward and leaning, which can relax the waist and back muscles and reduce the soreness caused by the waist and back muscle spasm.If these methods feel tired when doing it yourself, you can ask your husband to help, but the husband cannot be too strong when doing it, and it is comfortable.

Control weight: Some pregnant women do not have an early pregnancy reaction, the amount of meals is not decreased, the fetus has not produced a pelvic cavity, and the weight has increased by more than ten pounds. By the end of pregnancy, the appetite often opens and the weight increases too fast.In fact, the fetus was small before this, and the weight was basically on the pregnant woman. The obese body increased a heavy burden on the waist. Therefore, pay attention to the reasonable diet during pregnancy, eat less meals, and control the weight of pregnancy during pregnancy.

Knowing what to do with expectant mother’s back pain, in order to better ensure the health of maternal and infants, we must pay attention to the above matters.Experts remind that expectant mothers may wish to use the above methods to relieve back pain and back pain should be determined according to their own situation.

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