Pregnant women said that they had miscarriage after being beaten due to the dispute of the car, and the husband injured the other party to be arrested.

Cover news reporter Shi Wei

On June 20, Ms. Liu, Nanyang, Henan, posted that she was abused by a couple due to the dispute of the car. After that, the two couples were torn, their lower body bleeding to the doctor, and the fetus had a miscarriage two days later."The other party is the public official of the Tanghe County Electric Power Bureau and the Salt Industry Bureau, and I slap in my hand. My condition diagnosis shows that the fetus has a precedent abortion due to external force. My husband hurts the opponent’s nasal bone and was guilty of intentional injury after one month.Detention and then arrest. In the morning, the police station was organized to mediate. The other party asked us to claim. I didn’t agree. "

At the scene of the incident (the interviewee confession)

On the 20th, the cover journalist contacted the Tanghe County Public Security Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee, the Electricity Bureau, and the Salt Industry Bureau. They hoped to verify the incident, but they did not respond.

Women call abortion after being beaten

Husband’s nasal bone was arrested

Ms. Liu introduced that she is a native of Tanghe County and her husband is a foreign household. After reorganizing the family, the two hope to have a child.When the fetus was aborted, it was just one and a half months of conception.

On March 20, Ms. Liu’s family parked the private car on the side of the alley downstairs and packed the items in the car together. A pair of men and women in their 50s came over and asked them whether they were tenants or residents.

"I said it was a tenant. The man started to scold the swear words, saying what the tenant cow, and why did I call me a car a few days ago and I didn’t move."

Ms. Liu introduced that a few days ago, the family was indeed a car -movement phone. Because her vehicle and other neighbors’ cars were parked on the alley side, it did not affect daily driving, and it was explained on the phone."He said it wasn’t his own call. I asked him to ask the person who called him to ask if there was a misunderstanding when it was passed. The woman slapped me when she came up."

Ms. Liu said that her husband protected her behind her that she was a pregnant woman, and her mood did not calm down, and she still stepped forward."The husband and the other man pushed the man, I was pressed by the woman, the stomach was pushed by the knee, and then turned over and controlled her."

Ms. Liu said that she had felt a stomachache at the time. After the two men stopped tearing, the other man turned and started to shout. She let go of the other woman and quickly called the 110 police."They came to five or six people, and they dispersed when they saw the police. I found that the lower body was bleeding and went to the hospital 120. On the third day, the fetus was aborted in the hospital."

On April 28, Ms. Liu’s husband was detained for intentional injury and was arrested."It is said that the opponent’s nasal bone was broken. I only had a record of being discharged from hospital and showed an external exotic prerequisite abortion. The police asked me to do judicial identification to prove that miscarriage was related to beating, but the fetus had been processed as soon as possible, and there was no way."

On the morning of the 20th, the two sides mediation under the organization of the police station, but failed to succeed."That man didn’t come forward. The woman and her son came to ask me for claims, otherwise let my husband go to jail. My child also had a miscarriage.

Is there any relationship between miscarriage and beatings?

Women call the other husband and wife as public officials

According to the case information provided by Ms. Liu, she was admitted to the hospital for "more than 1 hour of lower abdomen pain due to trauma". After the treatment of tire protection, the pain at noon on March 22 accompanied the vaginal hemorrhage to increase, and then the Qing Dynasty surgery was performed.TCM diagnosis is fetal movement and trauma, and western medicine diagnoses as threatened abortion and completely abortion.

Ms. Liu’s case information (Photo confession of the interviewee)

Ms. Liu said that after the police called the police, the police rushed to the scene. She told the police that she had a stomach pain and asked for help to dial 120. The police at the time wearing law enforcement recorders should be checked.

"Police believe that the abortion of the child may be related to beating, or it may have nothing to do. Let me make embryo identification to eliminate other possibilities. For example, whether it is abortion because of the fetal development of the fetus." Ms. Liu said that because there is no experience, the police have been waiting for the police to deal with it after the conflict.The conclusion did not know that the placenta was kept for identification.

Ms. Liu’s agent lawyer believes that because the fetus cannot be identified, it is difficult to determine that abortion is related to beating, but the four people described the incident process in the police’s transcript.Essence

Ms. Liu said that the other husband and wife were public officials of the Tanghe County Electricity Bureau and the Salt Industry Bureau, and they were punished afterwards.

Ms. Liu’s case information (Photo confession of the interviewee)

Pang Jiulin, a lawyer at Beijing Chunlin Law Firm, inspected the case information that the identification of the cause and effect between the beating and abortion has been clear, so that Ms. Liu to do fetal identification to eliminate other possibilities is too strong."From the perspective of the entire process, the pregnant woman at the conflict was reported to the police, and verbally told the police to tell the police and asked for the medical treatment.The external force is caused, and no other possibilities are mentioned. The whole process is close and there are no other factors. I think the cause and effect relationship is already clear. "

Pang Jiulin introduced that beating has caused the fetal abortion to a serious injury level. "Now I haven’t seen the specific dossier, it is not easy to judge whether it is mutual or legitimate.After the other party hurt each other. If it is fighting each other, each should bear their respective responsibilities, and it is not because one party is injured. "

On the 20th, cover news reporters successively contacted the Tanghe County Public Security Bureau, the Propaganda Department of the County Party Committee, the Electricity Bureau and the Salt Industry Bureau, and the other party involved in hoping to verify the incident.The Public Security Bureau asked to report to the Propaganda Department. The news department of the Propaganda Department expressed the response after understanding the situation, and then no longer answered the phone.The Electric Administration stated that it would report it to the leader, after verification, and the reporter did not receive the reply as of the press time.No one answered the phone call of the Tanghe County Salt Industry Bureau.

According to the number provided by Ms. Liu, the cover news was contacted by Ms. Wang of the other party. The other party asked the reporter to "what’s the matter", and then interrupted the reporter’s question and hung up the phone and stopped answering.

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