Pregnant women raised spicy and splashed towards the 1 -year -old child!Police: Fine 500 yuan, not detained due to pregnancy

On June 12, some netizens posted a video saying that

In a spicy hot shop in Xiangcheng, Henan, Henan,

A pregnant woman raised a bowl of spicy hot hot and spilled towards a child.

Figure: Dahebao

Monitoring video display:

A pregnant woman walked from outside the door into the shop, and picked up a bowl of spicy spicy in the corner. Later, the pregnant woman splashed her spicy hot and splashed on a 1 -year -old child next to her.

Figure: Dahebao

On the 12th, the reporter contacted the hot hot shop by phone,

A clerk said,

The incident was around 7 o’clock in the evening on the 11th,

The pregnant woman and her husband dinner in the store at the time,

But the two quarreled because of trivial matters,

The order of order is basically not eaten.

Because the children at the neighboring table are a little noisy,

Therefore, pregnant women also quarreled with the neighbor table.

The incident is very short,

Pregnant women leave directly after splashing

According to the girl’s mother, Ms. Yang recalled afterwards, the pregnant woman arrived in the store first, and she and her daughter arrived.

"The pregnant woman seemed to quarrel with her husband, and was in trouble. As soon as we sat in that place, she heard her scolding."

Ms. Yang said that she didn’t know who pregnant women were scolding, but later found that she always scolded in her direction, and the more scolded, the more unpleasant.During this period, her daughter patted the table with her hands, and she didn’t know if it was because of this caused a pregnant woman.

"Later, the pregnant woman was persuaded by her husband, and we continued to eat before we didn’t take it seriously."

Ms. Yang told reporters that she fed her daughter a sip of dishes. Who knew that the pregnant woman folded back and picked up the spicy splash towards her and her daughter.

"We have no preparation at all, and we are hooking our heads to feed me."

Ms. Yang said that her pregnant woman walked out of the way. She quickly chased out, but she did not catch up with her pregnant woman, but found the husband of the pregnant woman at the door.Later, the police went to the scene to dispose of the matter.

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Police report,

Pregnant women involved have been punished

On June 12, the Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau issued a notice.

According to the introduction of the "Notice", the incident occurred at 6:40 pm on June 11. At that time, Renmou and his husband, a 28 -year -old pregnant woman and his husband, had a spiciene with Yang Moule in Zhengtai Road.The daughter of Le knocked on the table with a spoon.In the meantime, Ren was persuaded to leave the restaurant by his husband.At 6:51 subsequent, Ren returned to pour the spicy spicy soup on Yang Moule and his daughter, causing his daughter’s back and hip burns.

According to the police report, according to Article 43, paragraph 2 and 21 of the "Penalty Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China", the Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau made an administrative detention for 15 days on the night of the incident and punishedThe penalty decision of 500 yuan is not performed for administrative detention for the time being for pregnancy.

At present, after the negotiation of both parties, the harm party has paid medical expenses from the victim.The Xiangcheng Public Security Bureau has assigned forensic doctors to identify the injuries of Yang Moule’s mother and daughter, and make further treatment according to the results of the appraisal.

The reporter learned from Ms. Yang that the police actively handled the matter after the incident. At present, the pregnant woman has led them 10,000 yuan for medical expenses.

Ms. Yang said:

"Now my daughter’s back and hips are all injured. They are transferring to Zhoukou for treatment. The situation of my family is relatively poor."


@abuu: Is it a pregnant woman like this?Intersection

@Yao: … I am about to be a mother, how can I be so vicious?

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