Pregnant women must understand, changes in body temperature during pregnancy

There are several obvious physiological characteristics in the early stages of pregnancy. Among them, the changes in body temperature are one of them. The normal body temperature of the human body is between 36-37C °. In the early stages of pregnancyOn the basis of the original body temperature, increase 0.3-0.5C °, so how to evaluate the temperature change in the early stages of pregnancy?

Method of body temperature measurement in early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body temperature increases. As long as the amplitude is not much normal, the mothers can measure the basic body temperature once a day in the early stages of pregnancy, and record it as a form to make a good observation comparison. This can observe the changes in body temperature.

The method of measuring the body temperature is very simple. After washing every morning in the morning, Baoma can choose a clean place, relax the mentality, take the body temperature meter and place it on the root of the tongue. The measurement time is 5 minutes.Obviously we must observe in time.

What to do during a cold during pregnancy

The normal body temperature during pregnancy is about 37 degrees, at 37 degrees of body temperature, and under 38 degrees below 38 degrees. In this caseWhat should I do if I have a fever?

⑴: ordinary cold

When a cold is not serious, it is not recommended to intervene in drug intervention. Moms can drink more warm water, which helps themselves metabolism to achieve the purpose of eliminating germs in the body.

There should be more rest during a cold. It is not advisable to go to a place with more people, because your own resistance will be reduced during a cold. In a place where there are many people, it is easy to be attacked by the bacteria. Therefore, it is recommended to rest during the cold.Do not use folk soil methods, because this is not conducive to heat dissipation, it may only make the body temperature higher and higher.

⑵: severe cold

When the temperature of the pregnant mother continues to rise, it reaches a severe fever of 38.5. In this case, it is recommended that pregnant mothers seek medical treatment in time to avoid risk of dehydration and abortion.

Food treatment method during cold

Regardless of the cold symptoms caused by the situation, the diet should be based on light. You cannot eat spicy and too greasy things. Eat less meals, you can eat rare foods such as rice porridge, rice soup, noodles, mung beans, etc.

In terms of fruits, you may wish to eat some fruits such as pears, apples, pineapple and grapefruit, because these fruits are rich in vitamin C to improve the pregnant mother’s own resistance and help the recovery of colds.

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