Pregnant women have these 5 reactions. Most of the babies are a "little troubles".

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As parents, they all hope that their babies are smart and have a good personality.In fact, what is the character of the fetus, there is "performance" during pregnancy. If the pregnant mothers pay attention to observation, they will be aware of themselves, especially if the pregnant mother has these feelings, it is likely that it is in the stomach.With a "small naughty", the pregnant mother must also be prepared, and think about how to deal with this "little troubles" in the future.

Generally, fetal movements appear around 16 weeks of pregnancy, but some fetuses are relatively quiet and not very motionless. The pregnant mother can only be felt at about 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Then if the pregnant mother can often feel "grunting ~" like a small fish vomiting bubbles at 16 weeks, it also indirectly explains that the fetus is very lively. Most of the fetal baby is mostly a lively personality after birth., Most of them are "naughty", it will not be easy to bring.

In addition, Jingma should remind the pregnant mothers to see that after having fetal movements in the middle of pregnancy, they must diligently monitor the fetal movement and fetal heart. In addition to the check -up on time, you can buy a fetus.,very convenient.

A few days ago, a news on the Internet "The fetus was better than V gesture at V, blocked her face", her mother said that her mother said that her daughter loved "prank".It also said that this baby is really a "small naughty".

During pregnancy, mothers always like to interact with the baby baby, play the baby in the belly, and sometimes see the baby’s fetal movement, and she will deliberately touch the baby. Some fetal baby feels the mother’s touch, so run around and play with the mother ""Capture and seeking"; when the birth inspection is used to do a B -ultrasound, it is often not cooperated. It is either hiding the key parts or laziness. You have to toss your mother to "take measures" to cooperate with each other.

This kind of baby who loves to "toss" mother in the mother’s belly, and it looks very naughty. It will not be very worry -free.

Regarding the fetal movement, different pregnant mothers feel different. Some baby baby is considerate of mothers. The fetal movement is very gentle and will not toss mothers too much; but some fetal baby seems to be "naughty" in the belly.Big and strong, often pushing up the mother’s belly up a "hill" when he kicked.

Such a lively baby baby will most likely be as naughty as in the mother’s belly after birth. It is a "naughty", which will be very troublesome to bring.

When I was pregnant, sometimes I was sitting at work, my son "flying a kick" and "punching a punch" to sting for my mother. I once ate with a colleague. She brought a 4 -year -old daughter and suddenly saw my stomach ""A small bag" asked her mother what happened to my stomach. After the explanation, she said that she would give my son a name "Little Naughty". As a result, it was really a little naughty by the younger sister.

After pregnancy, as the fetus grew up day by day, the belly became bigger and bigger. Most of the pregnant mothers would appear "relatively awkward" when they moved."Pregnant women".

However, there are also many pregnant mothers who are not very clumsy. Although the stomach is very large, walking is very easy and flexible, and it is not stupid at all. The same when she is not pregnant.It must be a "flexible baby".

When I was pregnant, it was the state in the back. My mother -in -law said that although my stomach looked very big, but the action was very light. I lived in the sixth floor and went up and down three or four times a day. It was easier than my mother -in -law.

Many pregnant mothers start from pregnancy and will feel tired and always want to rest. They seem to be "lazy", especially in the early pregnancy, I want to sleep when I have time;of.

Many pregnant mothers are in such a state during pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers start from the second trimester, and the state starts good. Every day, I am energetic and mentally good.Mom is energetic, the fetus develops well, and most of them are "infinite energy" babies after birth, which will make the mother very troublesome.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was tossed enough by early pregnancy in the early pregnancy, but after the early pregnancy, my energy was recovered, and the state was particularly good., Colleagues all say "pregnancy is particularly good."

There are a few of these reactions, let’s leave a message to talk about what the baby in your belly is "character" ~

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