Pregnant women feel difficulty in breathing when they sleep. Is the fetus hypoxic?Two cases may be abnormal

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers are always "careful", and they are a little uncomfortable, and they are worried that they will affect the baby.

For this reason, I always care about it every day, and I would rather eat more hard, and hope that the baby can develop steadily in the stomach.

Girlfriends are like this. The stomach is large in the third trimester, and the quality of sleep at night is very poor.

Once in the middle of the night, I felt difficulty in breathing, panicked, and suddenly woke up when I fell asleep. I was worried that the baby was hypoxic. I hurriedly woke up the family to go to the hospital for an emergency consultation overnight.

I only knew that these symptoms were normal, but the doctor also told her to be careful.

Will this situation make the fetus hypoxic?In fact, it won’t.

As the pregnancy is getting longer and the belly gradually becomes larger, the position of the expectant mother’s internal organs will be forced to change.

For example, the diaphragm is pushing upwards, which will make the thoracic space smaller and increase the pressure of the diaphragm, which will cause the mothers to have short breathing and difficult to breathe.

The baby also needs a lot of oxygen breathing. After the mother’s cardiopulmonary function becomes weakened, the demand for the amount of oxygen also increases a lot, so that it will accelerate breathing, and sometimes breathing difficulties.

But this is just a feeling, which does not mean hypoxia.At this time, just relax and slow, excessive tension will exacerbate the degree of breathing difficulties.

It really feels uncomfortable. You can change your sleeping position to try it, or get up and breathe fresh air to see if it can be relieved.

If it has not improved and accompanied by stomach pain or chest pain, it is necessary to consider the hospital examination.

The fetal hypoxia is actually a signal. As long as it does not appear, there is no need to be too anxious for the rest of the time.

1) Abnormal fetal movement

If the usually active baby suddenly becomes quiet, or the quiet baby suddenly becomes active, you should pay attention, it is best to count the fetal movement to see if there is any abnormalities.

Don’t panic first, try to relax the whole body.If you can’t go to the hospital again, after all, the insurance is also good.

2) Frequent fetal movement

When the baby feels uncomfortable, it is irritable and easy to move. In order to signal the mother, the fetal movement will suddenly become very frequent.

If the rest is still the same after rest, you should be careful and be prepared to go to the hospital at any time.

The quality of sleep for pregnant women is very important, which not only affects her endocrine system, but also affects the development of the baby.

If you want to maintain a good sleep quality, you should achieve the following points:

1) The sleep environment is very basic

The good environment is the beginning of a good sleep. The temperature will be higher than ordinary people during pregnancy, so mothers should ensure that the environment is cool and comfortable.

In the bedroom dress, you can also use a little "careful machine", such as raising some green plants, which represents vitality, which can not only make the mother feel happy, but also cultivate patience to prepare for the baby in the future.

Moreover, the bedroom should make sound insulation and light -blocking functions, which helps to sleep deeply.

2) Do not do strenuous exercise 3-4 hours before going to bed

Although proper exercise can help subsequent production, it can also consume physical strength.

However, after exercise, the spirit will be in a relatively excited state. If there is not enough time to relieve the brain, let the body return to a calm state, the quality of sleep will deteriorate.

3) Avoid drinking caffeine -containing drinks

Don’t eat chocolate before going to bed, drink cola or coffee and other drinks.Otherwise, it will make the pregnant woman’s brain in a relatively excited state, which is not conducive to falling asleep.

4) Drink less water at night

With the gradual increase during pregnancy, the uterus will gradually increase, and the pressure on the bladder is also relatively large, resulting in the frequent urination of expectant mothers to go to the toilet.

Therefore, it is recommended that mothers drink more water during the day, drink less water or not to drink at night, and try to discharge urine during the day.

5) Use the left side sleeping position

The left side of the left side will make the blood and nutrients in the placenta more, and it will also help the excretion of waste and waste fluid in the mother’s kidney.The baby becomes more comfortable and comfortable in the stomach, and mothers will be more comfortable.

But if you don’t like to sleep on the left side, it is best to start practicing slowly when the baby is not fully formed in the early days of pregnancy.

6) Relax

Adjust the state and relax, the quality of sleep can become higher.

If you live far away from the city, you can take a walk and breathe fresh air; if you live on the beach, you can walk more on the beach, blow the sea wind, and listen to the sound of the sea.

Without such good natural conditions, expectant mothers can also listen to some soothing music, read books, or make pre -delivery yoga, are a good way to calm down.

Usually open the windows to change the air, discharge the indoor carbon dioxide, inhale more fresh air, and make the breathing smoother.

7) Tips for sleeping before bedtime

If you have insomnia, you can improve sleep by changing your diet.

For example, drink a cup of sweet milk with sugar before going to bed, or drink some fruit tea, you can also make your feet with hot water.

All in all, when you sleep at night, you feel difficulty in breathing, and don’t worry, your baby may not be hypoxic.

In this case, pay attention to observe the baby’s fetal movement law. For a while, if the symptoms disappear, you don’t need to go to the hospital to toss.

If the rules of fetal movement are abnormal, don’t wait, pick up things and rush to the hospital.

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