Pregnant women can’t eat, eat carefully, eat less, eat more food lists, and more healthy according to fetal treasures

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Eat three meals a day, and these three meals can not only nourish our body, but also control our health!

Some time ago, news was revealed that some women had long -term protein powder to cause kidney problems, and some men ate 160 packs of chicken breasts for a month because they loved fitness. They found that the kidneys had problems during physical examination.So food can make us healthier, but eating wrong will also endanger our health.

Especially the food that pregnant mothers eat after pregnancy must not only meet their daily needs, but also promote the growth and development of the fetus!

Eating the right child is smarter and healthier. In case of wrong, it will even cause fetal treasure deformity, and growth and development will be affected.

So after pregnancy, our diet must be changed accordingly, and we ca n’t eat whatever you want to eat!

There are three types of foods that cannot be eaten: alcohol, raw meat, and polluted and corrupt food

Alcohol will directly enter the environment of fetal life through the placenta barrier, affecting the development of the fetus’s brain, and alcohol is strictly limited during pregnancy.

Therefore, not only do you not drink after pregnancy, you should also pay attention to cooking food. If you want to put the amount of alcohol, you must not put too much alcohol.

Raw fish, raw snails, raw meat, these foods are likely to contain a large number of parasites. If they are not cooked, these parasites will enter the mother’s belly through the mouth. Once the mother is infected, the parasites can pass the placenta blood.The abortion was spread to the fetus, causing the fetal malformations and premature birth.

◆ Pollution and corruption food

For example, some cold dishes on the market, do not let pregnant mothers eat it overnight, because cold dishes cannot be hot, and it is easy to breed bacteria. After eating, it is easy to hurt the child’s health.

Or the juice squeezed by my own home has been put on for several hours, and it is also easy to be polluted.

There are three kinds of foods eaten cautious: coffee, tea, large carnivorous fish

● Coffee

Some pregnant mothers drink coffee every day when they are not pregnant. After pregnancy, if you let her not drink coffee, it is not very realistic, but it is also recommended to control the intake of caffeine. Generally, it is recommended toCoffee is less than 200 mg.

If pregnant women have not had the habit of drinking coffee before, it is not recommended to drink coffee during pregnancy.

It should be noted that in addition to caffeine in coffee, milk tea or tea we drink daily will also contain caffeine. It is best not to eat it when you are pregnant.

● Tea

Drinking tea will hinder the absorption of iron, and the pregnant mother needs a lot of iron when she is pregnant. The daily diet can meet the iron needed every day. If the mother drinks tea, it is more likely to lead to the lack of iron.

The lack of mother iron will also affect the growth and development of baby baby, and it is more likely to lead to premature birth.

● Large carnivorous fish

It is mainly seafish. Sea water will contain mercury, and these large carnivorous fish, because they often prey for some small fish and shrimp, they will have a higher mercury content in their bodies.

During pregnancy, mercury can be passed through the placenta and combined with the hemoglobin of the fetus to affect the health of the fetus.

The FDA of the United States is recommended to avoid eating big -ear, sharks, big -eyed golden tuna, square fish, chest spine bread, Malinn, etc.

Of course, if the mother accidentally eats it once, she will not be too panic, but try not to eat it as much as possible.

There are three kinds of foods that are eaten less: all kinds of cold drinks, high sugar foods, and high fat content

✦ All kinds of cold drinks

For example, my mother particularly likes to freeze watermelon and take it out. Some mothers find that there is no problem with how much cold drinks eat before pregnancy, but after eating cold drinks after pregnancy, I feel uncomfortable, and even have diarrhea.

So cold drinks can be eaten in small quantities, but don’t eat too much.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

Milk tea, biscuits, bread, etc. have added a lot of white sugar during the production process, which is a fatal temptation for mothers. After all, many mothers are more rustic after pregnancy.

However, my mother’s ability to control blood glucose during pregnancy is relatively weak. If you often eat high sugar foods, it is easy to cause blood sugar to control and cause blood sugar to rise.

The mother’s blood sugar rises, and the fetus is soaked in sugar water for a long time.

高 Food with high fat content

For example, cream cake, fat pork or animal skin, these fat content is relatively high.

Moms eat a variety of foods every day during pregnancy. If you often eat high -fat food, it will cause the mother to feel that the belly is full and does not want to eat food.Enough nutrition is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby.

Three foods that eat more: vegetables, milk, coarse grains

① Vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables

We recommend that the vegetables that pregnant mothers eat more than a pound every day, but in reality, some mothers want to go to work. The vegetables that may be eaten daily may not be achieved, so we should eat more vegetables as much as possible to prevent constipation. We can supplement all kinds of various typesVitamin helps the health of the fetus.

② milk

Many mothers do not have the habit of drinking milk before pregnancy, but they have to drink milk as much as possible after pregnancy. You can choose pure milk yogurt or pregnant women’s milk powder, because milk contains a large amount of high -quality protein and calcium, which helps the fetus and teeth to grow.

③ coarse grain

Many pregnant mothers do not have the habit of eating coarse grains before pregnancy, but it is recommended to consume more coarse grains after pregnancy and eat three different staple foods a day.

One is rice or noodles.

One is brown rice, black rice, red rice, green crickets, sorghum and other all -valley, or red beans and red beans.

One is the potato such as yam potato taro sweet potatoes.

This can prevent constipation during pregnancy or control weight.

During the pregnancy list during pregnancy, my mother was collected and took pictures. The weight of the whole pregnancy was controlled. The blood sugar was not easy to rise, and the fetus was healthier.

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