Pregnant women are waiting at the door of the radiology department?

Guangzhou Daily News (All media reporters Zhang Qingmei correspondent Sun Bingqian and Hu Yingyi) Ms. Cai, who was pregnant, brought her sick daughter to radiate the film. When she was waiting for the corridor, she saw the reminder of "Condorned ECG radiation" on the wall.So I am very worried about the impact of rays on the fetus in themselves and abdomen.

In response to Ms. Cai’s doubts, Huang Leping, deputy chief technician of the radiology department of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, answered that the radiation of image inspection is not so terrible. It is unreasonable to talk about radiation doses to talk about radiation hazards. In fact, as long as it follows the requirements of radiation protectionRisk is controllable.

All special treatment

Huang Leping told Ms. Cai that the doors and walls of the radiology department were specially customized.The doors and windows, walls, roofs (rooms at the top of the room), and floor (room under the floor) must have specified thickness and materials to achieve the protective effect.For example, the wall of the X -ray machine room uses 24 brick walls (composite protective materials such as 3 cm in the wall) or 37 brick walls, and the roof or floor can reach 15 cm concrete;According to the requirements, except for a small amount of soft rays in the room, the aisle and the corridor cannot be measured.

When the patient goes in the CT or X -ray examination room, the door will be closed, and the lights are prompting to light up. At this time, the family members are not radiated as long as they do not enter the examination room.

There are environmental testing every year

Li Guoyao, deputy director of the radiology department of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, specifically pointed out that equipment installation and inspection construction is the implementation of the "Radiation Diagnosis Radiation Protection Requirements" strictly abide by the national professional health standard GBZ 130-2020.The third -party units that are qualified are invited to test to ensure that the entire environment of the image department meets the standard.

When patients do radiation examination, lead protective supplies covered or worn on their bodies can prevent the radiation of non -inspection sites and protect the human body’s sensitive organs such as gland, thyroid, etc., reducing the radiation dose accepted by the patient.For patients who are difficult to cooperate with inspection, such as children and elderly people, those who need their families to accompany the inspection also need to take protective measures.

Low -dose CT can replace X -ray breasts

Huang Leping introduced that in the past, the chest medical examination was to take X-ray breasts, and the chest X-ray shooting was indeed less than CT scanning in the dose.The use of machinery and equipment innovation and the use of low-dose scanning, low-dose CT scan on the chest has been reduced to 2-3msv. From the digital and chest X-ray, it is still high, but from the perspective of the lesion detection rate, the low-dose CT in the chest is compared with X-ray.Movies have an advantage, especially the detection rate of small nodules below 2 mm and early grinding glass -like lesions.If healthy people who are more than 40 years old and family history of lung cancer family are recommended to use a low -dose CT scan of the chest to replace the chest X -ray examination in the physical examination project.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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