Pregnant mothers keep in mind "seven don’t want", not blindly, it is a protection for the mother to the fetus

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Although pregnancy is not sick, pregnancy cannot be unscrupulous!

For mothers, the fetus is a foreign species. It is necessary to grab nutrition with the mother and increase the burden on the mother’s body.Therefore, the mother’s body will also have a certain rejection, which can even cause abortion of the fetus.”Zero plan”

Most of the pregnant mothers want to work hard and give birth to the child smoothly, so the mother must have some taboos during pregnancy.

1. Don’t be too tired

Under stress, hormone levels will fluctuate obviously, so many women will find that if they are too nervous, too tired, menstruation is easy to be irregular.

And if the mother is too tired after pregnancy, it will affect the health of the baby. For example, in the early pregnancy, the mother is very sleepy and wants to sleep. She feels that she has nothing to do.

This is actually a kind of protection of the mother itself. If the mother still insists on working overtime, it will easily hurt her body and cause fetal abortion.

2. Don’t urinate

In the early stages of pregnancy and the third trimester, the mother who was pregnant has such an experience. She wants to go to the toilet without moving. That is because the uterine enlargement is oppressed to the bladder, resulting in the smaller bladder capacity, so the mother always wants to go to the toilet!

Coupled with the increase in uterine, it will compress the bottom muscle, and the pelvic floor muscles will not be able to urinate even more. Once the mother urinates, it is easy to leak urine.

3. Don’t eat overnight dishes in the refrigerator

With the increase of the uterus after pregnancy, the physiological anatomical position of the gastrointestinal tract will change, so the ability to empty the emptiness will decline.

Pregnant women are more likely to have food -based bacterial infections, which means that food poisoning is prone to occur.

There was a pregnant woman in Changsha before, because I ate a few cucumbers overnight, and I found that the fetus stopped when I went to the hospital for a checkup in two days, because the refrigerator may contain Liszt bacteria.Causes food poisoning.

And overnight dishes are only heated, and it may have been corrupted. As pregnant mothers, it is safer and healthier to eat fresh vegetables.

4. Don’t take a bath with too hot water

Many bathrooms in the house are actually not large. If you bathe with too hot water, it will cause the indoor oxygen to be too thin, which is not conducive to the mother’s health, and bathing with hot water, the child is not very comfortable in the belly.

Therefore, it is more appropriate to control the water temperature of bathing at about 38 degrees in winter or summer.

5. Don’t eat mercury -containing fish

Fish are mainly living in water. For example, sea fish live in the sea, but many pollutants will enter the sea through the river, resulting in the water quality of the sea.

And these fish live in the sea, which can easily accumulate mercury in the body, especially some large fish.

For example, these large fish eat some small fish, and the mercury in the small fish is all gathered on the large fish. Therefore, some large fish will have high mercury content on the body.

If the mother often eats mercury -containing fish, it will damage the central nervous system of the fetus, resulting in low cognitive ability.

6. Don’t eat fruit as a meal

After eating more fruits, children’s skin is more moist. Such rumors are not uncommon in the pregnant mother circle.

However, in the "Chinese Women’s Balanced Dietary Pagoda", the suggestions for fruits are 200 ~ 400 grams per day, while the vegetables are 300 ~ 500 grams, which is equivalent to double more vegetables than fruits.

Fruit contains a large amount of fructose, fructose has calories. If the mother eats too much fruit, it is easy to increase blood sugar. Once the blood glucose increases, it will cause the fetus to grow too fast, and it is easy to produce huge children.

7. Don’t move heavy objects

Shirley is my former colleague. She has a congenital heart disease. She mentioned that she was born prematurely for seven months.Cause of fertilizer.

Moms are susceptible to miscarriage in the early days. Moving heavy objects may lead to abortion of fetus. In the middle and late pregnancy, the uterus increases, and bending down to move heavy objects, or it will cause damage or cause premature birth. ThereforeHeavy objects.

Mom should protect herself while pregnancy, keep in mind the above taboos.

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