Pregnant mothers have more dreams during pregnancy, why

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers have a decline in sleep quality, especially at night, and they will have many dreams at night, which will seriously interfere with the normal life of pregnant mothers. How should pregnant mothers alleviate this situation?

Reasons for dreaming during pregnancy:

Excessive psychological stress: Many women have psychological pressure, or ideological burden during pregnancy.If you are worried that pregnancy will affect work and promotion.

Don’t worry about the fetus: worry about whether the fetus can be sound.Will it develop abnormal or deformity and so on.

Worried about pregnancy: Some pregnant mothers have their physical discomfort and poor physical strength after pregnancy. They often worry about whether they can bear the burden of pregnancy, worrying whether they can go smoothly during delivery, and whether they are difficult or accidental.

I think about it every day, dreams at night, and pregnant women who have beautiful longing for dreaming that it is normal to dream of the baby in the future.Some pregnant women often affect their sleep because of too much dreaming. They have poor spirit during the day, and sometimes have some frightened and scary nightmares, which is not good for themselves and the fetus.

Terminal dreams rationally

Look at the dream of the fetus rationally, don’t be too superstitious, maintain a stable emotions as much as possible, and actively adjust your mentality to the most optimistic state.As for the dream -related dreams related to the fetus, it can be explained as the continuation of a psychological activity in the sleep state, indicating that they want to achieve some kind of desire, such as a boy or a girl, what kind of person I hope the child isWait, it is recommended that pregnant women do not see the baby’s dream too mysterious.There is no certain explanation method for fetal dreams, and there is no scientific basis that the fetal dreams are all the beautiful visions of parents and dads. Therefore, we must correctly treat the baby dream. Do not be too superstitious.It is also suggested that pregnant mothers share the "baby dream" in girlfriends or pregnant women schools, looking forward to the beautiful mother and child’s future, and develop a healthy and good psychology.

How to alleviate more dreams during pregnancy:

1. Do not sleep too much during the day. Try to maintain sufficient sleep at night. You can do some small amounts of exercise during the day. The best walk.Insomnia, if it is a psychological reasons, it can be relieved of unnecessary concerns, maintaining a good state of mind, such as listening to easy and soothing music, watching a beautiful body and mind, and relaxing exercises.

2. Soak your feet hot water before going to bed

In the process of human body temperature from heat to cold, it is the most prone to fatigue and drowsiness in the human body.So use hot water to bubble your feet before going to bed every night, helping to improve sleep quality and shorten the sleep time.

3. Do not eat too much at night

Many people must ensure the nutrition of the fetus during pregnancy, so they will keep eating. Some people feel hungry before going to bed. After eatingIt is because of excessive eating that the gastrointestinal and intestines are in a state of excitement, and gradually improved the excitement of the brain nerves, which affects people’s sleep, so eat properly at night. If you are really hungry, you can eat light food appropriately.

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