Pregnant mothers have abdominal pain, is it normal or "unstable fetal"?You know after reading it

Many pregnant women have experienced abdominal pain during pregnancy. Most young mothers have no experience in panic, and they are not involuntarily brought into the TV Dominement Festival -a routine of abortion in abdominal pain.In fact, there are many causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy. The possibility of abortion is not high. Generally speaking, abdominal pain includes: physiological abdominal pain and pathological abdominal pain.Then let’s talk about the cause and danger of the following three abdominal pain.

1. Abdominal pain in early pregnancy

Early pregnancy refers to 3 months after determining the pregnancy, pregnant women often have abdominal pain in early pregnancy. The dedication is not high and some physical discomfort such as loss of appetite and vomiting.The early normal physiological reactions will disappear with such pain in the early stages of pregnancy.Due to the gastrointestinal secretion of pregnant women in this pregnancy stage, gastric acid can cause abdominal pain (pain is mostly in the upper abdomen). At the same time, as the uterus increases, it supports several pains in the ligament of the uterus several times.Do n’t worry about encountering such a situation, this is the baby growing up healthy ~

2. Compression abdominal pain in the middle of pregnancy

At 3 to 6 months of pregnancy, there will be dull pain in the lower abdomen. During this period, the fetus has taken shape and started to grow quickly. The uterus will squeeze the organs around the uterus with this process.The abdominal pain occurs due to the squeezing of the uterus.During this period, the uterus grew rapidly. The organs around the uterus were often accompanied by the pain of the uterine ligament due to the squeezing.Increased pain during pregnancy will gradually disappear.

3. Abdominal abdominal pain

clang!clang!clang!The most dangerous abdominal pain is here -abortion and abdominal pain!First of all, there are many reasons for miscarriage: malnutrition during pregnancy, endocrine disorders, a lot of drugs for consumption during pregnancy, severe exercise, severe anemia, strong radiation, and uterine fibroids.Generally, abortion is within 7 months of pregnancy. It is mainly manifested in the lower abdomen and the severe pain of the waist and has a clear sense of falling. The vagina will flow out of a small amount of bright red blood.In addition, there is a kind of abortion called "habitual abortion", which refers to the natural abortion of pregnant women 3 times or more before. In this case, you must go to the hospital for a detailed fertility function test before you are preparing to conceive again.Conditions under the guidance of the doctor.

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