Pregnant mothers, don’t be too entangled how to give birth

I often see such a message: Is it going to be unloaded soon. Is it better to give birth or cesarean section?

October is pregnant to the moon, and the pregnant mother will consider choosing the way to take childbirth. It is currently divided into two ways of production: natural childbirth and cesarean section.In natural delivery, you can also choose painless delivery or free posture. However, no matter what kind of childbirth method is selected, it is necessary to determine the specific situation of the delivery on the premise of the safety of the mother’s tire.

Natural childbirth is the best birth. Naturally, the best, and the childbirth is no exception, but natural delivery is also conditional.The normal conditions of the birth canal, the normally of the fetal heart monitoring, etc. are the basic conditions for delivery.

Cesarean section delivery is mainly for the choice of childbirth methods such as difficulty in dystocia and poor physical condition of pregnant mothers and poor physical condition with poor physical condition in pregnancy.Relatively speaking, the recovery time of Baoma’s body should be longer, and it may also leave some hidden dangers for future pregnancy, but you can quickly take the fetus from the uterus to avoid risks in the process of childbirth.

How to choose the method of childbirth, you need to make a decision based on the specific situation, because the change will change during the delivery process. Remember to cooperate with the doctor. The safety of mothers and children is the most important!

There is also such a message: I accidentally got pregnant with a caesarean section in a year. After all, it is a small life that I ca n’t bear it. After staying, I worry that the uterine rupture will bring great trouble.

The doctor’s view of this problem is not exactly the same. Doctors in Western countries believe that they can get pregnant by more than half a year after cesarean section.In the past, medical experts in my country suggested that it is relatively safe to become pregnant two years after caesarean section.

In the past, the view of obstetrics and gynecologists believed that the restoration of the uterus after two years of cesarean section had been completed, and the risk of uterine rupture again would be significantly reduced.

However, through many years of clinical observation, many experts now believe that the restoration of uterine scars for one year of pregnancy has been completed, and the repair of uterine scars is not as strong as time.And it is believed that the elasticity of uterine scars is the best, and the fiber aging content is relatively low.At this time, even if you are pregnant again, the risk of rupture of uterine scars compared with the caesarean section for two years.

Caesarean section is pregnant for one year. Whether children can stay, many mothers may have such doubts. The restoration of uterine scars for one year of caesarean section has been completed. The pregnant fetus can be left again., Monitor the development of the fetus and the changes in the scar.

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