Pregnant mothers can fracture unexpectedly when they go downstairs, and these reactions may not be ignored during pregnancy.

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In the eyes of friends, Xiao Xi is the goddess. She looks sweet and slim.In order to consolidate the status of her goddess, Xiaoxi also eats very little every day after pregnancy. No matter how her mother -in -law changes the patriarchal temptation, she ignores it, fearing that she will grow fat.And I often stay at home and do not exercise after pregnancy.On this day, Xiaoxi went downstairs to buy something, and accidentally stomped. At that time, it didn’t feel particularly painful. Later, I felt more and more painful. I went to the hospital for examination, but it turned out to be fractured.And because it is not convenient to perform surgery during pregnancy, you can only wait for the baby to move the surgery.At that time, Xiao Xi was depressed. How could it be fractured lightly? The doctor explained that the main thing was that the calcium content was missing, resulting in the loss of bone mass, which caused osteoporosis and became an invisible killer of the fracture.

Generally, the fetus has been accelerating from 4 months of pregnancy. At this time, the calcium content taken from the pregnant mother’s body will rise sharply. If the pregnant mother does not make up for the calcium content required by the body, the light teeth will have loose teeth, limb weakness, backache backacheBack pain, anemia, high pregnancy blood pressure, severe cases of osteoporosis will cause pregnant mothers, or if the baby is short, poor resistance, and pheasant diseases after birth. So how should pregnant mothers supplement calcium and calcium supplementation?

Early pregnancy: There is no additional calcium supplementation during this time. According to the demand for ordinary adults, you can drink a glass of milk a day and exercise more.

In the middle of pregnancy: At this time, the fetus is developing rapidly, and pregnant mothers need to supplement additional calcium.In addition to drinking a glass of milk every day, you need to eat more calcium foods.Pregnant mothers who don’t like to drink milk can take 500 ml of calcium tablets per day.

In the third trimester: At this time, the pregnant mother should insist on drinking 500 ml of milk every day and taking 500 ml of calcium tablets. In addition, food and exercise and sun should not be less.

Postpartum: Maternal must ensure that the calcium content taken every day during confinement must reach 800 mg, which will not only help recover, but also help the baby’s development.


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