Pregnant mothers are always sleepy after pregnancy.

In the early days of pregnancy, most people have a sleepy manifestation, some are light and heavy, and some pregnant mothers are too lazy to find bed every day.Some of the pregnant mothers in it are the symptoms of after pregnancy, and they can also be understood by the family.Women who are not determined to be pregnant are inexplicable every day.Essence

In the early pregnancy, due to the increase in the level of hormones in pregnant mothers, the physical manifestations caused by the increase in estrogen will cause water sodium to stay, and the retention of water and sodium in the clinic is not only the water sodium retention of the body surface, but also causes the stomach to the stomachThe edema of the intestinal mucosa may also cause mild edema in the brain tissue.Therefore, most women will not only have gastrointestinal reactions such as nausea, vomiting, but also show weakness and sleep. There is also a hormone similar to anesthetic in the blood of pregnant mothers.Acting on the uterus, it can relax the muscle fiber of the uterus and avoid premature contraction.Under its role, pregnant mothers may become easy to feel fatigue and easy to sleep.

Under normal circumstances, if the pregnant mother has a sleepy drowsiness during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.If you pass the examination, the pregnant mother’s body does not find heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other basic diseases.And there is no such symptom before pregnancy, and after pregnancy, it is just a simple and weakness.That is the normal physiological reaction after pregnancy. There is no need for special treatment. The pregnant mother adjusts the mentality and pay attention to rest.

If you pass the examination, the blood pressure of pregnant mothers is high, blood sugar is low and high, or anemia is suffered from anemia.These situations can also cause sleepy in the early stages of pregnancy.In general, doctors will intervene according to the specific test results.Reduce the probability of the ending of adverse pregnancy ending during pregnancy. In this case, listen to the doctors’ arrangements.

Although the pregnant mother always feels sleepy, and always lying on the bed squinting her eyes as if she is sleeping, in fact, in this case, the pregnant mother’s sleepy drowsiness does not improve.It was eased for several hours.In fact, lethargy does not mean that there is a high -quality sleep, but it falls into a cycle state where sleeping and more sleepy, more sleepy, and more sleepy.

In order to alleviate this symptom and enable the pregnant mother to get a better rest, pregnant mothers need to exercise in moderation. Although the weakness of the early pregnancy and weakness affects the life of the pregnant mother, the pregnant mother must not move.Thought, go out more activities, you can take a walk, or you can participate in yoga during pregnancy, which can increase the inhalation of oxygen and alleviate the lack of early pregnancy.

In the early days of pregnancy, try to endure early pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting, and supplement nutrition in time. You can take less meals and eat more fruits and fresh vegetables to maintain the energy supply of the body.In addition, the mental health of pregnant mothers should also pay attention to. Because of the early pregnancy reaction, the emotional fluctuations of the pregnant mother will be relatively large and may have irritability.Find more interests to do it, which can help to divert attention and help relieve the symptoms of trapped during pregnancy.

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