Pregnant mothers are allergic. What medicines can be used?

During pregnancy, it is sweet and unforgettable, and is careful. Worried about not paying attention, it will have a bad impact on the baby baby.Some pregnant mothers are allergic, and they must strengthen protection and diet during pregnancy and treat them early.

The skin allergies of pregnant mothers generally show that the skin is itchy, red, swollen, and some pregnant mothers will have erythema mow pi -dandruff. Bles leakage and scabs will also occur.Symptoms of redness, swelling and itching, most people choose some allergic drugs for treatment, but pregnant mothers are special crowds. At this stage, we must pay attention to medication, not as casual as usual.

Generally, the drugs used in allergies are anti -group amine drugs. Antimamines allergic drugs have teratogenic effects in animal experiments, such as: daily chlororrhoplasma, Setrizine, chlorophenicamin (poker Minamin), Phenyllaming, Saudiil, etc., so you must not take the above drugs yourself during pregnancy!

Of course, some medicines can still be used by yourself when the symptoms are mild.

1. Pregnant mothers take medicine allergic

For example, slight skin allergies, itching of pure skin can take some vitamin C and calcium, and use some antipruritic wipes.The effect of calcium glucose is good, and it will not have any impact on pregnant women and fetuses.If it is very serious allergy, you need to go to the hospital, and the doctor will use the appropriate anti -group amine for treatment according to the situation.

2. Pregnant mother allergies for external medication

You can appropriately apply some anti -inflammatory and antipruritic ointment, such as the dexamethasone ointment, which can effectively alleviate allergies. In ancient my country, there were some research on allergic diseases. Fang improved allergic reactions.

If you wash it at home, you can go to the pharmacy to buy: Nepeta 15g, windproof 15g, 30g of cantishermia, 30g of white ringworm, 30g of purple grass, decoction with water, apply juice in allergic places, have good itching effects, andExternal treatment methods do not affect fetal development and can be used with confidence.

In short, pregnant women with allergies or allergic diseases, first of all, are to avoid contact or stay away from allergens in daily life. Secondly, if an allergic reaction occurs, you must go to the hospital for treatment.Prioritize local topical drugs, doctors will choose the appropriate treatment method based on the patient’s condition and pregnancy.””

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