Pregnant girl lives in the hotel without money, no contact person

■ Social workers talk to two minors from Lai Sui.

■ Enthusiastically sent Meng Meng and Xiaoyang to Guangzhou South Station together.

■ Social workers and hotels in Nangang Social Work Station, and guidance in Nangang Street Children’s Supervisor discussed the assistance details.

At the critical moment, the social workers in Guangzhou multi -party linked to her "protective umbrella" for her

Minor girl pregnancy guest hotels, relying on the same underage boyfriend to work and take care of.One day, her boyfriend suddenly disappeared … At the critical moment, she entered the sight of the Social Workers Station of Nangang Street, Huangpu District, Guangzhou. As a result, the Nangang Street Office, Nangang Street Social Workers Station Pu’ai Social Workers, Police Station in the Jurisdiction, Community Neighborhood Committee and Civil Affairs DepartmentA "umbrella" supported by Jieqi opened quickly, escorting the unmarried mother Lai Sui to overcome difficulties and returned to his hometown safely.

"Sister social worker, I am really lucky to meet you, so that I feel very warm in a foreign country, thank you!" On March 28, the girl who had giving birth in her hometown called the social workers in Guangzhou, saying that she would go after the body recovered.Find a job and carry your parents’ responsibility with your boyfriend.

Hotline for help

Pregnant minor girl live alone

"Our hotel has a minor girl who is pregnant alone. There is no ID card, no mobile phone, no money, and no contact … The girl’s belly is large and may be produced at any time. I don’t know what to do. Please help!"On November 22, 2022, the ringtone of the red cotton hotline of Nangang Street Social Work Station at Huangpu District, Huangpu District, Guangzhou sounded.At that time, the situation in Guangzhou was severe. After learning that the girl had no nucleic acid and a proletariat, the social worker’s face was dignified.

Help is the head of a hotel in Nangang Street, Huangpu District.According to her description, more than 10 days ago, the girl Meng Meng and her boyfriend Xiaoyang went through the procedures. In the next week, Xiaoyang went out to send courier every day. The three meals a day of Mengmeng were brought back to the room.However, on November 18, Xiaoyang did not return after going out, and was in a state of loss for two consecutive days. The female boss of the hotel was worried that Mengmeng had giving birth or doing self -harm at any time. He could only ask Nangang Street Social Workers Station.

Nangang Street Social Workers’ Station linked the child supervisors of Nangang Street immediately acted immediately and immediately visited Mengmeng’s residence.Seeing the sister of the social worker, Mengmeng wiped tears and told his anxiety and helplessness.It turned out that Mengmeng, born in 2006, has always been taken care of by his third uncle. "My dad is in prison, and her mother has no news after remarriage." She blushed her eyes, her boyfriend Xiaoyang was similar to her life.This pair of couples who are sympathetic to the disease live in Xiaoyang’s mother and stepfather’s house. During this time, Xiaoyang and Mengmeng have conflicted with their family many times. The relationship is very bad. Therefore, the two chose to leave home.connect.

Mengmeng said that she had been pregnant for 38 weeks. Xiaoyang had always taken care of her before, "I don’t believe he will leave me …" Mengmeng cried again.

Social workers constantly appease Mengmeng’s emotions. Considering the reality she faced, she was no longer worried about losing her foothold after communicating with the enthusiastic hotel female boss."Social worker told the reporter of the New Express that in fact, on the third day when Xiaoyang lost contact, the person in charge of the hotel accompanied Mengmeng to the Nangang Police Station to call the police.The per capita is a minor, and Xiaoyang is detained by the Macin Police Station in Dongguan.


Multi -party linkage support to support her "protective umbrella" for her

To understand the situation, the social workers of Nangang Street Social Workers Station quickly reported Mengmeng’s problem of being trapped in trouble, and established an emergency case of emergency cases from district civil affairs, district unborn, street office, social worker station, community and other units.Fang’s division of labor: Pu’ai Social workers of the children of Huangpu District Dilemma Children’s Project are responsible for linking the Guangzhou Usal Rescue and Protection Center, Huangpu District Unborn, District Procuratorate, and District Public Security Bureau; Children’s supervisors in Nangang Street are responsible for reflecting the situation to the streets and coordinating the districtCivil affairs intervention; Nangang Street Social Workers ‘Station is responsible for providing psychological support, docking police station confirming girl identity information, boy family information, and multi -party contact with boys’ biological mothers and stepfather families to fight for reconciliation.

At the same time that the multi -point linkage and multi -line promotion, the social worker and the Nangang Community neighborhood committee assisted Mengmeng to successfully complete the first nucleic acid test, and accompanied Mengmeng to the police station with the children’s supervisor and the person in charge of the hotel, hoping to find it through the police station to find itfamily.After continuous efforts and multi -department coordination, the social workers quickly contacted Xiaoyang’s mother and stepfather. "Can’t advance, their attitude is very determined." Social workers recalled that the two husbands and wives have a great opinion on the two young people, and they clearly express their refusal to provide providing provision of providing provisionAny help, the case followed the stagnation.

"Xiao Yang can come back, Mengmeng has taken care of." Social workers are not discouraged. They and the 6th Procuratorate of the Huangpu District People’s Procuratorate, Huangpu District Public Security Bureau, Huangpu District Civil Affairs Bureau, Huangpu District Door Project, Nangang Street Actively LinkIt is learned that Xiaoyang can be lifted on the evening of November 23.

In the early morning of the 24th, Xiaoyang finally returned to Mengmeng’s side, and the social worker was also successfully obtained the contact information of the uncle Mengmeng."It is still impossible to solve. The girl’s third uncle is very fierce, indicating that she is financially difficult and cannot help Meng Meng." Social worker said that Mengmeng’s third uncle finally provided the WeChat signal of the girl’s mother, but everyone tried to add many times.None of the mother passed.

Under the difficulties, Meng Meng and Xiaoyang were in the house, and they were all at a loss."Don’t be afraid, let’s think about other ways." Under the guidance of social workers, the two decided to return to Xiaoyang’s household registration place in Sichuan to ask Xiaoyang’s biological father and relatives and friends to give support and help.

Love to escort

Lovers generously solve the cost of returning home

Because I do n’t know the expected period of Meng Meng, it may face huge risks on the way home.To this end, Nangang Street Social Work Station actively links community resources, and the hotel female boss also accompanied and helped Mengmeng to complete the first production inspection.Fortunately, the results of the girl’s birth check-up results are good, and the gestational week is 38 weeks-42 weeks.The doctor judged that Mengmeng could return to the hometown by car, but arranged for settlement as soon as possible.However, the couple had long been empty and could not even get the toll.

"Don’t worry, let’s find a way!" Social workers quickly contacted the community, and called on the way to make a good wish through the Suixao Organization platform.Meng Meng and Xiaoyang successfully purchased two tickets to Sichuan from Guangzhou on December 2."Wear a mask, and you can use this kind of washing hand -free handwashing solution to clean the road." Several social workers’ sisters came to the hotel with milk, cotton jackets, and thick socks before leaving.

On the morning of December 2, 2022, Mengmeng and Xiaoyang took the Pucai Social Work Service Society to Fukang Bus to Guangzhou South Station, accompanied by social workers to successfully set foot on their return.Six days later, the social worker waited for the good news of the mother and daughter’s peace. "Thank you sister! I’m a mother, it’s a little girl." At the end of the phone, Mengmeng was excited and happy.She told the "sisters" in the distance that after returning to Sichuan, Xiao Yang’s aunt opened her arms and accepted her. "My aunt has been taking care of me in the hospital, and the child is now aunt to help."

"Mengmeng encountered major bleeding during the production, because of the care of Xiaoyang and aunt, her body recovered quickly." On March 28, social workers received a call from Mengmeng. "She thinks the current status of life is good. Xiaoyang works at the construction site.Although it is hard, I have always persisted, and Mengmeng also planned to find a job. The two of them carried their parents’ responsibilities. "A social worker who participated in the rescue operation told reporters that the responsibility of social workers was to use life to affect life."While helping them, it also allows us to strengthen the value of social workers. "

■ Writing: New Express Reporter Pan Zhizhen Picture: Interviewee provided

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