Pregnant breasts!It’s rare tubular gland tumor

Doctors remind that if breast masses are found during pregnancy, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible.(Photo / Shu Tian Clinic)

Reporter Zhao Yuting / Taipei Report

A 39 -year -old Ms. Zhang touched a raised lump in her right breast more than 4 years ago. At that time, she was treated with surgical treatment and tested as a benign epithelial cyst.Unwilling to affect the fetus, you can seek medical treatment after being dragged until production.In the end, it was close to 5 cm tumors. After surgery, "tubular adenoma" was diagnosed.

Liu Guowei, chief physician of the Department of Plastic Surgery Department of Shusian Clinic, who accepted the case, said that the initial inspection of the size of the lump was about 4 cm. Due to the large changes in the breast tissue during the pregnancy period, the ultrasound examination was arranged to be confirmed to be a tumor of nearly 5 cm.In addition, the edge is uneven, and surgical treatment is recommended; tubular adenoma is a rare benign breast tumor, accounting for about 0.13-1.7 % of benign breast tumors, and the most of the fibrous adenomas in benign breast tumors account for 80-90 %.

Is there a tumor with a lump?Liu Guowei explained that during pregnancy, female breasts during pregnancy, due to hormonal influence and the need to nurture later, the tissue in the breast will change. Sometimes because of the breast obstruction, there are hard blocks. ThereforeIn conjunction with ultrasound inspection to distinguish the internal tissue structure.

In terms of treatment, the edges of the tumor are smooth and less than 2 cm, which can be temporarily observed. If more than 2 cm or uneven edges, the malignant may be higher.If it is confirmed to be caused by breast obstruction, the masses can be eliminated through local massage heat compresses, cut drainage, local surgery, etc., and combined with antibiotics.

Liu Guowei reminded that when many women touch the breasts during pregnancy or breastfeeding, they will hesitate to seek medical treatment and worry about affecting the fetus or breastfeeding.Women should be self -examination of breasts on a regular basis. Early detection of strange masses can be checked one week after the moon, and women and pregnant women are fixed for one day for a day.

When checking the sitting position, the hands naturally sag, observe whether the appearance of the breast has changed, the light pressure nipples have secretion logistics, and milk secretion may be secreted during pregnancy or breastfeeding.Touch the breast on the right hand, and press to slide from the outside to check to check whether there is any strange swelling on the outside of the left breast; then hold the left hand high behind the head, check the inside of the breast, and then check the right breast in the same way.

Then lie flat, put your head under your left hand, check the inside of the left breast with your right hand, put the left hand beside the body flat, check the outside of the left breast, and check the right breast in the same way.

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