Pregnancy vomiting after pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not ignore its impact on the body, and may cause abortion in severe cases.

Pregnancy vomiting is a process that every expectant mother must go through, but it is also a very important link during pregnancy.

I once saw a pregnant woman who was pregnant to describe her feelings during her pregnancy, how she was currently the most tragic time she experienced vomiting.

Since she is pregnant, she is vomiting almost every day, and she will vomit many times a day. Basically, when you want to vomit, you ca n’t vomit, but this feeling has continued.Stevid stomach, vomiting bile.

Even when you brush your teeth in the morning, you must pay great attention, otherwise you will be nauseous for a while. If you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, you will have a strong feeling of vomiting.

Time can be used to a little, and only pray that it can be smoother when vomiting every day, so that the physiological reactions can be slightly relieved and can be comfortable for a while.

Suddenly one day in the middle did not vomit, I felt all thanks. I felt very happy when I felt that I had less vomiting when I vomited, but it became particularly powerful for a long time. At that time, my emotions would collapse.After all, I was very sad while crying.

Why do you have such a phenomenon when you are pregnant?

When the fertilized eggs develop in the uterus, the digestive enzyme activity in women will be reduced. In addition, the female smell and taste of women during pregnancy will become more sensitive. ThereforeReaction.

Generally manifested that nausea and want to vomit but can’t vomit, or the body always feels a little tired and has no appetite. This is a normal pregnancy symptom.

Pregnant women always feel nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy, and cause dehydration, ketone, and even acidosis. These symptoms are more serious and sustainable.

Only a small part of pregnant women who vomit may develop into pregnancy drama.Many pregnant women will alleviate a lot after 12 weeks; and basically pregnant women will slowly disappear or gradually reduce the condition after 20 weeks of pregnancy; only a few pregnant women’s pregnancy will continue during pregnancy.

Expression after pregnancy and dehydration: weight loss, dry lips, dry skin, fatigue, and sunken eyeballs.The walking posture is very strange, and the standing posture is relatively abnormal.


When you get up in the morning, in the case of an empty stomach, pregnancy will be prone to vomiting. Specific mothers can eat small snacks such as biscuits and small breads in time when they get up, preventing the fasting from causing pregnancy.

When eating, what can be eaten when you eat. Those who are prone to cause nausea should be eaten as little as possible, and try to avoid contact with the smell and food that can easily induce vomiting.

Eat less food but also pay attention to the reasonable nutrition of food during pregnancy. It is essential to eat staple foods every day. The staple food is generally rich in glucose, which can provide sufficient energy sources for the fetus; supplement a variety of vitamins, eat some beans, brown rice, brown rice, Green leafy vegetables, lean meat, etc.

Pregnancy abnormal treatment in time: If repeated vomiting seriously affects eating, the weight drops rapidly in the short term, and the hospital will see the hospital as soon as possible.

Life: Too tight clothing can easily cause abdominal compression, and then cause pregnancy. When pregnant reactions, try to sit down or lie down, do not move frequently; keep your mentality and treat the pregnancy reaction correctly, do not be too anxious.

Misunderstanding: The more you feel, the more you should eat.

However, during severe vomiting, the stimulation of food may increase vomiting, and repeated vomiting can cause damage to the digestive system. A large amount of eating will only exacerbate pregnancy, causing physical discomfort and decreased appetite.

Eat less food appropriately when vomiting severe vomiting to reduce the adverse effects on the stomach.

If you cause gastrointestinal damage due to pregnancy, don’t think about supplementing nutrition and eating some foods that are not easy to digest, restore eating, and gradually transition from dietary foods such as liquidity and semi -current to normal

The reaction of pregnancy is a normal thing, but it must be noted whether the pregnancy vomiting is normal. Once there is a adverse reaction, you must go to the hospital to check in time, so as to make the pregnant woman’s pregnancy more secure.

I hope that every mother can go through the pregnancy period smoothly, and then give birth to a healthy baby.

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