Pregnancy and having children are not only giving, but also the fetal treasure is also very hard. You will also be moved after reading the delivery process.

Women’s pregnancy is a very hard process. Pregnancy, exhaustion, insomnia, inconvenience, and emotional depression.During pregnancy, it is long and painful. There is a life of nine deaths, and the mother is very great.

Mengmeng is a pregnant mother who is pregnant for more than seven months. For the past two times, the doctor said that the child’s fetal position is not right, and it may be more difficult to give birth.The doctor taught Meng Meng some gymnastics that corrected fetal positions and asked her to practice for two weeks.Mengmeng is full of sweat every day, hoping that the child can return to the normal fetal position as soon as possible.

In the end of the child for more than eight months, the doctor checked the result. The child had already headed down, which was very suitable for the fetal position.Mengmeng said: "It seems that my hard work is not in vain."The doctor said, "It’s not just that you are working hard, but your baby is also working with you, and will definitely be born smoothly!"

When we were produced by our mother, we only saw the pain of the mother’s bones, but we did not ignore that the baby was struggling to see his mother.

What are the preparations for the baby to see his mother?Seeing what they do, I believe you will be moved!

Ⅰ. The fetus will work hard to adjust to the best fetal position.

The most suitable fetal position is the header, that is, the fetus’s head is down, the butt is facing up, the spine is slightly bent, and the small arms and calves are crossed on the chest.In such a posture, the fetus has shrunk its own volume into a minimum state, which is conducive to smooth delivery.

In the early and in the early pregnancy, the fetus is in the mother’s belly, there are more amniotic fluid, and the fetus is relatively small, so the activity is still more flexible.However, in the third trimester, the fetus grew up quickly, and there were less and less amniotic fluid, and there would be less space for their activities.However, because of the lightness of the head, most of the fetal babies form a "head -of -head" fetal position, which will help them to come to this world smoothly.

Ⅱ. The fetus is trying to enter the mother’s "pelvis".

The fetal treasures usually enter the mother’s pelvis 38 weeks before pregnancy. This is a necessary step before entering the delivery channel, that is, if you want to give birth, you have to "enter the pot".After the fetus strives to enter the mother’s pelvis, it means that the baby will soon start. The mother should pay attention to whether she has a sign of "property" and be prepared for the baby to be born casually.

Ⅲ. The baby strives to move forward and squeeze into the birth canal.

When the mother feels a regular contraction, the childbirth officially begins.The fetus will work hard to drill out. They will get in the back of the head, and then the side brain. Every 8 to 10 minutes, the baby’s efforts will be promoted, and the mother will feel a little bit of pain.

With strong contractions, babies are constantly working hard. They constantly adjust their body posture and squeeze into the birth canal.The baby shrinks his chin and his body is curled up. This spherical shape is more convenient for him to exercise hard and reduce the resistance to walking out.You see, the baby is still very smart.Mom’s pain is even more intensified, so the mother must work hard and work hard with the baby.

道. The baby is fully entered the birth canal and must meet with the mother.

The baby’s head is almost exposed. At this time, the palace mouth has been opened to about 7-9 cm, which can accommodate the baby’s head.At this moment, the baby reversed his body. He turned his back to his mother and worked hard, and he could see your dear mother immediately.

一. The baby’s head first gave birth, victory and mothers meeting.

Immediately, the baby is constantly squeezing down. The thrust of the contraction and the mother’s force, the baby’s head will give birth to the body first.Then, the baby’s shoulders came out, and the whole body was separated from the mother very easily.At this time, the mother was exhausted under the torture for a long time. The baby was using Hong Liang’s crying to celebrate her successfully coming to this world.

The mother’s production process is simply a great praise of sweat and tears. In order to be born smoothly, the baby and the mother spend this difficult time together. They have also made a lot of effort. It is really not easy!

In order to make the delivery more smoothly, the mother should pay attention to the following points during pregnancy, the mother and the child are more peaceful.

A pay attention to nutritional balance during pregnancy and control weight.

Pregnant women should strengthen nutrition, but they must not be excessive.If the mother eats too much fat and greasy food, the weight grows too fast, it is possible that the fetus develops a huge child, affecting the birth of the delivery, and it is not conducive to the healthy development of the child.Therefore, mothers should be balanced during pregnancy, eat more vegetables and fruits, and strictly monitor their weight.

B. Mom should rest well during pregnancy and maintain a good mood.

During pregnancy, mothers are very hard. They have a pregnancy reaction, their bodies are awkward, and they are inconvenient.During pregnancy, my mother maintains a good mood, and the body should not be too tired.The better physical fitness of the mother is also a guarantee for the baby’s successful birth.

C, mothers should exercise appropriately during pregnancy to enhance their physique.

When my mother is pregnant, she can do some more relaxed exercises.For example, walking, yoga and so on.Exercise can increase the appetite, but also increase the flexibility of the mother’s body, which is conducive to the smooth production of the mother.

Every mother who bred a new life is great, and every new life is magical. The fetal treasure is working hard with her mother, come on!

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