Pregnancy abdominal pain can be small or small, persistent unwell, you need to seek medical treatment in time

It is normal to have slight abdominal pain during pregnancy. Mild abdominal pain and pain are caused by the increase in uterus and ligament pulling.However, if abdominal pain continues, severe abdominal pain, or accompanied by bleeding, it is best to seek medical examination in time.Sweetheart reminds pregnant mothers to pay attention to check -up during pregnancy, and should not be in the same room within three months of pregnancy and seven months.

If you ask your mother’s symptoms of pregnancy, 70%of people will tell you that there will be abdominal pain.Some abdominal pain is really a normal pregnancy reaction, and there are some abdominal pain, especially the persistent abdominal pain may be the prelude to the disease.Abdominal pain can be big or small, and pregnant mothers cannot take it lightly.

Physiological pregnancy abdominal pain

The most common pregnancy reaction during pregnancy is abdominal pain.Physiological abdominal pain is not serious, does not affect the normal daily life, and the duration is also short.Physiological pregnancy and abdominal pain are caused by the greater uterine after pregnancy, and the uterine ligament is involved or compressed nerves.Usually this kind of pain is not very serious, it may cause some discomfort, but it will not affect daily life.The position of pain is not fixed, sometimes in the left lower abdomen, sometimes in the right lower abdomen, and the pain time continues to be short.As the fetus continues to grow, the abdomen and whole body burden of expectant mothers have gradually increased, and the number of abdominal pain will increase significantly compared to the middle of pregnancy.

Extraordinary pregnancy leads to pregnancy abdominal pain

Ectopic pregnancy is also ectopic pregnancy.Normal fertilized eggs are uterine.The external pregnancy refers to the fertilized eggs in bed outside the uterine body.The most common out -of -uterine pregnancy type is tubal pregnancy, that is, "bed" in the fallopian tubes on one side.The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are usually lower abdominal pain and a small amount of vaginal bleeding, which often shows 6 to 7 weeks after fertilization, but it may also be performed as early as the fourth week. However, at that time, you may not notice yourself.I am pregnant.

Ectopic pregnancy is a critical illness, which will seriously cause death of uterine cavity bleeding.Once you have abdominal pain in early pregnancy, it is best to seek medical examination to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

Breakal abortion abdominal pain

The expectant mothers were a high incidence of miscarriage 3 months before pregnancy.Syndrostal abortion abdominal pain is characterized by continuous miracle -like pain.If it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or a significant sense of lower abdomen, the possibility of aura abortion is even greater.Specific mothers should move less, bed in bed, do not do a house, do not mention heavy objects, and replenish moisture, and go to the doctor in time.If the pain is intensified or continuously bleeding, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

Uterine fibrous abdominal pain

The uterine fibroids before pregnancy may be discovered after the fibroids become larger when pregnant.Generally speaking, pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids are not suitable for pregnancy.Pregnant mothers with uterine fibroids should be treated first and then pregnant.Moms of expectant mothers with uterine fibroids should pay attention to two points: the first point of pregnancy is prone to red degeneration of fibroids, and the manifestation of severe abdominal pain is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever.The treatment is generally conservative treatment. Most of the pain can be relieved by itself. If the symptoms cannot be alleviated, fibroids need to be excavated; the second point of the mothers of the mothers of the uterine fibroids are located in the lower part of the uterine body or cervix, which may hinder the fetal vaginal deliveryOr have caused abnormal fetal positions, so cesarean section should be taken in time before giving birth.

Early peeling abdominal pain in the placenta

Placental stripping early is a severe pregnancy disease.After 20 weeks of pregnancy or childbirth, the fetus is stripped from the uterine wall without childbirth, which is called the placenta early peeling.Early symptoms of placental peeling are different, and sometimes suddenly obvious bleeding.However, some people do not have obvious symptoms of bleeding at the beginning, or only mild bleeding or redness, and not much bleeding may also be more severe placenta.If your amniotic fluid breaks down, you may see a blood -colored liquid.

During pregnancy, pay attention to medical examinations on time to avoid strenuous exercise and heavy weight.If the placenta peels early, you must be treated immediately.This disease is common in combined with pregnant hypertension complications or pregnant mothers who are traumatized.

Abdominal pain in other causes

It is not necessarily the cause of pregnancy caused by pregnancy, and the digestive system disease may also cause abdominal pain.Doctors will consider some of the most common causes of abdominal pain include: gastrointestinal infection virus, food poisoning, appendicitis, kidney stones, hepatitis, gallbladder disease, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, etc.

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