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The footsteps of the Spring Festival are approaching, and the crowds of railway stations, airports and other places are surging.Since the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, travel has become more convenient.So, for special groups such as pregnant women, what do you need to pay attention to travel to ensure the health of yourself and the fetus?

"As a key group, there are many things that need to be planned in advance when pregnant women travel." Zhang Hui, director of the secondary department and prenatal diagnostic department of the Red Cross Central Hospital of Harbin, reminded that pregnant women in the early and third trimester are not suitable for travel.If you return to the hometown for a long time, it is recommended not to go home for the time being for the time being.Pregnant women who have a threatened abortion, twin pregnancy, pre -placenta and other complications should not travel long.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women may be produced at any time and are not recommended to travel.If the expectant mother wants to go home for the New Year, visit relatives, or go out to travel, you can wait until the second trimester.Because at this stage, the discomfort in the early stages of pregnancy has basically disappeared, the severe physical condition in the third trimester has not begun, and the movement is not limited. At this time, the fetus is relatively stable and it is not easy to have a miscarriage.However, it should be noted that before traveling, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a doctor once, and introduce their own schedule to the doctor. The doctor will give professional advice based on the physical condition of the pregnant woman.Personal protection should be done on the way to travel.

Mid -distance travel, when you need to take public transportation, you should do personal protection and wear a mask; carry the scrubbing hand -free handwashing or disinfected wet towel, avoid contact, nose, and eyes before disinfection.After returning home, you need to properly handle the mask, replace clothes in time, wash your hands and face your face, and avoid cold and warmth, and avoid colds. During the Spring Festival, you should also minimize too many people’s gatherings.

"During the Spring Festival, the rhythm of life of pregnant women’s original rules is easily disrupted." Director Zhang Hui said that the diet should be balanced during the Spring Festival, with a reasonable diet, and ensuring that fresh vegetables and fruits and meat fish and eggs are guaranteed appropriately every day.Don’t overeating, let alone eat too greasy food.

In addition, pregnant women near the due date should prepare the items for hospitalization in advance.For pregnant women who have a prevalence of birth or have hypertension during pregnancy, or diabetes have discomfort, they need to go to the hospital in time to avoid delaying the disease in time.

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Sun Lixia Yehong Harbin Daily reporter Yang Yan

Source: Harbin Daily

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