Pay attention to these 4 points in the early pregnancy, to avoid miscarriage and premature birth

What harm will the same room bring to our bodies in the early stages of pregnancy?Will it hurt our baby?Today I will share with you in the early pregnancy. Can we have the same room?What should mothers who have habitual abortion should do.

1> Harm of prostaglandin

In the early stages of pregnancy, the sexual life must be controlled, because the fetus and embryo placenta are developing, especially the placenta does not find a perfect development. If sexual life is performed at this time, it will stimulate the uterus to cause the uterus to shrink.And the prostaglandin contained in the semen is stimulated to enter the birth canal of pregnant mothers, which makes the frequency of contractions stronger, which affects abortion. When reaching the climax, the uterus will produce a state of excitement, which will shrink violently.Causes abortion for pregnancy interruptions.And during sex, the pressure brought by men will stimulate the bladder and vagina. Due to the stimulation and desire of the outside world, congestion will occur.Bad abdominal pain caused abortion caused by spasm.

2> The placenta is developing

The placenta is developing in about 10 weeks of pregnancy. The placenta is an important organ for the exchange of blood oxygen and nutrients and exhaust waste on the placenta.The growth of a large amount of nutrients is needed to store it to provide the baby’s development and growth.In addition, the placenta also has the function of defense. It can have a certain defense function on external bacteria, pathogens, and drugs. It can avoid drugs and bacteria, as well as pathogens to invade the fetus, causing fetal deformity.In addition, the placenta will slowly grow when it grows. To store protein, glycogen, calcium, and iron, to store the growth needs of the baby in the placenta cells.Moreover, the placenta will slowly have metabolic and regulating functions in the process of growth. He replaces the baby’s liver function, reserve nutrition, and can also help the baby to metabolize some substances.In addition, the placenta can also exercise a variety of functions of digestive tract and lung -liver endocrine glands, and he can prepare these functions to protect the fetus and mother during pregnancy.When the fetus grows, when these liver and kidneys can exercise these functions, the metabolic regulation function of the placenta will slowly diminish to disappear.

Moreover, the placenta began to mature slowly during the third trimester. Its mature stage is divided into 4 levels. At the time of zero, it is about 12-28 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, the placenta is still in a development stage.It is not mature. At the first stage, its role is that you can send the abandoned substances of nutrition and metabolic fetuses for the fetus. At the second level of pregnancy, the fetus has begun to gradually begin to startMature, because during this period, the fetus has begun to develop some important metabolic organs, and the function of metabolic placenta and mediation of some substances can be used to use the function.Then when the placenta reaches level 3, it means that the placenta has gradually begun to appear aging and aging. A symptom of fibrosis and calcification will appear on the surface. At this timeA danger of hypoxia will appear at any time at any time. If the doctor detects that the placental calcification is too fast and the function of the placenta is insufficient, it is recommended that the expectant mother absorb oxygen absorption and infusion to transport nutrition needles to supplement nutrition, avoid hypoxia and hypoxia andLack of nutrients lead to danger of fetal life.

3 The impact of strong uterine contraction

The uterus talks about it is divided into physiological and pathological physiological uterine contraction. There is no rule, nor a contraction of abdomen without painless abdomen. Pregnant mothers can feel the abdomen for a while.The intensity does not cause the pain of pregnant women’s stomach and the pain during childbirth. This is the physiological contraction phenomenon that mothers can not panic and fear of physiological contractions. We just have to observe and record every day.Analyze the frequency of contractions, observe whether the contraction is painful, and no painful contractions. We can take a bed rest on the left side and do not move to reduce the frequency of contractions.If it is painful, we should go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time to consult and solve the problem of contractions.

Pathological contractions are often painful and regular contractions when abortion or premature birth, and accompanied by uterine bleeding can also shorten the cervix, the uterine mouth slowly expands, accompanied by vaginal discharge, premature birth occurs occurred by premature birth.In the phenomenon, if this type of contraction occurs, we must pay attention to the frequency and duration of contractions. If the regularity and pain of this type of contraction have exceeded our physiological tolerance range and enter the pathological state,We need to go to the hospital to solve the problem of work in a timely manner to avoid the phenomenon of premature birth, death, and abortion.Therefore, we must ban sex in the early pregnancy, because activities that frequently live in sex will stimulate the phenomenon of abortion in the uterine severe contraction.

4> History of habitual abortion

What is the reason that the prospective mother will have a history of habitual abortion?The first is because the immune factors are because the embryo and the mother’s immune system do not match. If the mother’s excretion is relatively strong, the embryo tissue will cause habitual abortion.Also because of genetic factors, because the fetal chromosomes of the fetus are abnormal, it will cause the fetus to malformation and dysplasia. It can only be artificially aborted.It is also possible that women’s reproductive systems are infected by germs, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, and vaginitis has not been treated, which leads to an abortion phenomenon that causes the development of embryos.It is also possible that the reason for the living environment and working environment of a pregnant mother is that it is easy to occur in a working conditions with harmful chemicals such as lead mercury formaldehyde and high temperature.There is also the problem of the body of the pregnant woman, such as the dysplasia of progesterone, the lack of endocrine of progesterone and endometrial dysplasia, and the amenorrhea and ovulation disorders in polycystic ovation.Moms are also prone to signs of miscarriage.So how do we distinguish between habitual abortion?The first is that the vaginal bleeding will occur. The symptoms of bleeding from the vagina last three to fifteen days, and the amount of blood is generally difficult to keep the fetus.The second is pain in the abdomen, and accompanied by vaginal bleeding, it will also be a sign of miscarriage. There will also be excretion of placenta. If the placenta is completely discharged, go to the hospital for B -ultrasound examination and prescribe some nutritional medicines.If there are residues in the uterus, you need to go to the hospital for clearance surgery to avoid causing uterine infections.In fact, not all abortion is suitable for tire protection, because some unhealthy embryos will be eliminated, but women with habitual abortion after pregnancy, we must pay special attention to keep the fetus. WeBe sure to do a good job of life. We must maintain a good state of life. We must not stay up late for a long time, nor can we have too much tiring in our daily lives and work. We are best to keep an 8 -hour sleep every day.Avoid wearing high heels and over -tight clothing that is not conducive to walking.Also arrange a reasonable diet, supplement cellulose and vitamins in an appropriate amount, as well as trace elements to ensure sufficient nutrition, and to promote our digestion and avoid eating some fried spicy and unhealthy foods. This will lead to lack of nutritional nutritionUndead, the fetal absorption of insufficient nutritional dysplasia and the signs of abortion occur.And we must pay attention to our personal hygiene during pregnancy, especially the cleaning of the perineum to avoid infection, and we have a history of habitual miscarriage. Pregnant mothers must prohibit sexual life, because men’s prostaglandin can stimulate our uterus.The contraction leads to abortion, and our resistance during pregnancy is relatively poor. Men’s reproductive organs with some bacteria infection can cause our reproductive organs to have a bad impact on the fetus.And we must regularly do pregnancy examination. If there is any problem, we can take remedial measures in time to keep the fetus and determine that his development is good and normal.And we must maintain our good mood during pregnancy and avoid being too excited and sad, because excessive emotional fluctuations can also cause abortion.

That’s it for today’s sharing. I hope that the content of the editor will help you and let you spend a happy and healthy life during pregnancy. We see you next time.

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