One video makes clear, six key examinations for pregnant mothers during pregnancy!#产 产

The six most important examinations during pregnancy.

· The first: At 6-8 weeks of pregnancy, confirm that you are pregnant in the palace and find fetal heart buds.It is recommended to check at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy. If you may not find the fetal heart bud at 6 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do it again.

· Second: NT examination at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy.NT examination is an early discharge screening, which mainly checks the thickness of the transparent layer of the baby’s neck. The NT value is less than 2.5 as normal. If it exceeds the risk of developmental malformations.

· Third: The Tang screen was performed at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy.Tang screening was checked to check whether the baby suffered from the risk of Donaldia and chromosomal abnormalities.However, because Tang Si ’s accuracy rate is only 60%to 70%, many Baoma chose to directly perform non -invasive DNA inspections.I heard that many places Tang Si and non -invasive DNA were free. At that time, I spent 2,000 yuan for Tang Si and non -invasive DNA.

· Fourth: Do a four-dimensional large row of abnormality at 22-26 weeks of pregnancy.The four -dimensional row is to check all the important organs of the baby’s body, so the inspection time is also the longest.Because my baby did not cooperate, I did it for two days to pass the four -dimensional examination for two days.

· Fifth: Do a sugar resistance at 24-28 weeks of pregnancy to check whether the mother has diabetes during pregnancy.The check method is to draw blood on an empty stomach, then drink a cup of sugar water, and twice the blood (1 hour interval).Diabetes during pregnancy may cause the fetus to be too large, premature, and even inherit the risk of diabetes to the fetus.Therefore, pregnant women should eat less high sugar, high fat, heavy oil, and heavy salt food during pregnancy.

· Sixth: Small rows of deformed examination at 28-32 weeks of pregnancy.The small row is based on the large row of abnormalities to check the lack of missing and leaks, and further exclude the risk of the baby’s deformity.After the above 6 examinations, pregnant women can rest assured.One week after 32 weeks of pregnancy, you need to do a fetal heart monitoring.Pregnant women also need to digit the fetal heart at home. The most important thing is to maintain a happy mood.

Finally, I wish all the pregnant women with a smooth maternity test and green lights all the way!

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