On the way to school on the first day of the first year, she was violated on the way to school, and was forced to give birth to dormitory. Netizens commented that they were angry.

On May 4th, Aunt Yang (pseudonym) suddenly heard a few babies in the girl’s dormitory in the dormitory of the girl’s dormitory.Blood and unusual incidents shocked her aunt. She randomly contacted the principal and sent girls to the hospital.The police then arrived, and according to the girl, it was the father of a classmate in the village next door.As early as July, Cai coaxed Xiaofang (the girl’s pseudonym) to go to school on his own van, forcing Xiaofang to have a relationship on the way.After this time, Xiaofang violated Xiaofang twice.Xiaofang’s parents were old, and his brother went out to work. He did not dare to go home after this. He was shocked at the school and concealed it intentionally. In the end, he had a pregnancy and childbirth in the dormitory.

Xiaofang finally got Kang Hu in the hospital, and his body improved, but psychological trauma was difficult to recover.Cai was captured by the public security and raped the crime of rape minor girls and handled it strictly!However, the police asked Xiaofang why he did not tell the parents afterwards.Xiaofang’s phone was unable to get on, and it turned out that Xiaofang lost his phone.Xiaofang said that he was threatened by Cai and did not dare to talk to anyone, which caused this situation today.

Teenagers are the future of our country. Although there are many legal protection and various social protection minors in our country, in some less developed areas, there are always devils to extend their dirty doubles into minors.What is worth thinking about this incident is how the country should strengthen the minor protection methods for underdeveloped areas and townships.However, in this incident, Xiaofang’s lack of self -protection awareness is also one of the problems. If each school can achieve the safety of self -protection of youth, then such events may be reduced.

Some netizens’ comments are very disgusting

Netizen A: My bachelor, don’t think I am old, I can raise my mother and son to old.

Netizen B: I do n’t know how much they have taken people. All the money reads is used …

When an innocent girl, when this kind of injury, there are still people who are ridiculed. It can be said that these three views of such unhealthy people are shouting for those who sneak the girl’s skirt and sexually harass the girls who have sexually harassing girls.Assist the criminal.

In the end, I hope that such things will not happen, and I hope that the majority of netizens can comment on their rational comments, support the law and morality rather than the mentality of watching the show.

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