Olympic champion Liu Xuan is pregnant with a big belly to play with an inverted stomach!Netizen: This is Superman Mom

Yesterday, after I saw a hot search on Weibo,

At that time, I was stunned.

Liu Xuan showed a photo of the second child before giving birth, and she was like this in the photo:

▼ Non -professional, please do not imitate

Liu Xuan, who was upside -down in the photo, completed the inversion very easily.

It even showed the difficult movements of the inverted split.

With the big belly caused by pregnancy, the whole scene can only be described as thrilling.

Not only am I shocked, but the onlookers below basically have the same reaction as me.

This mother is so strong!

Maybe you are not familiar with the name Liu Xuan,

But they are the Olympic gymnastics champion,

And this time it was her second pregnancy, and she had a son earlier.

And this group of photos can be regarded as old photos,

As early as the 10th last month, Liu Xuan had a daughter successfully.

And this set of photos is also a photo during pregnancy.

As the Olympic champion, Liu Xuan may not know many young people.

However, the once -horizontal bumper action "one -arm big back ring" and "one -arm big return ring connecting Jingele" is also shocking.

Liu Xuan often exercises during pregnancy,

The athletes are different. No wonder the text "Superman Mom" when posing on Weibo.

Netizens are very surprised by Liu Xuan,

"Even if you are not pregnant, you can’t stand upside down."

How many people are true …

These pictures look very scary,

But for Liu Xuan, who is very good in physical fitness, her lifestyle during pregnancy is not the same as ordinary people.

During pregnancy, she often maintains exercise.

For pregnant women, Liu Xuan’s highly difficult action is obviously not suitable for ordinary people to exercise.

But the reasonable regular exercise of pregnant women,

It can also improve heart function and maintain health.

Before exercise, pregnant women must combine their own conditions and solicit doctors’ suggestions to ensure that the selection exercise is safe.

Avoid excessive strength and frequency too fast. Do not exercise too much. Choose light and moderate exercise.

Let me tell you today, what are the benefits of exercise during pregnancy!

① Enhance the maternal constitution

Reasonable and regular exercise can enhance human blood circulation and metabolism.

And to a certain extent, it can reduce adverse symptoms such as waist and leg soreness.

It can prevent and reduce the limbs of pregnant women.

② Help natural delivery naturally

Sports can also increase human muscles to a certain extent.

Especially abdominal muscles, fully exercise abdominal muscles can reduce the dystocia caused by the lax of the fetus due to the relaxation of the abdominal wall.

And after giving birth, you can recover your body quickly.

③ Relieve fatigue

It can be said that pregnancy is the most unstable period for women.

Many women feel anxious and insomnia during pregnancy.

Exercise can help pregnant women soothe their bodies, relax their mood, and improve the fatigue of pregnant women.

④ It is very beneficial to the development of the baby

The exercise increases the blood oxygen content and allows the brain to release the beneficial substances such as cerebral endin to the fetus.

And exercise can stimulate the body’s body,

The development of the baby’s brain, balanced organs and respiratory systems is very beneficial, and it can also enhance the baby’s immunity.

Although exercise is safe and beneficial, it is necessary to add some premise for the special group of pregnant women.

After soliciting doctors, try not to exercise three months before and after seven months of pregnancy.

The former’s embryo is unstable, and the latter may have the risk of premature birth.

So the best exercise period is between four and seven months!

The most recommended exercise for pregnant women is: "walking, yoga, swimming"

The most and most critical is to combine your own situation and consult a doctor!

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