Official announcement!The entire network was exploded: After 5 years with Zheng Kai, she had done this?


Recently, Cheng Xiaozheng took a selfie on the social platform ins, accompanied by a "Preggolife" to share the good news of pregnancy.

Many people congratulate her upgrading as a mother, and some people are curious about who the child’s father is.

Cheng Xiaozheng is the ex -girlfriend of the star Zheng Kai. In a strict sense, it is not insiders.

In the photo, Cheng Xiaoyi’s makeup is exquisite, and he has a black -hanging neck skirt, combing the ball head, fair skin, exquisite facial features, and very sexy.While holding a photo, she stroked her belly, her mouth was cute, her face was full of joy.

If it wasn’t for a detailed observation, it was difficult to detect that she was pregnant through her state.The lower abdomen was slightly bulging, the limbs did not show any signs of blessing, and the figure remained very good, but it was a little more gentle.

After all, on October 15th, Cheng Xiaoyi was a talented man in love, and his essay was very sweet.

"Stealing happiness for a long time, a decade of novels will enter the next chapter."

It is understood that Cheng Xiaoyi’s boyfriend is an amateur, but the external conditions are not inferior, tall and handsome, and the clothes are good. The two are girlfriends for ten years.

Cheng Xiaoyi has not updated the social account for a long time. In the form of Jiugongge graphic, he is very solemn. He showed his boyfriend’s proposal photo of the seaside of his boyfriend holding a diamond ring. He must also be very satisfied with the husband.

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Just now the official promises, this will switch the new identity again.

Maybe when you meet the right person, everything is logical.

Today, Cheng Xiaoyu’s marriage is sweet, and she can’t help but think of the partner of her and Zheng Kai’s couple, which is also difficult for many people.

Participating in variety shows, Da Showe’s affectionate show, helpless feelings finally broke up, and each married.How cute when the official announcement is, how chic when you break up.Emotional water is flowing east, and the days still continue.

Zheng Kai married Miao Miao Guan Miao Miao Guan, and had already gained a second child.

Cheng Xiaoyi also wrote a story with her husband, full of love.

Some people are not bad, but they are wrong when they encounter it.


In 1986, Zheng Kai was born in Shanghai.

The family is good. Mother is a surgeon and her father is a company manager.Helpless parents are busy at work and lack care of him.

From elementary school to high school, Zheng Kai was sent to a noble school for full hosting.If you can’t see the parents, only the rising figures of the bank card.

In such an environment, Zheng Kaijin Yiyi, rarely watching the price.

After being admitted to the Shanghai Academy of Drama, he was even more deliberate.

His university roommate was actor Du Jiang and Chen He. They once broke the news during the interview. When he went to college, Zheng Kai drove a luxury car in and out, and the toothpaste was hundreds of yuan.

As soon as he entered the university campus, Zheng Kai was widely invited to ask girls for dinner. Even when he encountered beautiful girls on the road, he would take the initiative to talk to him.

Handsome and humorous, naturally there are many Yingying Yanyan around him.

In 2007, Zheng Kai participated in the first film "Rare Lover" and officially debuted as a corner of Chen Xiaobei.

After becoming an actor, he did not have a bitter haha actor, but he developed multiple sidelines.

Outside the circle, Zheng Kai is a well -known "nightclub little prince".

He opened a nightclub in Shanghai called Taxx.

Giant Deer Road, 3000 square meters of luxury buildings.Whenever the twilight is temporarily, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls -Royce and other luxury cars are all parking doors.The starting price of the card is 20,000, a bottle of wine is 100,000 …

Zheng Kai’s life state can almost be described by night and night.

However, although he has a lot of scandals, he has never officially announced it.

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On October 19, 1990, Cheng Xiaoyi was born in Hong Kong, China.

The family is solid, and the parents are senior executives of an international luxury company. Although they are not a giant, they are also very superior.

The Jiaojiao daughter of a wealthy family has been the treatment of the stars since she was a child. In addition to graduating from the University of Toronto, the image of Bai Fumei is even more popular.

After returning from a prestigious school, Cheng Xiaoyi entered a luxury public relations department as an important position.It is said that her luxury homes are located in the center of Shanghai. The price of 18,000 square meters, civilians can’t reach it.

It is excellent and blessed by her own family. There are countless pursuers such a girl. They regard her noble as a princess, but she is not eye -catching.

She did not go deep into the entertainment industry, but she had many celebrities friends. She usually interacted frequently and had a close relationship.


Cheng Xiaozheng never sets limits for himself, as a variety show guest and model show.She held fashion resources and attended international occasions such as four major international fashion weeks, Cannes International Film Festival, and Venice Film Festival.

In life, she is good at recording and sharing beauty, often showing sexy photos. Compared with traditional women, her style is bolder.

At the Milan Fashion Week in 2014, the wealthy lady met the little stars. Then Zheng Kai and Cheng Xiaoyi exchanged contact information. In their spare time, they played games and travel. It didn’t take long for the two to determine the relationship of love.

The two met and interacted, and then slowly became emotional.

On August 20, 2015, the actor Zheng Kailai took a photo with his girlfriend Cheng Xiaozheng and publicly loved.On October 8, the two attended the wedding between Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy.

After the public love, many people felt that Lang Cai’s girl looks, and the door is right, and they have given blessings.

Both are rich families, and the level of education is equivalent.

They had a good time, and Zheng Kai also pulled Cheng Xiaoyu on the reality show.

The recording scene of the variety show "We Love the Love with God with God", the two fancy show affection, challenging the difficulty kissing, the kitchen fried steaks did not forget to kiss.

Because of this show, Cheng Xiaoyi rose millions of pink, and the topic of traffic was close to the small flowers of your circle.The relationship between the two was like paint, and the show was almost urged to marry, and they had reached the point of talking about marriage.

At the end of 2017, Zheng Kai announced that he broke up with Cheng Xiaozheng.

In his words, the two broke up peacefully and returned to the relationship between friends.

"Let me talk about it, we don’t need to guess anymore. We have separated, but we are still friends, and we bless each other. Thank you for your concern, and you don’t want to be too concerned."

However, the final chapter is not decent.

First, Cheng Xiaoyu’s airborne Zheng Kai’s fan group, tearing Zheng Kai in his hand, and then Zheng Kai released a minute of voice apology, which could not be considered.


A period of emotional disappears, life still has to continue.

After breaking up, Cheng Xiaozheng appeared for the first time to participate in the brand activity. A new look looks very dazzling, the state is not good and lonely, and there is almost no communication with others, which makes people feel distressed.

When the reporter asked about her emotional problems, she chose to avoid talking, but there was a trace of tears in the corner of her eyes. It can be seen that she has not stepped out of the shadow of the breakup.

After breaking up, Zheng Kai was calm, and he was not sad. Instead, he had been promoting the new drama and only responded to rumors in only 8 words.

"House is too busy, unintentional feelings."

During this period, the level of height is very obvious.

The passers -by sighed and laughed at. Some people said that both of them loved to play and ignore the family. Some people said that Cheng Xiaozheng could not match Zheng Kai.

But only the parties are clear.

No one is settled in heavenly, and the true feelings of suffering from difficulties can be corrected.

On May 21, 2020, Zheng Kai announced his marriage to actor Miao Miao.Five months later, Zheng Kai announced the news of giving birth to women, and people knew that the two were married.

Many people are curious, what kind of girl, can the prodigal son turn back?

In fact, it is simple to say, that is, "getting along with low energy".

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Zheng Kai once said in the show, "It’s too comfortable to be with her."

The combination of the two is a typical male and in the female lead.

Different from Cheng Xiaoyi’s character, and the mall, Miao Miao is very gentle and careful to handle the affairs in the family.She was willing to give up her acting career for her family. She hugged them for three years, and even drove her own production inspection. She did not complain that her husband was too busy.

When the male show group asked Miao Miao, Zheng Kai had any disadvantages. She blurted out "There is no shortcoming, and she appreciates it for the first time."

When Zheng Kai participated in the movie "Beyond", Miao Miao said as the audience, "I can’t bear to see him so tired."

Under the stage, Zheng Kai tears under the rain.

The two get along at home, and they are also ordinary and trivial daily life.

Miao Miao went to buy food, what did she do, what Zheng Kai ate.In the dynamic table dynamic, there are no mountains and sea flavors, star -rated cooking, simple and simple porridge side dishes, and dry and thin.

She planted vegetables on the balcony, and Zheng Kai played toy piano for her daughter in the house. She made each other and smiled occasionally.

The same eaves are good in time, but so.

Feelings are good at gathered and scattered, and it is broken. It is better than long -term loss and meaningless pull.Instead of folding waist for love, it is better to walk to the top of the mountain. On the way, there will always be flowers.

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