Obstetrics Director’s focus: How can I eat pregnancy to keep the fetus without meat?Diet "9 1" principle

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After Lili was pregnant, she found that her appetite became very different in the early pregnancy. She had never liked sour food before. Now she often asked her husband to buy her sour fruits to eat.

After entering the middle of pregnancy after the early pregnancy, she started to appetite in the middle of pregnancy. When she was not pregnant, she felt full for each bowl of rice, but now she has to eat at least a bowl of rice!

When she was not pregnant, Lili, 1.6 meters, was only 98 pounds. At the beginning of the pregnancy, she started in the second trimester. Because he had a better appetite, he could grow nearly one pound every week.

Later, when I went to the delivery examination, the doctor told her that she was important to control. Lili felt very aggrieved. I usually dare not eat any snacks.How to do it?

The doctor consults Lili’s diet in detail and found that he usually cooks white rice in the home, and sometimes cook noodles in the morning. Lili eats more noodles because of his better appetite.

Lili also heard that she said that she would eat more fruits when she was pregnant. In the future, her child’s skin will be good, so all kinds of fruits in the family will have a variety of fruits, and they will eat fruit if there is nothing a day!

I also saw that my mother should eat more nuts when she was pregnant, which helps the children’s brain development, so the family is happy, Hawaii, walnuts, walnuts are bought in a box one box, and there is nothing every day!

When the doctor listened, he told Lili that you really have nutrition to eat these things, but the matching of food is not right, which will cause your weight to grow too fast!

1st 1: A staple food of a thick detail

After pregnancy, my mother should not only eat white rice when eating staple foods. It is recommended that rough grain every day account for more than 1/5.It is recommended to eat 400 grams of staple food every day. There are 100 grams of coarse grains!

For example, add oats, buckwheat, green crickets, sorghum to cook together.

Or steamed a taro, sweet potatoes, potatoes on it when cooking

Or soak the red beans, mung beans, and eyebrow beans the night before, and cook with rice with rice.

Rough grains can not only increase the feeling of mother, but also have rich B -family vitamins in coarse grains, which can promote the digestion of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, and promote the mother’s nutritional absorption.

2nd 1: A piece of milk

It is recommended that mothers drink milk during pregnancy, which can supplement high -quality protein and calcium. Drinking 400 ml of milk daily during pregnancy can supplement 12 grams of protein, and 400 mg of calcium.

If the mother grows faster, you can drink low -fat milk, which is more conducive to the mother’s fetal no longer meat.

3rd 1: a pound of green vegetables

After pregnancy, the mother’s daily vegetables are at least more than one pound, of which green leaves are 2/3.

Vegetables are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and the calories in vegetables are relatively low. Eating more vegetables can reduce the intake of other high -calorie foods and prevent constipation.

4th 1: A fruit

The fruit is controlled within half a catty. Although the fruit is rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, the fruits are rich in fruit sugar. Excessive fructose accumulates in the body and transforms into fat, which causes mother’s obesity.Mom’s blood sugar rises, affecting the growth and development of the fetus.

Therefore, the fruit is controlled within half a catty. If the blood sugar is relatively high, even the fruit is controlled in two or two.

5th 1: A egg

Mom recommends eating an egg every day when she is pregnant. The egg whites of eggs are rich in protein, and the egg yolk contains lecithin in eggs, which helps the development of the fetal brain., Mom can be supplemented as a protein for breakfast, or it can be used as usual meals.

6th 1: A piece of meat

For example, lean meat, beef, lamb, fish, these meats can provide rich protein, as well as some fat -soluble vitamins and various minerals. Moms eat four or two meats every day during pregnancy to meet the needs of growth and development.

It is recommended to eat lean meat instead of eating fat!

Eating sea fish 2 to 3 times a week not only supplement high -quality protein, but also supplement DHA.

Seventh 1: One bean category

Mom eats 20 grams of dried beans a day during pregnancy, such as 20 grams of soybeans to make soy milk, or go to the market to buy tofu, dried beans, bamboo, and other soy products.

Beans can supplement the plantic high -quality protein, and can also supplement calcium, and the fat content in the protein of beans can prevent the mother from growing too fast.

8th 1: A Nut

It is recommended that the mother eats 10 grams of nuts every day during pregnancy!

Nuts are recommended to eat but not more. The fat content in the nuts is relatively high. Eating more can easily lead to too fast weight and obese!

9th 1: A piece of oil and salt

Eat 25 grams of vegetable oil every day and 5 grams of salt per day to meet the daily seasoning needs. Do not eat oil and too salty!

As long as the mother eats this principle, she can make the fetus healthier, the mother grows normally, and the fetus does not have meat.

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