Obesity+infertility, eight diseases after the 90s are dying, and they naturally conceive after a weight of 52 pounds.

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May 11th is the world of preventing and control of obesity.The obesity as one of the world’s "one of the top ten chronic diseases" has become a major hidden danger that threatens health.

Zhang Ying, chief physician of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, reminded that for women, especially women, obesity can directly lead to infertility. If you try to lose weight multiple times, it may also suffer from metabolic syndrome.

Obesity+infertility women, if they are planning to prepare for pregnancy, are recommended to regulate the diagnosis and scientific weight loss.

The girl lost weight for 4 months and lost 18kg before and after the comparison chart

After the 90s, the eight diseases of the girl are involved, and they are infertility for several years after marriage

"Doctor, you’re joking, how could I be in my 20s?" Girl Li, 28, more than a year ago, I went to the Department of Endocrinology of the Third Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University for infertility due to menstrual disorders and infertility after marriage.Essence

What made her unexpected was that after the examination, the doctor told her that she suffered from "type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, mixed hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, non -alcoholic fatty liver, obesity, metabolism, metabolismEight diseases such as syndrome and sub -clinical thyroid dysfunction ", and the culprit is closely related to" one fat ".

At that time, Miss Li, who was 159cm tall, had 94 kilograms weighing, BMI was 37.1kg/m2, and 9.1%of glycated hemoglobin (HBA1C) was far exceeding the normal value (4.3%-5.9%).High performance.

The overweight and obesity caused Miss Li’s endocrine disorders and insulin resistance, which brought a series of complications, and infertility was one of them.

Zhang Ying introduced that obesity is one of the reasons for infertility.The BMI index (weight kilograms ÷ height rice is square) greater than 28 called obesity. Most of the obesity accompanied by too much energy intake and fat accumulation. Excessive fat will increase the burden on the islet, resulting in an increased compensation of insulin levels.Insulin resistance occurs, which then causes endocrine metabolic disorders throughout the body.

It can be said that insulin resistance not only participates in the chronic ovulation -free mechanism, but also an important pathological mechanism that causes sugar fat metabolic disorders., Fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, etc.

"The occurrence of obese female infertility is three times that of normal, while female infertility patients are often accompanied by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which is the main cause of female infertility."

Seven months lost 52 pounds of natural conception

For health, we must lose weight.Miss Li, who has tried to eat weight loss pills, diet, diet, slimming bags, massage, and massage. Miss Li who failed to lose weight has no hope of weight loss after infinite hunger and rebound.Essence

In order to control the hypertension of patients in the short term, Miss Li was hospitalized for a week of systematic examination and short -term insulin intensive therapy, correction of thyroid dysfunction treatment, fat regulation and other comprehensive treatment, and received education on diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

After being discharged, the endocrine metabolic management team composed of endocrine experts, specialists, educational caregivers, diabetic nutritionists, and diabetic nutrition management teams formulated a detailed sugar -controlled lipid -reduction lifestyle intervention treatment plan for them, and subsequent treatment and follow -up treatment and follow -up treatmentFollow -up.

"We carried out comprehensive management of out -of -hospital sequences for the purpose of controlling sugar control and improving metabolic balance on this patient, that is, the online follow -up of diabetes was combined with regular offline clinics to help her scientifically control the weight of sugar and strive for diseases.Reverse. "Zhang Ying introduced.

This not only includes knowledge such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome, scientifically formulating sugar control recipes, etc., but also very detailed science education, such as how to take different drugs, how to monitor blood sugar, and so on.

In this way, the expert team follows up the guidance in a timely time, corrects daily behavior and diet misunderstandings, dynamically follows up blood sugar and weight, and adjusts the drug treatment plan in time.

Four months later, Miss Li successfully lost 18kg, and all blood sugar, blood lipids, and uric acid levels returned to normal. Her type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver, etc. were reversed.The treatment of drugs from the first three types to one daily, until it was completely discontinued.

After continuing management, the weight dropped to 68kg after seven months.In September 2019, it was successfully conceived and naturally concealed the blood glucose throughout pregnancy.

Zhang Ying reminded that overweight/obese people such as sugar fat metabolic disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, and metabolic syndrome should obtain standardized endocrine metabolic therapy, actively change lifestyle, and strive for disease relief or clinical reversal.

For obese people, if you cannot lose weight by self -node and exercise, you must consider that may have endocrine metabolic diseases such as metabolic syndrome. It is recommended to go to the endocrine department for consultation and systematic treatment.

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