Novice mothers come here | Nutrition required during pregnancy

As a twin mother, my pregnancy vomiting has been spitting from the second month to five months. Because of the twin reasons, the nutritional components you need are doubled., I saw the various recipes shared by others, and then I started to strictly control the diet during pregnancy. The basically rising weight throughout the pregnancy was on my stomach.In this issue, I want to share with you the nutrition that I have supplemented for a few months of pregnancy:

In the first month of pregnancy

️ Function: Prevent fetal nerve organs from defects

Food supplement: Cotton liver, spinach, dragon -bearded vegetables such as bread, noodle rice and rice

Asparagus, beans and apple citrus, oranges and other medicine supplements: can take oral folic acid tablets to ensure daily folic acid required

In the second month of pregnancy, main nutrition: vitamin C, vitamin B6

️ Role: relieve gum bleeding, inhibit pregnancy

Food supplement: pepper, cauliflower cabbage tomato, spinach lemon, orange, cucumber

Apple potato, carrot, cost -effective chicken, fish, etc.

In the third month, main nutrition: magnesium, vitamin A (progesterone)

进 ️ Role: Promote the growth and development of the baby. Magnesium is not only important for the health of fetal muscles, but also helps skeletal development. Those with low luteal ketone must add

Food supplement: Green leaf vegetables and nuts, soybeans, pumpkin melon sunflower seeds and circles.

Magnesium can be found in whole wheat food, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, spinach mango contains a large amount of vitamin A

In the fourth month of pregnancy, the main nutrition zinc is required

️ Role: Prevent fetal dysplasia

Food supplement: Various types of seafood oysters, oysters, etc., various nuts, black sesame, beef, pork, eggs, and animals’ liver

In the 5th month, the main nutritional vitamin D, calcium, iron

进 ️ Role: Promote the baby’s growth and development after 5 months of development of the baby’s bones and teeth, and the demand for calcium has risen sharply (in the later stage of pregnant mothers, it is not easy to occur in cramps and other situations)

Food supplement: dried cheese, tofu eggs or shrimp and fish kelp, in addition to taking calcium every day, calcium supplementation through the entire pregnancy, eat more fish eggs, or choose vitamin D+calcium supplement to get pregnant

In the 6th month, God needs nutrition: iron, VC, VD

️ Role: Prevent iron deficiency anemia. During this period, pregnant mothers are prone to anemia

Food supplement: containing iron -rich vegetables, such as spinach, western blue flowers and other animal liver liver, lean meat, eggs, etc.

The 7th month of pregnancy Main nutrition: DHA is commonly known as "brain gold"

大️ Role: ensure the normal development of the brain and retinal

Food supplement: Eat more nuts such as walnuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and other nuts, but also eat more deep -sea fish such as salmon eels. If you still worry about the insufficient dha intake, you can eat DHA

At 8-10 months of pregnancy, you need to be nutritious carbohydrates (patients with gestational diabetes change rice into coarse grains)

身️ Role: Maintain physical heat needs and alleviate constipation during pregnancy

Food supplement: Appropriately add some coarse grains (I have never eaten white rice after May I have eaten coarse grains), such as black rice, corn, millet, oatmeal, etc.

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